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13 May 20th, 2016 Justin Hartley’s New Primetime Series THIS IS US Trailer Breaks A Facebook Video Views Record!


If the numbers from the views on the trailer for NBC’s new series, This Is Us are any indication, a smash hit is on the way for the network and for one of its leads, The Young and the Restless Justin Hartley (Adam Newman)!

According to Deadline, this week the trailer for This Is Us which also stars Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia, plus Chrissy Metz, Sterling K. Brown, and Susan Kelechi Watson is nearing the 30 million mark for views on facebook as of Friday afternoon.  This is a record for a rookie show for the seven days of upfront week where new trailers for all networks are revealed and posted online.

The This Is Us trailer shatters the record for most Facebook video views posted by the CW’s Legends Of Tomorrow last year (4.1 million), and in addition, the upcoming series bested the trailer for Fox’s Prison Break event series (22 million view) as the most-watched trailer for the entire upfront week.

This Is Us follows an ensemble, some of them sharing the same birthday, whose life stories intertwine in curious ways, is clearly resonating with fans and on social media.  There is a high level of shares and favorable comments to what the audience has seen in this teaser for the upcoming series.

What do you think of the high interest in Justin’s new series, This Is Us? Have you loved the trailer as much as we have and the millions of others from around the globe? We previously posted the trailer here, or make sure to go to the facebook link and up the views, then  comment below!

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  1. Lou Piikes says:

    How long did prison break last on Fox?


    Ricardo replied

    Prison break was on for 4 years.


    lou piikes replied

    Thanks. Maybe this show will make it past the first season. At least I hope so for Justin’s sake.

  2. Tad says:

    I’m going to give Milo’s bare behind all the credit for that trailers success.


    damien replied

    …milo plus justin!!!????…… i got my pvr ready!!


  3. su0000 says:

    I believe many of those numbers were from Y&R fans viewing the trailer..


  4. Timmm says:

    The trailer is really good and the show seems to be a future hit! Justin is too talented to expect him to remain on Y&R. I have much love for daytime craft BUT the money isnt there. JH can always return to Y&R later in life and be a Victor recast!


    k/kay replied

    He would be stupid to leave his day job sometimes shows last five episodes and our cancelled the pilot pick up means zip nights time schedules so much is involved the only show I tape on NBC is Blacklist simply because James Spader is fantastic. By the way the bad haircut was indeed a sarcastic joke but yes I have been disappointed in the writing for Adam I miss the dark side I truly do


    Timmm replied

    k, your right, networks have a quick, sharp knife with these shows! However, this show is testing well. I dont tune into much primetime but will see what this is about. The last time I was fooled was Blood and Oil. Love Don Johnson but the show was horrific! But anyway, Justin is young, he could probably handle both shows for a while? He is featured in the show but is not a lead. That way, like you pointed out, he will have daytime to fall back on if his new show doesnt last.

    Katy/20 replied

    Justin Hartley did a outstanding job as Adam Newman. I will miss him. I loved his betrayal of Adam.

    Katy/20 replied

    Justin Hartley did a outstanding job as Adam Newman. I will miss him. I loved his betrayal of Adam. I know Justin Hartley will be wonderful in the his new show- THIS IS US. I can not wait to watch him.

  5. stevie g says:

    Yeah the teaser for this show really grabbed me. It the first non superhero network primetime show that;s got me excited in a long time. The fact it Justin and Milo in it dosn’t hurt. will definately be watching.


  6. k/kay says:

    Ok teachable moment Chris Engender first Adam grown up was not happy with the way his character was vein portrayed had nothing to do with a gay scene which lasted ten seconds ruined his career ! Then comes Michael Muhney very opiated very anal about his job they fire him six months after the gossip about HHK he is gone then we hire a very nice guy nice body turn him into s watered down version of Adam! Now are we all happy now you said Chris was a homophobic and you said Michael was a grouper! Deal with i


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