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15 January 24th, 2013 Katie Couric Asks Manti Te’o If He’s Gay & Why He Lied To His Father! – Watch The Segment!


Score one for Katie Couric!  On today’s episode of her syndicated talker, Katie, Couric nabbed an exclusive interview with Notre Dame Football star and Heisman Trophy candidate, Manti Te’o.

Te’o has been in the news of late and all the rage with the confusing and mysterious “catfish” scheme where Te’o was reportedly duped into an online relationship with a fake girlfriend who he originally believed had died!  However in the interview with Couric, Manti revealed he maintained the illusion of his dead girlfriend in the weeks after he received a call claiming that Lennay Kekua and her death were hoaxes claiming: “Katie, put yourself in my situation. I, my whole world told me that she died on September 12. Everybody knew that. This girl, who I committed myself to, died on September 12th.”

Te’o has said he believed Kekua, whom he thought was his girlfriend despite never meeting her face to face, had died of leukemia on September 12 after a car accident left her hospitalized. “Now I get a phone call on December 6, saying that she’s alive and then I’m going be put on national TV two days later. And to ask me about the same question. You know, what would you do?” Te’o said.

In addition, Couric pointedly asks the question that has come up across the country that was this all a cover-up because Manti is actually gay?  Te’o answered a resounding, “No, far from it.”   Later, Te’o revealed he did lie to his father and when Couric asked why, Te’0 responded it was his way of getting approval from his dad of this young lady, and he thought if he told his dad he never met her, his father would say it is a red flag.  He then stated, “It was a red flag. I obviously should’ve seen.”

After the jump, watch the clip of Katie asking Manti if he is gay, and why did he lie to his father.  Then tell us what do you think of this bizarre scheme? Do you now believe 100% that Manti was duped?

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  1. Angela says:

    I simply do not understand why this is news worthy, and why it is gettng the attention that it is. Okay so Katie is interviewing him today. I still won’t watch. But my big question is to you Michael why are you waisting time on this crap?


    Derek replied

    I have to agree. I know its included here because Katie is a part of daytime, but in this day and age for her to be asking if he’ s gay is dumb. And putting it as the headline for this story here, well I have to say I don’t see the point.


    Patrick replied

    “….why are you wasting time on this crap?”

    Your soap box is loaded with excrement.


    Christine replied

    You are right on Angela. I had hoped when I saw this that NO ONE would comment, but people are. So here are my two cents:

    I remember when KATIE was making the rounds and trying to drum up interest. So I went back to see what the whole premise for her show was SUPPOSED to be about. Well I found that it was “news and topics that people care about.”

    THIS subject is something that we should care about? They should dry that one out and fertilize the lawn with it.


    Patrick replied

    I am jubilant that people are expressing their two cents.

    sexual orientation vs. like minds…. etc….

    I care about THIS persons feelings.

    k/kay replied

    Well here is my two cents he got his behind handed to him for the Heisman Trophy this year by a freshman Johnny Manziel from Texas A&M.

  2. Maureen says:

    Thank-you Angela!!!


  3. Patrick says:

    Food for Thought….

    I hope Rhode Island is the next… 10th state to marry ALL People….


    As In President Obamas’ Impassioned Presidential Election Address:

    “Our journey is not complete until our gay brothers and sisters are treated like anyone else under the law,” he said. “For if we are truly created equal, then surely the love we commit to one another must be equal as well.”

    The Military that we hold close to our hearts… ALLOWS all Men and Women regardless of sexual orientation to serve Proudly.

    The Sports World…. (if in fact Manti Te’o is Gay) So be it. I don’t know that Katie had that right to ask him that, on nat’l television…. I haven’t been keeping up on this persons life.

    Her asking him that on TV… could be more detrimental than the story itself… if he wasn’t ready to acknowledge his feelings… his being… This is the kinds of behaviour that can cause one to retreat in to themselves… SPORTS FIGURES NEED TO MAN UP AND SHELVE INSECURITY.

    Sports figures, Public figures, Elected officials…. all have the right to be who they are. with pride and without prejudice.


    Mary SF replied

    I agree asking if he was gay is none of her business- does she ask her guests if they are straight- I don’t think so. As to covering this topic here- well if his story was a soap opera story line we would be rolling our eyes about how lame it is. Honestly, who calls a person they never met their girlfriend? And if he thought she was why didn’t he want to go her funeral when he thought she was dead? This story is so fill with gaps and makes no sense- are we sure MAB wasn’t his script writer? Perhaps Days could hire whoever came up with this story- they would fit right in there.


    Patrick replied

    A persons’ Life isn’t hanging in the balance, here?…. if one person is affected/effected by, what people say think and do. That happens way too often.

    Support for ALL people is the ultimate road taken…


    I refuse to make light and be nonsensical about issues that are a part of all of us.

    Mary SF replied

    Okay Patrick you want to be serious- I can be serious. Firstly I wasn’t making light of this man’s story I was answering the question asked, which was whether I believe he was duped. I do not- the story sounds too fake to me, so I used the whole soap opera metaphor to illustrate how fake his story sounded- I was being sarcastic.

    This is a website for soap operas, therefore if you wish to engage in thoughtful and lively discussions about politics, religion or civil rights, I suggest you find sites that engage in those discussions, so you won’t be so frustrated by what you read. But since life is life and often these topics do come up in posts here all I can say is if you wish people to respect your opinions it is best to respect them for theirs.

    Respect doesn’t mean you have to agree with them, or you cannot challenge their beliefs, but it means doing it with language that respect the person as a human being, words that do not attack their character, merely their ideas.

    Over the months I’ve been on this site have come to look forward to reading posts from certain individuals because I come to respect the way they handle themselves in these posts. You were one of those individuals, but I find the way you have conducted yourself today in these posts to be beneath you. Was telling Angela that her opinion is full of sh**t really leaving her open to hear your views on the topic?

    If this man was lying in order to cover up the fact he was gay, then yes that would be a shame, and the fact that many gay people around the world live in fear and feel it necessary to lie about who they are is a situation that has gone on far too long. By your post I get the impression it is that injustice, living in a free America, yet not having all the freedom equally given to all, makes you angry and makes you have compassion for those who feel they need to lie about who they are. And you should feel angry about, because it is an injustice.

    I didn’t think this was the case with this man, I thought it was more a case of something being a news hog, wanting the media attention anyway he can get. I thought his story was more about promoting himself rather than him being a victim. And in that case then no I have little sympathy for a situation he created and exploited for his own promotion. If he was lying to cover up being gay, then I apologize to you if I sounded like I didn’t care because if I thought that was the case I wouldn’t been that sarcastic about it.

    I truly hope everyone out there living with a lie for whatever reason will find the peace of one day living a life filled with truth. Respectfully yours- Mary.


    Patrick replied

    “…Frustation”, and “…anger”; are not what i’m advocating….

    I want; that the LGBT Community has a voice…. in sharing with you and I myself, am learning, along the way… that give and take… right and wrong… civil liberties and respect… be gleaned and minded…. by All persons choosing to read all perspectives.
    if convesations are dissected and taken out of context… then, i choose to see this as a cumulative of… and letting all the facts and opinions, be given equal time.

    Patrick replied

    I will say…. when i first read the headline…. I. like Christine… was… here we go again….

    and when i read the first post… ie: Angela….. “…why are you wasting time on this “crap”. operative word…. “wasting time on crap”… well, that gets tiring… and yeah… can fire up the best of them….

    ire, frustation, anger, jubilant, misled, tested, it’s my way or the highway….

    it’s all a mixed bag…. if i’m steadfast in my beliefs… and have convictions… that are strongly opposed and differing… I will rise to the occasion and man up… I am not on here steering any “one” wrongly… that’s up to you and your spirt.

    This post is not directed at any one person…. I like to think my posts are not directed soley at any one – but to educate. (myself, as well), and put out their that there are people who believe otherwise and it’s with an educated mindset that I hopefully share.


    not since chic fil’a…. has their been any “angst” or intrepidation….

    that being said… I applaud all person who post…..

    These are the best of times, currently… with the soap world… and I love this stuff.


    have i said things that give pause for reflection…. Yes.

    Mary SF replied

    Patrick- Sometimes we all forget the power words can have- words can bring healing or understanding, but they also can cause division and pain. I hope you did not think I was berating you, I was not. I was merely challenging you to the bigger person, to use your words wisely, so those you wish to hear you, will listen.

    When we use our words to put down others, even though they were guilty of doing the same, they will no longer hear us, and I believe your opinions deserve to be heard. I still don’t believe this particular website is the best place to give voice to your concerns, but you have every right to voice them here or anywhere else. And I hope I didn’t give you the impression I was trying to tell you not to express those thoughts.

    Your posts helped me to see there may be more to this story than meets the eye. And perhaps because of the overexposure of this story in the media I became a bit cynical to the plight of this person. So I agree we all can learn from each other, which makes being human so extraordinary and this forum remarkable.


  4. Lia says:

    I stopped believing he was duped last week, because at certain times throughout the interview, he was laughing about all of this…Check his expressions closely. I think he wants the attention to set off his NFL career, and got two friends to help him do it. We’re the ones being duped at this point imo.


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