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19 December 22nd, 2011 Kassie DePaiva discusses OLTL’s cancellation and how it went down! – Watch the Video!


One Life to Live’s Kassie DePaiva recently taped a very interesting and emotional interview for HDNet’s series, Naughty But Nice with host, Rob Shuter.

During the conversation DePaiva elaborated on the now infamous teleconference call with Brian Frons informing the cast of All My Children and One Life to Live that they had been canceled, the initial promise of the Prospect Park deal that would move the show from network television to its new Online Network, and how she took a pay cut a few years ago when AMC moved to L.A. and OLTL moved into their new studios and much more.

Watch after the jump as Kassie and Rob Shuter’s chitchat on all things OLTL and watch for the cute ending of the segment from DePaiva!

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  1. Mary says:

    I for one would watch OLTL & AMC on whatever network or forum it could possibly show up on. I am dreading the day the folks from Lanview leave my day the way the AMC People did. You all will be missed greatly.


  2. linde Bally says:

    i would pay a fee to watch one life to live to continue


    david replied

    I think a million viewers would pay a fee, but saying that isn’t going to fund the investment capital necessary to produce the show, and no one seems willing to believe there are enough fans who will put their money where their mouth is.

    I can’t believe there isn’t one billionaire on this planet who couldn’t afford $50 million for OLTL when some of them spend that much for a painting. Paul Allen spent $160 million for a yacht that costs $20 million a year to maintain. Besides, what would be more of a babe magnet than saving and producing a soap opera?


    susan replied

    do you have a Facebook? if so please join the group
    unless you have already done so join so they can count you
    the actress Tanya Walker aka alex on one life to live
    you joining counts!!

  3. david says:

    Kassie, I love what you did and I loved Blair too. It’s been great fun watching you for the last 18 years–you are the best. You radiant beauty from the inside out. Thank you for entertaining us and being you. I am going to miss you and Blair so much. I hope to see you as a regular on some primetime series.


  4. lillysmoonfire says:

    I am fighting the fight to save these iconic beautiful stories . I am a SWAN! I Stand With Agnes Nixon! I have been a 40 plus year viewer/consumer/fan of OLTL and AMC and GH, tho OLTL has always been my favorite. The hours from 1-3 in my time zone are going to be so lost. These characters, these actors have been in my home as family every day, 5 days a week.. yr long. I cannot fathom a day without them .. television has lost its integrity and it values and morals. ABC/Disney could reverse it if they chose to do so. Give Agnes back the rights to her legacies, and let our stories live on as they are intended to do. Generations have been influenced by these stories and NOTHING can or will ever replace them. To the actors, all my love to you , and thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing me joy in my day. We will always have your back. we will continue to fight for you… and for Agnes.


    Karen replied

    Yes, lilysmoonfire, US fans WILL continue to fight for our soaps. The fight isn’t over yet. Those idiotic replacement shows will tank, and tank big, as millions of soap fans will never watch them. NBC has received so many emails asking them to pick up OLTL, and I’m truly amazed that they don’t realize what a truly great show it is, and how many fans would tune in to NBC each and every day. Well, hopefully “someone” out there will come to their senses soon.


    Heather replied

    I feel your sadness, but let’s keep it real. NBC will never pick up OLTL. NBC didn’t cancelled Passions only to later pick up ABC’s remains.

    The sad reality is that all three networks want soap operas out of their schedule. Asking NBC to pick up OLTL is leaving in a fantasy land instead of planet Earth.

  5. adriana8900 says:

    loved blair


  6. debera says:

    abc should be ashamed of themselves, disappointing millions of fans by canceling OLTL. i can not believe it and i am so upset . this has always been a fabulous show and i will miss it so much. i will not watch whatever they replace it with. SHAME ON YOU. ABC


  7. Mary says:

    I agree with all of you. I am so upset by ABC’s decision to cancel this show, and I am equally upset by the way they have treated the OLTL cast and all of their fans. I am willing to follow OLTL where ever it goes if anyone will be willing to pick them up. ABC’s reputation has been forever tainted in my eyes. I hope they realize how many lifelong viewers they have lost. And since they obviously do not care about these millions of dedicated ABC viewers, I will no longer support them. After Jan 13th, the only thing that will be worth watching on ABC will be GH. Other than that show, I will have my channel tuned to another network. By the way, for those who are interested, there are several pages that have been set up on facebook to support our shows. Daytime Fans Unite, Boycott ABC 7, Soap SaversInc, just to name a few. Please join these groups if you can and let’s show our support for our beloved shows!,


  8. Lynne says:

    I am very very upset about OLTL going off for good as I was with all my children. Now, I won’t have anything good to watch anymore and for sure I will be missing all those fine , fine, actors. Boo Hoo Shame on that creep that did this to us!!!!!!!!!!!


  9. Lindley Pablo says:

    I am really going to miss OLTL! At first the only reason I started watching it was because I wanted to get my mind off of 7th Heaven ending. But then I started to become addicted to OLTL! What am I going to do without 7th Heaven and without OLTL! I would go out and buy me some 7th Heaven dvds if I had the money. My two favorite shows in the whole wide world gone! This is sad! :’-(


  10. Brian Greene says:

    We OLTL fans in Evanston, Illinois love you very, very much, Cassie!!

    Brian :D :D


  11. lisa says:

    Aw Kassie you’re a class act all the way….
    I’m so sorry we’re not going to see more of Blair Cramer in the future.
    But I wish you the very best of luck in your future ventures.


  12. Rainbo says:

    I will be so sad on the last air date. I refuse to watch the CHEW (more like SPEW) or the revolution. ABC sucks for doing this. I won’t watch ANY of their shows…daytime or prime time, ever. I am willing to not watch Modern family and other great shows just to “flip the bird” at ABC. We were going to buy season passes for Disneyland, too, but we decided not to, just because of the “soap slaughter.” I would totally subscribe to a SOAP channel, and pay for lit like I do SHOWTIME and HBO. I wish that were an option.


  13. Christy says:

    I would sit in a dumpster to watch OLTL if I had to!!!!!!! I’m just so sad…


  14. Dana says:

    NMy family (mother and brothes) bave watched all 3 the abc soaps for over 30 years. We loved Dis using things that bad happened and making predictions on what would happen next. I was so mad when they announced they were cancelled that I couldn’t watch any SPF them any more. I was even madder when I heard how they determined how many viewers they had. They only counted live viewers and ones that watched the recorded version the same day. Before DVR. I used VHS tapes to record and watch the shows. Now I record and watch them on the weekends while doing housework. So after watching for 30+ years, I was not a “viewer”. That just tells me they were going to do it regardless. maybe numbe of viewers did not matter.
    Maybe the best of the best will go to GH and we will have an all in one. Otherwise, I will watch GH, but that will be the only abc show I watch. They didn’t count me, anyway, so I don’t suppose they mind. Note that I can’t watch them live because I am at work, making the $ that their sponsors want us to spend on their products. Hmmmm. Guess they don’t care about that, either.


  15. Torrey says:

    In my heart of hearts I believe that Prospect Park was paid by ABC to come in and take the heat off of them. All of this has been in too much of a clean and neat package. First ABC makes the announcement in April that they are canceling AMC & OLTL…they get major heat from both fans and advertisers, so in July this company, PP comes out of nowhere and announces that they are going to continue on with both shows in an online format. Keep in mind that one of the co-owners of PP is Richard H. Frank, an ex-exec for Disney….So, from July until November, we hear virtually nothing from PP, except for a few announcements about actors that have agreed to sign on….one, of whom, Darnell Williams (aka Jessie Hubbard, AMC) was unaware that he had signed on..PP just decided to make that announcement without asking him if he would sign on. Then in early November we hear that PP has decided to ditch AMC and just focus its energies on OLTL….by this time fans have turned all of their energies and frustrations to PP….still upset with ABC but more focused on PP, at this point. Finally, right before Thanksgiving, PP makes a final announcement that they are no longer pursuing OLTL or AMC for their original online venture….an announcement that gets lost in the holiday season….another attempt to try and soften the blow and cowardly hide from the fans. They soon come out with another announcement that they are still interested in pursuing AMC & OLTL..and are looking for alternatives to get the money to fund the venture. By this time, fans and people connected to OLTL have all but lost hope. All the while, ABC is sitting in the background, smiling…thinking that they have fooled the fans. Oh, and did I forget the lame announcement of Brian Frons stepping down? Like we all didn’t know this would happen….one pink slip delivered a little too late.

    We all are smart enough to put two and two together….Brian Frons & PP were the go-betweens. They get all the blood on their hands, then receive a nice paycheck and their walking papers…..And ABC pretends as if they really give a damn of what the fans think…but we know thats not true…being that we all want AMC & OLTL back on the air…..but come January 16, 2012 ABC will get their answer from the fans, when ABC daytime tanks. You will never get the numbers for your stupid Revolution or Chew. If people want to watch a food show, they can turn to The Cooking Channel or FoodNetwork……and a make over you life show? really? I would say good luck, but I don’t wish you that….and besides that, no amount of luck will help you at this point.


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