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32 January 27th, 2014 Kassie DePaiva On Her Return To Daytime On Days Of Our Lives: “I’m Thrilled To Be Back To The Dance!”

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As was made official last week by the NBC soap opera, Kassie DePaiva will be taking on the role of Eve Donovan on Days of our Lives, in a move which has thrilled many long time fans of the former star of One Life to Live!

On-Air On-Soaps spoke with DePaiva to offer our congratulations where Kassie made this very heartfelt statement on landing her new gig in Salem:  “I’m so thrilled to be back to the dance.  I love daytime and I want to make a contribution to it, to keep it alive and thriving.  It’s been 27 years since Eve Donovan has been there in Salem.  To me, that is what is so exciting …  that there is 27 years to fill-in and I can create.   I can’t wait to find out how damaged is she … or how strong is she … and I can’t wait to find out all of that out along with the fans!  Is she dangerous? Feisty? Sad? Is she happy?  I hope Eve will excite the audience.”

Kassie also made a new post on her website that went on to share her excitement and landing a new gig on DAYS: ,“Well, I’m sure you have heard the news by now… I am headed to NBC… The wonderful Days of Our Lives soap opera!!! This year Days will be celebrating its 50th year on network television and I am thrilled to be a part of it. And now that it is official I can shout it from the mountain tops! I got the call ironically in December on the 20th anniversary of my debut as Blair Cramer on ABC’s One Life to Live.

And as sad as it is to say goodbye or put Blair on hold… I’m equally as happy to say hello to Eve Donovan. She seems to have a very rich history in Salem with many family members to surround her. I look forward to discovering the character as well as the town. I wish the gloriously beautiful and talented Charlotte Ross great success as she starts her new adventure on ABC’s Nashville.  I know she is greatly loved by the Days audience and I have very big shoes to fill. I promise to do my best to live up to everyone’s expectations.   So all you One Life to Live watchers…it’s time to start watching Days of Our Lives now. You will be caught up and ready to really invest in Salem by the time I start airing this summer.  Needless to say… I am a huge soap fan. I love the genre and couldn’t be happier to be back in the mix. Thank you all for all your lovely comments and tweets. I look forward to the coming year with great anticipation. I start working on set very soon and will keep you posted!!!”

What do you think about all of Kassie’s comment to us and on her website? What do you think Eve Donovan will be like when she hits Salem?  Weigh-in!

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  1. Six Bells says:

    Eve Donovan first appeared in Salem 26.5 years ago, and has been off the canvas for 22.5 years. So, slight math fail there, Kassie. ;)

    Thrilled to see the character returning, though, and Kassie will be fabulous in the role. :)


    toscanti replied

    Really? Let’s scrutinize and be technical! Do not watch the show however couldn’t let this pettiness go without a response!


    Six Bells replied

    Feel better now, dear? :p

    Eric Buchanan replied

    Some people just get off on correcting others.

    Joshua replied

    Yeah, you’re right because I remember I stopped watching around 1991 (after watching for a good 15 years) because the story lines were becoming so bad on that show. Eve’s was one of the worst.

    I like that Kassie says Blair is just “on hold.” :)


  2. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Hoping Eve turns out to be Jordans momma(4got who suggested that)…also hope Tad is Eve’s son she put up for adoption…and i want Liam to turn out to be the long lost daddy of Tad…i want Frankie Brady to be Jordans daddy…I want Aiden to be Jordans abusive husband Jordan is running from…it is revealed Sheryl had an affair with Aiden…Aidens son Chase is Jordans son she left behind….instant connection for all these newbies!!!


  3. Iakovos says:

    I am pumped. I am new to DOOL and Salem, moving there from Llanview and Oakdale when those legacy soaps were cancelled. I enjoy Kassie dePaiva and know she will do well as Eve.


  4. Aria says:

    Isn’t she off on how long the character has been off screen ?? I’m no days watcher but 27years I don’t think so..


  5. BTripp says:

    I’m loving this casting. I assume this was to help fill the void left by Allison Sweeney (Sami). I am actually excited about this and I think they should put her with Daniel.


    dmr replied

    Please, anyone else but Jennifer should be with Daniel. I am so tired of Dannifer! Same scene over and over again! I had actually wanted Jordan to be with Daniel. Could care less about Kate digging into Jordan’s past.


  6. Max says:

    Loved the character of Blair & Kassie and I love Days of Our Lives sounds like a great match!


    mollie replied

    Totally AGREE :)


  7. Jack Evans says:

    She will be fine in the role, she was excellent as Blair on ONE LIFE. Since there is a very slim chance that One Life to Live with ever see the light of day again, can’t blame her for moving on. Many fans of OLTL and AMC have crossed over to NBC to watch Days of our Lives much to the chagrin of the brainiacs that work at ABC-TV.
    ABC used to rule the afternoon daytime slots but they blew it big time with their catastrophic error in cancelling both AMC and One Life. So, if part of the reason DAYS OF OUR LIVES is thriving is due to rival shows being cancelled, more power to them.


  8. louisa says:

    Love KDP and will watch her on Days until ABC brings back One Life to Live!


    samantha replied

    Get over it, one life to live is over. abc will never bring back one life to live. lol.


  9. Phil says:

    Love this casting myself, and Jordan as her daughter could be interesting… I wonder how long of a contract she has with DAYS? Also what will happen if in fact OLTL returns??? I seriously hope she is successful at DAYS because I have to say DAYS is my favorite soap right now! Kudos to DAYS for this amazing casting!


  10. Steph says:

    Who cares how long ago Eve was in Salem? She is back now and being portrayed by the fabulously talented and gorgeous Kassie DePaiva. Wishing you the best of luck in your new gig and looking forward to watching you make this character your own! Knock ‘em dead!!


  11. RJS says:

    Best of luck Kassie! Will be fun to watch you! Shake up Salem! :)


  12. MBmomof3 says:

    Love KDP! Welcome to Salem. Can’t wait for Eve’s return. Kassie will be awesome as always!


  13. Patrick says:

    “I love her enthusiasm”

    it’s infectious… what is going on, in Salem… for the past 2 years…. and it’s rolling … steam and ALL !!!!!

    DAYS deserves to win Best Serial, this year at the Emmys


    Omar replied

    You are SOOOO right Patrick.

    DAYS deserves another Emmy win for Drama…And trust me, Kassie is going to “burn down the house”…Just like YnR and GH are doing, DOOL needs to bloat their cast with uber popular daytime actor, and the ratings will soar.


    MBmomof3 replied

    I agree.


  14. mollie says:

    I think Kassie will be GREAT! She is a talented actress and e-z to love. Did I say talented? Please everyone–give Kassie a chance in this re-cast, back on screen role and she will NOT disappoint. Promise.


  15. john says:

    kassie you are a wonderful actress, I know you will be great as eve donovan. best of luck to you. loved you as blair, on one life to live. mia korf originated blair kramer, kassie was the recast, and she won our hearts. the rest is history. Now we need her husband, james depaiva to play bo brady. he would make a terrific bo brady.


  16. Jody says:

    I’m new to Days and could not be happier that Kassie is joining…..


  17. Margie says:

    Switching to Days just for Kassie. I hope they write her some fabulous stories.


  18. Eric Buchanan says:

    Love it! Awesome for Kassie but a loss to the NYC area. Lucky I met her at Loving Llanview. She is a very charismatic person and with DAYS losing Alison Sweeney, she will be a welcome presence. Still missiing OLTL, but with Kassie on DAYS and Kristen on GH, will be a great consolation! Go Kassie!


  19. boes says:

    This is just great news all around. I love KdP as Blair – one of the best, most natural actors in daytime IMO. And now she’s going to be on the BEST of the remaining shows.
    I started with DOOL when we lost OLTL and AMC online and my only regret is not starting sooner. It’s really good, and having KdP there just makes it all that much more enjoyable for me.
    Thanks, DOOL!


  20. Mo says:

    She’s too old. I just can’t see her as Eve. I don’t know what Days is thinking, except maybe her fans will come.


  21. JDR says:

    Eve was in her twenties when she left Salem and that was almost 25 yrs ago. Eve would be in her late forties by now.


  22. Colleen says:

    Why doesn’t some soap on the west coast beg Erika Slezak to join their cast?


  23. allen says:

    Now days needs to find a home for Erika Slezak she is one of the best hello 6 emmys


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