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32 October 20th, 2016 Kimberly McCullough Back To GH For Another Visit From Robin!


General Hospital’s enduring fan favorite Kimberly McCullough (Robin Scorpio Drake) is returning to the series as Robin, whe she returns for some emotional story beats starting on the upcoming Thursday, October 27th episode of the ABC soap opera.

According to Soap Opera Digest, McCullough said of her upcoming appearance: “I had some really intense scenes and it felt nice to call on some of those memories and history of Robin’s character.”

McCullough who has been busy with her directing career, and her passion project Hey Day, has periodically returned to GH when her schedule permits, and was able to work out some time for a visit to GH with series executive producer, Frank Valentini.

So, what will bring Robin back to Port Charles? What memories and history of Robin’s character will be talked about in story? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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  1. Jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Maybe Robin had a patient who reminded her of Stone and he also died…maybe its Patrick Drake!!!


  2. Mrs. Brown says:

    Just don’t hurt Anna!


    Timmm replied

    Hurt her? They are like best friends/mom and daughter!


    Mrs. Brown replied

    I know. I don’t want Robin coming back because the writers do something terrible to Anna!

    Timmm replied

    Oh, I see. I think Finola is signed up for a couple years so I doubt she will get hurt.


    Laura replied

    I think she’s coming back for the memorial for Morgan and hopefully she’ll help Finn.

  3. clh says:

    OMG stay away yo-yo. No point to keep bouncing in and out!


    Mika replied

    Gee, I guess you must hate when your family visits bouncing in and out of town to see you.


    clh replied

    My family is real, this is a soap. Pointless for the character to even be there.

    Jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    i sure do-lol

    Michael replied

    That’s very well put.

    Sal replied

    I love it and her too

    Timmm replied

    She is allowed to have two jobs, excuse you!


    Jane replied



    Dan replied

    What a silly comment. People will literally find anything to complain about these days. Robin has ties to many people in town, including Sonny who just lost his son. He was there for her when she lost Stone many years ago, so it makes sense Robin would return to be there for Sonny at his time of need.

    Always great to see Kimberly back on GH, whether it’s a short visit or a long visit. Don’t know how anyone could view that as a negative. She’s moved on in her life and become a successful director, but it’s nice that she never forgets where she came from, and comes back from time to time.


  4. Kimberly Sheffield says:

    Hate that they killed off Morgan . The young man that played him. I really like.


  5. Timmm says:

    Maybe she is dropping off Jason Thompson in Port Charles and then running Billy Miller over to the Y&R set!


    jaybird369 replied

    Hey Tim…GOOD ONE, dude…LOL!!!!!


  6. Virginia Combs says:

    I think she’s coming to take care of Anna and Sonny . They are both feeling down , for different reasons of course but they need her.


  7. Jimmy says:

    It’s great to see Robin from time to time, and it’s a shame that she and Patrick are no longer on the canvas. They were easily one of the show’s best couples, and GH is in desperate need of more doctors with ties to the canvas already. Get Steve and Matt out of jail, bring back Sarah Webber, and utilize Brad and Lucas more.

    I’m also hoping Anna turns out to be Griffin’s mother, because I think the relationship between Robin and Griffin would be interesting to see play out, after all these years. I already love the connection Anna and Griffin have, and I hope Robin gets to spend some time with Robert, provided he’s still in town. The real question is, will she be bringing Emma with her?


  8. davlestev1 says:

    Could this be the characters swan song?


  9. Patrick says:

    from what I’ve read … ie: Anna on another trip of doldrums wracked with guilt, denial, enough already… Duke is gone

    yikes… once again… griffin.. is their to sprinkle holy water console and lead a path of righteousness

    HOTTEST Claudette , whatever her angle… agenda.. is smoldering

    unhinge “father” Griffin… you have experience… LIVE “a little”


    rebecca1 replied

    LOL Patrick.. I think it was ridiculous to make him a priest in the first place. Too much of a leading man…


  10. Deborah Jones says:

    I just hopened she coming back not just to visit but to help Dr Finn with his research to find a cure for his illness, that is what Robin does for a living, find impossible cures, but when it comes to Robin it’s never impossible


  11. Deborah Jones says:

    I’m hoping Robin is not coming just for a visit I’m hoping that she is going to help dr. Finn find a cure for his illness, that’s what Robin does she does the impossible


    rebecca1 replied

    That’s a great thought Deborah Jones! She’s a research whiz kid…she’s to research what Spinelli is to cyberspace!


  12. nancy dillingham says:

    She’s welcome anytime! Hope to see her with Anna and Robert.


  13. Patrick says:

    please bring Emma


  14. Omar says:

    I been watching GH since the early 80′s when I was a pre teen..And I never care for the character of Robin..Found the character to be an annoying kid..As an adult , i found her boring and even more annoying..Am I the only one who feels this way about such an iconic GH character?

    Hope her visit is quick!!


    WendyQ replied

    I feel the same. Didn’t care for her as a kid, and as a teen and adult she was annoying and so self-righteous. I’m never thrilled to see her back on canvas.


  15. Jeanette Wilkins says:

    I really hope she will get to see Robert and Anna we know it will only a short time for seeing Robert. I really hope she can see him. Bring Brad an Lucas to the front line they would make the show a bit more fun. I really want her to bring Emma witth her so she can Grams and Gramps .
    I really hope it has something to do with Stone.


  16. rebecca1 says:

    She’s not a dynamic must-see character but she’s one of the few emotionally stable, grounded characters. She adds a “homey, cozy” feel for me. The loving daughter, wife…loyal friend…and of course being Robert and Anna’s daughter gives her bonus points!


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