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15 August 23rd, 2011 Katie Couric ABC daytime talker named, “Katie”! Will GH be shoved out of the way for THIS?

Former CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric has settled on a name for her upcoming ABC talk show. The program will be called simply Katie when it debuts in Fall 2012.  According to TVNewser,Disney-ABC is preparing to market the show to stations and advertisers, and has already put together marketing materials, some of which was provided to TVNewser.

At the Promax/BDA conference in June, former NBC Universal CEO Jeff Zucker–who serves as executive producer on Couric’s upcoming show–hinted at its name when talking about the host:  “I think Katie is a unique brand in television,” The mere fact that you can just say Katie and know who we are talking about is evidence of that.”

TVNewser is also reporting that, “Social media and interactivity will play a big role in the show, which is still in the early stages of development. Disney-ABC is currently building out a few websites for the program, including, which is expected to serve as a hub at which viewers and Couric can interact.”

So with ABC already announcing they will take into account how The Chew, The Revolution and General Hospital (the soon-to-be sole ABC Daytime soap opera) will perform with the audience before making their next decision on how they will revamp their line-up one more time in the fall of 2012… can GH survive? We certainly hope so! But given the entire changing landscape of the daytime programming day-part, could this be a tall order? Having nothing to do with consisent viewer loyalty?

Katie Couric’s syndicated talkshow has plans to air on many of the ABC affiliate stations around the country in Oprah’s  former time slot, so there may not be enough room to accomadate all of the ABC Line-up thus causing the potential issue of…. what show goes, and what show stays  So, let us know your thoughts on the mater!

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  1. Bevann23 says:

    “Katie” needs to be up against “The Ellen Show” in the Oparah spot on the east coast. That would be a real test to see who wins those ratings!!! Leave GH on @ 3PM!!!


  2. Susan says:

    Will not be watching KC”s new show. ABC better not shove GH out of the way. They will lose a loyal viewer if they do.


  3. Emily says:

    So sick and tired of talk shows! GH has such a talented group that losing the show would be not only a lose to ABC but television as a whole.


  4. brian says:

    Now that Prospect Park is saving “AMC” and “OLTL”, I for one do not really care what ABC does with its daytime line up. I will not be tuning in for any reason what so ever. I will, however, be supporting “One Live To Life” on Prospect Park, even if it is on some sort of pay – per – view set up. More than happy to pay a small fee to keep this wonderful show in production. It has many years left in it. Also, i will not be watching “Katie”


  5. Torrey says:

    Tell me, who has convinced the idiots over at ABC that yet another talk show is what we need on the air? And who in the hell is gonna watch Katie Couric? She has bounced around to how many networks and how many shows? Isn’t it evident that no one wants to watch her? And I’m sure she came with a hefty price tag, which I don’t understand myself.


  6. kay killgore says:

    Well should we lay bets on who stays and who goes? Get ready for a cancellation of GH or they would not even be hinting about if it wasn’t already in the works! I can’t stand that woman Katie Couric fouled mouthed wanna be!


  7. aria says:

    GH will survive, I can’t see these other shows making it, they are just to obviously rip offs of better cable shows.


  8. Kathy says:

    Doesn’t matter what show ABC puts on during the day. If it isn’t my soap operas, I won’t be watching. Soap Operas are the only reason I put my TV on during the day at all.


  9. KESM says:

    It will be difficult once GH is the loan ABC soap. Can they stand alone? In light of OLTL being under budget and ratings surging….does it even matter if GH can match that in 2012? Does it look like ABC is willing to hang in with one soap the way NBC has for several years?


  10. Vickie says:

    I won’t be watching any ABC daytime that isn’t one of my soaps (all my children and one life to live). I really don’t care what they do with general hospital since they moved away from the hospital and into the mob business. I don’t watch talk shows and haven’t for years—-I won’t be starting with ABC’s new junk show. There are any number of good dramas and comedies and movies on the cable channels to keep me busy.


  11. Judy says:

    We have enough talk and cooking shows on, I will not be watching any of the new shows! If GH goes– life will go on, it will be with less entertainment!


  12. mimi says:

    D–n Chipmunk!


  13. Melissa says:

    I for one will not be watching those other two shows or Katie Couric. I am and always will be a GH fan. Leave GH on at 3pm. Save General Hospital. They have the most talented actors and I enjoy watching it!


  14. Angela White says:

    I am an AVID GH and DOOL fan. I have never watched AMC or OLTL, however, I will not be watching ANY of the replacements that ABC airs. I will only give my ratings to the soaps during the daytime hours. The premise for these other shows is ridiculous even if they weren’t killing our soaps.

    Personally, Katie Couric is one of the MOST annoying tv personalities anyways! I would never watch her show even if it was the LAST television show on earth! Honestly,, I would rather watch paint dry than her for an hour!


  15. admiral says:

    Another talk show. Another talk show. And another talk show. OLTL was a great actors’ show.
    GH is another casualty because of cost. I will stay with GH til the end. I have not watched
    the Chew, the Doctors, Dr. PHIL, MAURY, etc…too many of those shows.
    Cheaper but too many. Waaaaaay too many. Like MTV and VH1, the original
    concept was-is the best. Miss the videos, miss the soaps. Catching up on DVR
    shows during the day. GSN is now fun with $25,000 Pyramid, Lingo,
    Password,and Match Game. Jeopardy on ABC affiliate and on GSN is great. Sorry
    Katie. Not this time. NOT THIS TIME. Moving GH to 1pm CST. Crap. DVR
    at work this fall.


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