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23 February 24th, 2014 Kimberly McCullough and Jason Thompson Visit Good Day LA In Honor Of GH’s 13,000 Episode!


This morning General Hospital’s departing Kimberly McCullough (Robin) and her on-screen husband Jason Thompson (Patrick) visited the set of Good Day LA to kick-off today’s 13,000 episode celebration of the ABC soap opera.

During their chat, Good Day LA host Steve Edwards recognized that some fans of GH are not happy that Kimberly is exiting the show and so too is her character of Robin.  Edwards first addressed Kimberly by saying, “Every time I talk to you, you are either leaving or coming back that show.   I am very confused!”  To which Kimberly replied, “I like to keep people on their toes.”

Next, McCullough revealed to Edwards that she was indeed leaving GH to continue the directing program she is through ABC and that she will be shawdowing as a director on Grey’s Anatomy.   Edwards also asked if Kimberly would return to the ‘well” (GH) again, to which she replied, “I hope so, yes.  The ‘well” has been good to me.”

Jason Thompson chimed in by relating his support of his long time co-star and good friend:  “I am always excited for Kimberly to follow her dreams.   I believe in her, probably more than she believes in herself, sometimes.  We’ve developed an amazing relationship over the time we have been working together.  I am always a big fan of hers.  I love when she comes back, selfishly, because we work well together, but I am always happy when she goes and does her thing.”

Now after the jump watch the entire interview segment with Kimberly and Jason with Kimberly sporting her new short hair-do, and Jason his beard.    What did you think about what they shared during their conversation?   Let us know!

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  1. angie says:

    I will miss the chem known Kimson. They are truly magic. Their scenes today proved just that. Even with this crappy non sensical story their connection can’t be denied. Kudos to them. Shame on Franken Ron for giving Robin this horrible send off .


  2. Mike says:

    Her longtime fans aren’t too happy and it’s a lame storyline excuse for her exit but I wish her well and support her in doing what she wants.


  3. su0000 says:

    I wish Someone would pull plug on Kimberly McCullough (Robin) ..
    Enough is enough, she is far from being a goddess of soaps…
    There are other’s from GH that are more worthy than her for praise..
    KMc left GH, she was gone while many others carried on to the utmost giving their all to their fans… I see all of them above KMc, the Quitter ..
    Just because she stepped back in for a very short stay does not make her a big deal or better than the other’s who did not walk out of GH .. :)

    Bringing her back was a stupid mistake, not much good came it outside of upsetting her fans as she exits once again..


    angie replied

    The ratings say different. LOL


    jackie replied

    I agree Angie. I think the rating are going to go down again. They need to bring her back as soon as they can. I won’t be watching if they put Patrick and Sabrina back together again.

    Michael replied

    I don’t see anything wrong with them allowing her to come and go while she pursuing her other interests.


  4. Cathy Borruso says:

    ♥ Kimson reason why Scrubs work. Their chemistry n respect for each other cannot be denied. Love Kimberly,’s hair n Jason looks HOT with that beard. Miss them already♥♥]♥♥♥♥


    jackie replied

    I agree. They both look good.


  5. ethel says:

    i knew she was doing directing but i didn’t realize she is in a abc/disney directing program …………….that sheds a big light on her coming & going to gh………….jmo


  6. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Kims dream is to direct and is leaving the show by choice…however, she mentioned a possible return in the future but whats the point if she’ll just leave again? Patrick and Robin should divorce and Patrick and Liz should be romantically paired…then it would be ok if Robin came back on occasion to visit her daughter Emma and her mother Anna for brief story arcs…and on a humorous side im sure little Spenser would be jealous if Patrick were to marry Liz which would mean Spensers competition for Emmas heart, Cameron, would be moving in the Drake home…lol


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Carlos should kill off A.J., frame Sonny for it, then Sean K. can return to the show 3 months later as Jason(with amnesia)…then Patrick will learn Victor tricked Robin into leaving but Patrick cant tell Anna because Victor has threaten Robins demise if he does. Or Ava might be setting up Carlos…maybe Carlos will end up dead and Ava will somehow connect him to Connies murder, convincing A.J. she lied to him because Carlos was going to frame her for it if she didnt tell A.J. he was Connies killer, and that Carlos attempted to kill A.J. to prevent him from learning the truth? Works for me either way but doubt any of this will happen!!!


    Patrick replied

    agree…. they should divorce:

    who knows… how long these arcs ( her returns) will be.

    her priority, when she comes home… is Emma… she had her white picket fence… even tho she was robbed of it…. ( isn’t that sad)

    The Drake family… will remain… one of the best storylines

    with the 2 years of Sabrina… and Robin’ captivity

    and now… with Robin leaving….

    I think the writers should do a complete 180 with Dr. Patrick Drake. let him party, flirt, get lost, imbibe, rage at his world….

    to go back to Sabrina… OYE! after all the fan backlash and brouhaha… is lazy! unless, they bring Carlos back in full time. make this funny, it’s believable that it’s Carlos that really loves Sabrina


    as for lil’ Emma…. that’s the tragic part… I’m sure we’ll see Anna and Mac rally around her… plus Maxie coming home… I don’t know… Oye! they can “CAN” the little 3 muskateers… not that cute at all….

    Scrubs was


    Mari replied

    I agree with some of your points.. lol I think they should divorce ‘officially’ because Patrick should not be getting involved with ANY one until he has completely ended the ties that bind. The only girl in his life right now should be Emma, with of course concern for Sabrina since she is having his baby. But they should NOT get back together. What a blow to woman everywhere if this would happen. A man longing for his wife all the way up to the I do’s, making out with his wife on the day of, then choosing her to spend the rest of his life with? Yes now even Felix can say Sabrina would be his second choice or stand in. The 180 with Patrick is great after a while of spending time with his daughter. As for Emma, I think its not right Robin left her and now why make it that she never has contact with her? I dont get that part. Unless this is the way they are going to get rid of Robins character for good. But I dont see how or why they would. jmo Great post!

  7. heidi says:

    Fun interview!!! Like Kimberly’s haircut! Enjoy them together and wish she wasn’t leaving… but wish her well!!! So excited about 13, 000th episode… that is a huge accomplishment!!! Congratulations GH!!!


  8. Anti-Nick says:

    All Hail Kim Mc! She is the goddess of soaps. FV and RC continue to impress us fans. Have a great day whiners!


  9. Johnny says:

    This exit story is utter garbage. Is Robin going to be chained to the cryogenics freezer 24/7? If not, then why does she have to leave her family to do this work? Nothing about this story makes any sense. Carliwacky knew he had Robin for a limited time, so he should have written an in character, plausible exit. The show made it worse by finally offering an actual love scene, accompanied by a musical montage, and actually had Patrick kind of acepting the asinine circumstances. Why couldnt Patrick and Emma go along? If Victor needs Robins expertise so badly, and doesnt want anyone to know…youd think he would allow her family to come along so it wouldnt raise any eyebrows or suspicions. Like I said…none of it makes any sense whatsoever.


    Mari replied

    I agree 100% it is crazy writing..


    jackie replied

    I agree. They should of let Patrick and Emma go with her. If Robin doesn’t come back Patrick is going to tell Anna what going on. I hope she comes back with Jason and is pregent.


  10. Emily says:

    Love Kimson, thanks for showing the interview Mr. Fairman. Those two are great on screen and off:) Going to miss Kim Mc, wish her the best. Her comings and goings are bitter sweet, but still enjoy watching. The love scene was complicated, but they made it work. Like her haircut too:)


  11. MegB says:

    Great interview! So nice to see how supportive they are of each other on and off screen. Love, love, love Kim’s new do and Jason looks pretty damn hot with his beard…*swoon* Btw, GO TEAM CANADA!!! Sending XOXO from Calgary:)


  12. Spencer says:

    Kimberly is a plain Jane in my opinion. She had best thank God she grew up on GH or else it would be KM who? Yes, she can cry at the drop of a hat, but other than that nothing special whatsoever.


  13. Janet says:

    I love Robin and Patrick’s characters, I know the way she is leaving is to leave the door open. But with Robin gone I’d like to see Patrick be their for Sabrina they have a great chemistry together and a baby coming. I was other comments that mentioned Elizabeth’s character together and I’m guessing since Rick Lancing is returning he and Elizabeth will hook up. I have been watching for so many years 30 at least and can almost make some good predictions. Love the show, hope you up for another 13,000! Congratulations to all the actor and writers. Appreciate all your hard work, I’m forever hooked no matter what twist or turn!


  14. Janet Whiteside says:

    Awesome! #1 show of all time!


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