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19 January 30th, 2013 Katie Couric’s Talker KATIE Renewed For Season Season!


Katie made it to a second season after all!  The talk show that sort of bumped General Hospital into One Life to Live’s old timeslot on ABC affiliate markets nationwide was officially renewed today by Disney-ABC Domestic Television and announced by Janice Marinelli, president, Disney-ABC Domestic Television.

Marinelli in a statement related ,”Katie is the No. 1 new syndicated talk show of the 2012-13 season, and we are thrilled to announce a green light for Season Two. Katie is an immensely talented host who has an incomparable ability to connect with her viewers. We also have outstanding station partners and time periods, and look forward to continued success with Katie this year and into Season Two.”

Katie Couric added, “Hosting, producing and launching a show from scratch has been challenging but very rewarding. I’m looking forward to working with our terrific team to build on the success of our first season, and continuing to share compelling stories, explore important topics, and create entertaining television for our audience.”

So soapers, what do you think about Couric’s renewal knowing things also are good for General Hospital? Let us know!

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  1. jp says:

    WHY? Oh wait. It’s ABC. They don’t know what’s good if it hit them in the face? Aside from GH and Revenge, ABC is a snooze.


  2. Ces says:

    I was hoping to read “Katie Couric show canceled!”


    gloria replied

    Me, too. I have never watched a second of it & never will.


    Debbie Harris replied

    Amen to that!!

    Ces replied


  3. Sal Piscioneri says:

    who actually watches this show?…………I wish I can find someone in my circle or
    co-workers that watch Katie……….

    I just do not care, ABC has burned me bad.

    GH is my only ABC show I watch.


  4. TS1 says:

    I don’t know what ABC is smoking but Katie is not a hit show. Steve Harvey got a people’s choice, I don’t think Katie did. Let’s face it, ABC is not going to admit they are wrong in taking AMC or OLTL to move GH.


  5. Michael says:

    I watched the first episode out of curiosity and I didn’t even finish it since I was bored.



    I don’t have a problem with it.She’s an awesome journalist and it’s not her fault ABC cancelled AMC and OLTL.


    toscanti replied

    Completely agree!!!! I actually like her current event stories. I won’t make her pay for Brian Frons and ABC’s screw up.


  7. louisa says:

    Her show is a bore.


    Jeffrey Anderson replied

    I agree


    MK replied

    Even Anderson was better, and that was cancelled


  8. David Larsson says:

    “…an incomparable ability to connect with her viewers…” Seriously?


  9. bc says:

    she needs to do everyone a favor and leave the tv landscape.


  10. jim says:

    I hardly watch talk shows and some of those so called reality shows especially that vulgar Jersy Shore. If J.S. was truly real it seems to me they would have either killed each other by now or b on one of those court shows.(i no its a primetime show but it does air repeats early in the day) NOW a few talk shows are harmless but i rather watch my soaps. When i want the real world ill watch a talk show or the news or turn my tv off and just step outside my front door. But sometimes i need at least 30 min. to an hour a day to escape the insanity of the real world and the soaps, no matter how much their insane but still entertaining stories can be most of the time,allows me that escapism i need. Im just glad that this soap turnaround and higher ratings prove to those who thought that the soaps were as dead as a dinasour that they were wrong and that us viewers were right: We do want our soaps!


  11. Vickie says:

    Won’t watch ever………..dislike Katie…….its waste of time!!


  12. Robert says:

    It will be cancelled next year. ABC has to try and save what is left of its face. Fact is Katie has not been the number one new talk show consistently. Steve Harvey has bested her a couple of times. She can not retain the lead she gets from GH so they have to give her one more year before they pull the plug and really start licking their wounds when they see the numbers AMC and OLTL will be pulling in on the internet!! Hey Brian Frons, how is your job at ABC going…oh wait you were FIRED!!


  13. JustSaying says:

    She does has experience in interviewing politicians. So I think next year her show will do better. As for right now, it seems like she does better with news stories than with celebrities.


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