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30 January 20th, 2015 Katherine Kelly Lang Talks On B&B’s 7000th Episode Milestone, Her DWTS Italy Experience & Brooke’s Return!


It’s a big week for CBS’ The Bold and the Beautifu1!  On Friday, January 23rd, the show will air a very special original retrospective featuring the cast and notables to honor the series 7,000th episode milestone!  But before that on Thursday, January 22nd, long-running series star Katherine Kelly Lang returns as Brooke after three months away from the canvas.  In story, Brooke left for Milan … and in real life Katherine ventured to Italy during her hiatus from the soap to appear as a celebrity contestant on the Italian version of the hit ballroom dancing competition series, Dancing with the Stars.

On-Air On-Soaps caught up with Katherine last week at CBS at the dedication ceremonies of Stage 31, which is now known as the Bradley P. Bell studio, and as B&B marked the occasion of their 7,000th episode achievement.  Katherine shared her thoughts on this important event in the history of the series, what she hopes will happen when Brooke returns on-screen and becomes fully engulfed in story, and we discuss the way that she was treated, or shall we say mistreated, at the hands of the judges of DWTS Italy, something that the savvy KKL fans have been following on social media, right along with us.

Always one to give a 110% percent in all of her endeavors on-screen or off, we’re glad to have Katherine back with us on the CBS Daytime drama to see what will befall Brooke next!  Here’s what she shared during our conversation below.

7,000 episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful … and your boss Brad Bell’s (executive producer, and head writer) speech was so touching as he addressed the cast, crew, his family, the press, the network, and those in attendance.  Were you choked up like the rest of us?

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KATHERINE:  During Brad’s speech I started to tear up when he was talking about his father Bill Bell having the stage across the way dedicated to him, and now he has one across from him at CBS for The Bold and the Beautiful.  Brad was so cute and emotional and usually he doesn’t let himself get like that … it was a nice speech!  And the speeches from his wife Colleen Bell, and Angelica McDaniel (CBS Entertainment Senior Vice-President Daytime) were great as well.  It was a beautiful moment for Brad and for our show.

You and John McCook (Eric) have been here the longest, and from the very beginning!  How does that feel knowing the show in which you have been with since the start has reached this milestone, and you have been such an integral part of its success?

KATHERINE:  It’s nice and feels good, and I like it!  I have to pat myself on the back for that. (Laughs)  It’s been a long time, but it doesn’t feel like it, or that has it has been forever.  However, when you say 28 years that’s a long time.  But, it’s really exciting to be a part of it, and the show keeps getting better and better.

So, when did you start working back on B&B after your return from Italy?

KATHERINE:  I started back to work two weeks before Christmas.

Once this whole situation with the judges went down on Dancing with the Stars Italy, where you were treated so appallingly, were you just ready to come back and just jump right back into work on B&B?


KATHERINE:  Oh, yeah!  I was so ready to come back.  I didn’t understand why they would want to bring an internationally known actress, and a star that they love over there and then … just demolish her.  It’s a reality show, and I get that.  But I have to say, it felt inhumane the way they were treating me, and not just on the stage, but within some parts of the production.  Everybody who worked on it was very nice though such as:  the VIP’s, and the dancers and their partners.  They were all terrific.

I saw video clips where you would have this earpiece on, and they were translating to you what the judges were saying in English.  And there was the injured leg incident, which the judges had a field day with, and slammed you for it!

KATHERINE: Yes. They ignored the injured leg.  I had talked to the producer and she said, “Don’t worry.  We will take care of your leg.  We will play it up and the judges will feel bad for you, and they will understand and give you a little break.”  I said, “OK, because I really don’t want to push it and tear it more.”   Then she said, “Well, just go get a cortisone shot.”  She wanted me to do that so I don’t feel it, or feel the pain when I dance.  And I am thinking, “Why would I not want to feel it, and then I end up tearing my leg, and I would wind up having to have surgery?”  So I said to her, “I am not getting a shot.”

Did they understand that you are very athletic in real life?  You do ride horses, and are a triathlete.


KATHERINE:  I said, “I do Iron Man races!  This has never happened to me.  It’s you guys, and the way your are doing business here, and the production.”  Many people were injured during the course of the show.  One guy got injured and had to pull out.  I tried to pull out, but couldn’t because of the contract.  I was concerned.  I am athlete, and I truly did not want to injure myself further.  I am still frustrated by the whole experience.   I was eliminated, but then had to come back in and train on a Monday to learn a whole new dance to get back in.  And even if you are eliminated, you are still dancing every week to get back in, and then when you get back in, you are competing against people who have been in the competition the whole time, and their dances are just getting better and better.   I just couldn’t move my leg very well, and I would favor it.  Then, I got back in and got disqualified again!  Then, once myself and others were out of the competition completely, we then had to still learn group dances.  So, I was still practicing 3 to 5 hours a day.  It was crazy for three months.  So, I couldn’t wait to get home.

It seemed the judges were gunning for you from the start, but that also seems part of how they do the Italian version of DWTS, which is very different than the American version.

KATHERINE:  It started on my very first dance, and then I hurt my leg, and the judges almost got worse. They didn’t bring up my leg, and so I had to bring it up, and then when I brought it up, it was like, “Well, she is trying to play the sympathy card!”  No, I really tore my leg! Let me show you my leg muscle! (Laughs)

What were the Italian fans reaction to you and what happened on DWTS?

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KATHERINE:  They were so upset.  They said, “Please don’t let this show be a reflection on the Italian people and what Italy really is, because we know you love Italy, and we hope this doesn’t spoil your feelings about Italy.”  And honestly, it did.  When I got back to the United States, I said, “I don’t want to go back.”  But now, I am suppose to go back to do a movie this month! (Laughs)  So for that, I will go back! (Laughs)   You know the nice part of being in Italy during Dancing with the Stars was that I got some alone time with my boyfriend Dom (Dominique Zoida), and my daughter Zoey, who is living in London.  She would come over to Italy on weekends to visit, and that was so nice.

In your absence on B&B, the characters have been shaken up quite a bit, and the canvas has changed somewhat.

KATHERINE:  I think things like that are great, and help break things up so we don’t get stuck in a pattern.  When Brooke went off the canvas, it allowed other people to sort of switch around, and they could tell different stories.  By the time I came back, everything was all turned upside down and different (laughs), but that is good!  I thought it was great, because it also helps my character go in a different direction, because I also felt that Brooke was spinning her wheels.

Coming up, do you think viewers can expect big story ahead for Brooke?

KATHERINE:  I think so!  Brad Bell has been announcing that he has something in the works for Brooke that is the biggest and the best stuff for the character ever.   I am like, “Bring it on!”  I am excited and I can’t wait. I hope it’s something crazy, or different, or something I have never done before, instead of bouncing back and forth over a man.  I mean, that can be a secondary story for Brooke, but I want her to have her own story that is not about a man – the man can be somewhere down the line.  I mean like, down the line! (Laughs)


What did you submit for the Daytime Emmy Pre-Noms this year?  Was it when Brooke got drunk and talked to the portrait of Stephanie at the Forrester mansion and admitted, that yes, she was just, “A slut from the valley”? (Laughs)

KATHERINE:  I did.  I submitted that scene and the one before it where I am talking to Bill (Don Diamont) about how Katie (Heather Tom) was with Ridge (Thorsten Kaye), and Brooke was very upset by that. Then, I had the scenes where I was drinking the wine, and then she goes over to the Forresters, and then she gets drunk drinking the vodka. So, it’s from that scene to that scene where Brooke passes out on the floor.

Maybe, Brad will make Brooke an alcoholic!

KATHERINE:  I would love it, and I think it would be fun to play.  It’s tricky too as an actor to play that.  Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki, Y&R) plays that very good.  My favorite show is Shameless and William H. Macy is so good as a drunk!  When talking about that, he says, “I don’t do anything, I just do it.” But watching people like that does help inspire you.  My fear with that is that you do have to sort of overact to make it work, but you still have to make it seem natural.

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Do you think when it gets back to Brooke and a man, do you think it should be … Brooke and Bill?  Brooke and Ridge …or … Brooke and someone new?

KATHERINE:  I think she should be alone for awhile.   I hope she doesn’t have to play those feelings, and say, “Screw men!  Forget it … they are not worth it!” (Laughs)

So B&B fans, looking forward to Brooke’s return? What do you hope is her next big storyline that you think would be exciting and different?  Will you be watching B&B’s 7,000 episode celebration? And, what did you think about the way Katherine was treated on DWTS Italy?  Comment below!

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  1. Jimmy says:

    Honestly, it’s been nice not having Brooke on screen for the past few months, same with Hope. The stories on B&B are always around Brooke or Hope, to the point where not having them on the show probably makes Brad think “Wow, I actually need to write for other characters!” And that’s what’s happened during Brooke and Hope’s absences, other characters have had front-and-center stories, like Rick. Jacob Young is shining right now, and I’m really excited to see where this story goes.

    I hope when Brooke returns, she doesn’t get into a relationship with anyone for a long time, like Katherine said, “down the line”. And, even when that does come around, I don’t want to see Brooke and Ridge get back together (even though they will always be the endgame) and I DEFINITELY do not want Brooke back with Bill. If anything, I want to see Nick return, and Brooke be back with him.

    Regardless, I hope this “big story” Brad has planned is worth it, because I’m not too thrilled for Brooke to return. I hope the story changes my mind.


    berlie replied

    pfff n importe quoi
    Brooke et ridge ou brooke et bill remettent ensemble ils sont les meilleurs couple de B&B .


  2. AJ says:

    I am glad to be both Hope-free and Brooke-free. This current set of actors on screen are just stellar. The writing is up several notches. Right kind of story balance needed on the show. Enuf of the constant bed hopping and wedding planners from Brooke/Hope.


    ForeveBrookeLogan replied

    Lol..:maybe you should check out the Religious’s a Soap Opera take a chill pill!


    penny replied

    I agree AJ. Right now B&B has a great story going on between Rick/Maya/Ridge/Caroline. I hope they let those talented actors continue to shine once Brooke & Steffi come back on the scene.


    Nikki replied

    I agree although its nice to have Brooke back. It was a nice break from her & Hope. Lets give Ridge & Caroline a chance and Bill & Katie.Want to see Rick & Maya kicked to the curb maybe Steffi take over Forester.

    penny replied

    Some people get comfortable with the same old crap, it’s all they know.

  3. richard says:

    I for one, CANNOT wait for Brooke Logan Forrester to return to LA!!! The character definitely needed a break. SO much has happened on the canvas since she left! She is going to be gunning for Quinn upon her return, and I am sure she is going to have meaty scenes with Rick, Caroline, Bill and Katie as well!! On the romance front, I wish the would give her and TK’s Ridge a chance to go at it. Ridge and Brooke are endgame and these people are clear into their 50s. Let’s stop all the bedhopping and have the next generation of Eric and Stephanie take their place!!! I’m ready for the nuHope to comeback next!!! I hope it’s Julie-Marie Bergman!!! And they need to bring back Bridget Forrester as well!!!!


    Jimmy replied

    I am definitely NOT ready for Hope to come back! She JUST exited the show, and since her departure, there has been a much greater story balance, with the whole Rick/Maya/Ridge/Caroline story taking the lead. I would like to see Julie Berman in the role, but not yet, I think Hope needs longer to recover from her miscarriage, and when she returns (just like when Brooke returns) I don’t want her to be with anyone for a long while.

    I totally agree about Bridget though, she needs to return! I love Ashley Jones in the role, and I never understood why they wrote her (and for that matter, the rest of the Marones) out. I always liked her on screen, especially with Nick.


  4. Karen says:

    I have been much more interested in the show since they’ve been mixing it up with other cast members. KKL is beautiful –and she IS internationally known and she IS a star, but I was a little taken aback to hear her describe herself that way.


  5. TeamBrooke says:

    I am glad Brooke will be back on my screen. I agree, no man for a while. Let KKL have a good challenge, something Brooke will have to overcome. I think alcoholism has been done enough, give Brooke her own thing. Sickness maybe? RUNNING FC maybe (wink wink). Let her do something empowering!
    Glad to see ya back Kelly!!
    Oh yea, and I agree! When it’s time BRING BACK BRICKY!! <3


  6. Wanda says:

    Love KKL and have been a fan since day 1. She was the underdog!! She has grown as an actor, and would love her reunited with Eric, and be Matriarch of the Forrester Family; with that in mind the position of CEO will be up for grabs. The character Brooke started as a scientist in the Forrester Lab; and had made many contributions since then. It is time for her to run the show (at Forrester Creations) with Eric behind her! Welcome back Kelly!!


  7. ForeveBrookeLogan says:

    I can’t wait for Brooke’s return .. I’m tired of those kiddies & their shenanigans .. Looking forward for some grown folks stuff .. You were missed KKL.. Ignore the Ihaters .. Life is too short !


    Nikki replied

    Maybe you should take a chill pill and watch a religious show! Your’s has been the only hater one here as of yet.


  8. Jenny Brooks says:

    Maybe Brooke found her long lost son Jack in Italy-and will bring him home. Whatever did happen to that kid anyway?


    Jimmy replied

    He went the way of Nick to the land of Far Far Away without an explanation. It really is disappointing that B&B has such a rich history of characters that are never used, but really should be! I would LOVE to have Nick, Jackie, Bridget, Thorne, Taylor, Steffy, Thomas, Amber, little Jack and R.J. back on screen. I also find it shocking that Brooke rarely, if ever, mentions that she has two other sons out there – hell, she barely even mentions Bridget!

    Imagine, Thorne and Ridge team up as brothers to start a new fashion house to get out from under Rick’s tyrannical thumb, and then approach Jackie and Nick about teaming up to revive Spectra or Jackie M Designs! Thomas and Steffy join that company, and Rick, realizing he needs new designers, rehires Amber! Taylor and Thorne reignite their relationship (why was it ended, again?), while Ridge and Caroline explore where things go between them. Meanwhile, Jackie pursues Eric, putting him at odds with his son, and Nick and Bridget get back together, even though she tries her best not to turn her back on her brother… it would be great drama! They just have to utilize the characters and make it happen!


    Nikki replied

    Who was Jack’s father> Anyone remember?


    Jenny Brooks replied

    Nick Marone is his father.

  9. Iakovos says:

    I have not missed Brooke and Hope. But I do welcome a return of Brooke. Sometimes a break is a good thing. My hope is that Brooke returns refreshed and renewed by her time away from the dysfunction. I agree with Miss Lang that a story for her character that is not romantic would be welcome. I want to see Brooke be more than a wife, mistress, girlfriend. I would like to see more mothering. I would like to see her be strong and find a way outside Forrester and those handsome but problemtatc men!


  10. Caroline says:

    The show has been fantastic without Brooke being on everyday. Other actors got the time to shine. I hope they stick with that.


  11. Nikki says:

    Im so glad she’s back but I hope she doesn’t interfere with Ridge & Caroline. I would love to see her kick that son of her’s (Rick) out on his duff with his Maya & her ugly photo.


    penny replied

    Maya’s portrait is beautiful. Haters will spew their hate every chance possible.


    Nikki replied

    No hate, Maya is a beautiful woman, but she plays the role of someone who is not on the same level of Caroline or in the same league (education, public standing, popularity etc.) That said the portrait is awful. She had beautiful photo’s taken when she model in the show. I just don’t like the way the hair is stuck out on all sides. BTW When people have a different opinion than the one you have it makes it just that (difference of opinion) that does not mean they are haters!

    penny replied


  12. BoomBaby says:

    Keep Ridge and Caroline together, please! Let Brooke be without a man for awhile, and then work her way back to Bill or Eric.


  13. Marie says:

    Yes kick out Rick and Maya. Rick cant design and Maya is opportunist and a gold digger. Let Rick realize his mistakes for treating Caroline like a piece of dirt. Rick committed adultery in a marriage. Caroline and Ridge didnt hop to bed. It was just a kissed. Caroline should play it hard to get from Rick. He is such a loser and both Rick and Maya are user. They deserved each other. Caroline deserved better than Rick.


  14. karen says:

    Time to stop watching again….I started back watching after the departure of Brooke and Hope….in my opinion, with their absence, the show was much much better. …..bye……wouldn’t be watching anymore…..had enough of Brooke and the controlling role she plays….always think she is entitled to everyone husband or boyfriend.
    ..bottom line. …the character Brooke is not a likeable character.


  15. penny says:

    Rick and Maya are so Hot together. This is by far the BEST pairing B&B has ever had, IMO! Keep up the good work you wonderful & talented lovers.


  16. Jamesj75 says:

    I am definitely thrilled that Brooke is back on the show! KKL is a terrific actress and a sweet person.

    As far as the last few weeks are concerned, the Rick/Myrna/Caroline/Ridge quadrangle has been too over the top and all-consuming. Even other characters (Ivy, Carter, Aly) have been commenting on it, with no end in sight. It’s nice to spread the storyline around. As far as I’m concerned, KKL as Brooke is the star of the show. It will be great having Brooke on the canvass again!


  17. lizzy says:

    I hate to say it but I agree with Karen above. The show has been way better without Brooke and Hope as well for that matter. Right – Brooke thinks she is entitled to anything or anyone she wants and Hope was a real chip off the old block. Who does Brooke think she is coming in and telling everyone where to get off AND what the H was up with the snappy fingers. “I can have Ridge back just like that, like that, just like that, that, like that. . . . if I were Caroline I’d would of broke this fingers on about the second snap. So what Ridge is 20 -25 years older than Caroline if I remember right ERIC was about 20-25 years older than Brooke. Besides who wants to be with a man their own age anyway. I hope Brooke has met her match this time. I want Ridge with Caroline. If for some reason it just can’t be then I want him with NOT BROOKE.


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