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17 September 9th, 2016 Karla Mosley Talks Singing The National Anthem At Dodgers Game & It Being Written Into Episode Of B&B!


The Bold and the Beautiful’s Karla Mosley (Maya) has certainly had her share of daytime first’s.

As viewers of the CBS daytime drama know, Mosley has been portraying trans character Maya Avant for the past several years, and have witnessed the powerful story of Maya disclosing her truth to the people she loves, most importantly to her now husband, Rick Forrester (Jacob Young).

However, on the upcoming Monday, September 12th episode of B&B, in an interesting twist, Mosley, who sang the National Anthem at a recent L.A. Dodgers baseball game, will have that moment woven into Maya’s storyline! How does it all come about? Enter Dodger favorite Kiki Hernandez who shows his acting prowess when he guest stars on Monday’s episode as a longtime friend of Rick’s.  Looks like these two will make Maya’s dream of singing the National Anthem come true!

Mosley spoke Friday morning with KCAL morning newss where she discussed meeting Kiki, singing the National Anthem, and the story of Maya Avant.  Watch Karla’s segment after the jump, and then let us know if you will be checking out Karla AKA Maya sing the most difficult tune in the world on Monday’s episode of B&B? Comment below.

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  1. Beth says:

    I’m happy for Karla Mosley, but this is the most Brad Bell has written for her in almost a year, and this is after he declared her the new leading lady of B&B. I wish Mr. Bell would stop writing for the Spencer sons and the woman they both love and start writing for the rest of the canvas.


    Lew S. replied

    So True, Beth


    soapqueenforever replied

    I agree. It was such a refreshing change when Maya’s family was introduced. I enjoyed the whole story about Sasha coming out. The actor who plays Maya’s dad is an excellent actor. It seems to me that they are always finding such wonderful talent, only to have them front and center for but a minute, and then they are back to letting Wyatt and Liam bitch and cry over Steffie. Correctcme if I’m wrong, but I think their was only one brief scene of the grandmother’s doting over the greatly anticipated baby. And now that ivy is back, Liam and the motley crew are going to be more prominent than ever. I don’t understand why they are bringing Thorne and Felicia back. They will have their say for five minutes, and then get shoved out the door again. The Liam/Steffie roller coaster is just starting, with no end in sight.


    SZima replied

    The only way I am still watching this crap-fest is thanks to my REMOTE!

    How I love it!

    I’m able to FF all the BS that is Liam/Steffy/Wyatt!

  2. Matthew Place says:

    Great. Kudos to Karla.


  3. Michael Taylor says:

    Michael Fairman, I WANT THE RATINGS FROM LAST WEEK NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Harry replied

    HA! This reminds me of Veruca Salt from Willy Wonka. (yes, been watching that movie since the beloved Gene Wilder died).


  4. Ray says:

    I love B&B. As much as I love Steffi, Wyatt, Liam, Quinn and Eric, I would love to see more Rick and Maya.


  5. Dylan says:

    No thanks. Just another example of how this show is still telling a very false story about transgender people by using a woman. It is disrespectful and degrading. The only way to have effectively told any part of this story would have to use a real man/transgennder to play Maya. The show gets publicity and gets to pretend it is tackling a social issue and being relevant, and claiming to make people think…and examine prejudices! This cast and crew had to do NONE of that!! They covered it in rainbows and fairy dust. Do you think Jacob Young would have been so eager to make out with a man?? I highly doubt it. The lack of airtime or any kind of meaningful story cod Maya has been reduced to this stunt. Ya…great schlock t.v. Mr. BELL. Now what? Didnt think that far ahead, did you?


    k/kay replied

    Absolutely completely right on with everything you stated. Everybody going crazy over this great earth shattering story all a sham just like his story about Caroline’s two Moms. Now he is back again with the ad nauseaum love triangle of Liam, Steffy & Wyatt. Same dialogue every day I can go months without watching catch a episode and realize haven’t missed a thing.


  6. Joyjoy says:

    Maya was wonderful singing the National Anthem. Please, please get rid of Steffy. or give her a storyline that doesn’t involve weak Liam. Wyatt is a better man for her. Stop repeating the same stories from years past. Why can’t you at least allow ONE couple stay happy for years & years. The story line is really dumb. Give us more of Maya, Rick & their little girl. Ivey and Liam make a very beautiful couple. Love her accent.


  7. Portia says:

    While Karla Mosley did very well, I wonder if this was in response to Colin Karpernick refusal to salute when the National Anthem was sung. Baseball season is almost over. ijs


    Valerie replied

    I tweeted my disgust at B&B going POLITICAL this way! Especially using Karla Mosley! I don’t wonder if this is a response to Colin Karpernick, I know it is. I registered my plans to boycott B&B for such stupidity! Not a wise move at all! I have been watching for many years, but you lost me with this move!


    Jenn replied

    Why? Yourr not making sense

  8. Honey says:

    I have watch The Bold and Beautiful from the very first day please no more Steffy and Liam enough is enough how about more on Eric and Quinn how about Maya and her family get a grip the Steffy storyline is boring


  9. Susan says:

    I am sick of Steffie !


  10. Mo says:

    I don’t think it really fitted in with the story.

    I didn’t like Karla’s phrasing on some of the anthem, but overall she sang well.


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