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4 March 10th, 2010 Katherine Kelly Lang speaks on Emmy snubs!

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The one and only Katherine Kelly Lang (B&B’s, Brooke) is featured in a new TV Guide Magazine Q&A out today.  Katherine who has been with the series now since it’s humble beginnings ( the show hits 23 years young this month) has played Brooke for all she is worth and yet still no Daytime Emmy nomination has come her way.  Here is what she had to say about the most shameful omission in daytime history and rapid aging of Brooke’s on-screen kiddies!

Katherine on why she thinks she has been snubbed: “I really don’t know. I was so excited when B&B won because I felt like I had won, too. That was good enough for me. That was my Emmy.  I don’t want to think and worry about it. I’ve stressed out in certain years when it comes time to pick out my episodes for submission. I’m no good at it. I sit there for hours and hours staring at shows, and then I leave it up to other people and go with their opinion. The whole process wigs me out. I finally decided to take part in the Emmy judging because I was curious about what’s going on there. But mostly I’m, like, why bother? It’ll just drive me crazy. I love to work and I like to leave the studio feeling I did a good job. That’s what’s important to me.”

Katherine on the SORAS’d aging of Brooke’s many offspring: “It’s so weird for me. They aged Hope, but they didn’t age Brooke’s three-year-old, R.J, who is supposed to be almost the same age as Hope. The two older ones have been aged numerous times. I’m like, how old is Brooke really? At this rate, she should be 80!”

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  1. Skyla says:

    No offense to Katherine Kelly Lang but I’m not surprised she wasn’t nominated. The only time she had a really good storyline that showed some depth was when she was raped a few years back due to Stephanie’s scheming, besides that all Brooke does is lay on her back and open her legs.


    Abby replied

    C’mon. This lady can act given a good script. She can do drama. It’s the writers on the show who are not that great anymore. She is right about aging the kids. What are the writers thinking? I am watching Y&R lately. I think they have better writers. Katherine should work there.


  2. lisa says:

    Katherine, dont worry I have been watching from the first episode and your character Brooke carried the show all these years. You have been at the heart of BB so everytime BB wins you have won. RJ should be 18 yrs old by now


  3. brenna says:

    you are the most annoying person on the show ! all you do is cry cry and cry.


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