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35 November 9th, 2017 Kimberly McCullough Returning To General Hospital!

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A Robin Scorpio-Drake return is on the horizon on General Hospital! 

News from Soap Opera Digest reveals that Kimberly McCullough is set for another visit to Port Charles, and this time to be a part of the Jason/Patient Six, or two Jasons storyline.

McCullough is excited for her upcoming appearances, and she will share scenes for the first time in five years with Steve Burton (Jason/Patient Six). She told SOD as to how the story will unravel that she was, “Curious to see how the writers were going to explain all of this!”

Kimberly was last on GH back in May of this year.  No word yet on her first airdate back.

So, looking forward to scenes between Kimberly McCullough and Steve Burton? Comment below!

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  1. su0000 says:

    I’ve never cared for Robin, nope.. ( I am not the only one, so it’s good)
    She seems to be a better at directing than acting.
    But– This story couldn’t advance without her being brought back, sigh ..

    At this point in time I’m more interested and excited over Valentin’s story.
    Franco and Valentin stuff is what gets me pulled in.

    The 2 Jason’s has worn me out and has become ehhh..
    It’s has a looooooong run so I’m letting it roll for now.


    Patrick replied

    you are not the only one – with an if and or but

    I will always LOVE her character of ” ole ”

    when she was dating… Patrick … during their romance and courtship. AFIRE

    Our Robin.. found LOVE… married and had that child.. DREAM

    since that time.. and with Jason Thompson… GONE

    she lost so much steam.

    it always seems to me.. Kimberly McCullough… is no longer comfortable acting.

    I know she LOVES her character and GH.. that’s a life blood that will always be

    the only if and or but that is

    is seeing Anna … always… when she is reunited with HER Robin and granddaughter Emma… NOW we get a grandson.

    I like the mushy


    Jovin replied

    Hey bro. I know you hate GH without Aron at the helm, but how could this story have worn you out already?? What has happened in two months would have taken a year under Carlivati! Jason would have been stuck in the clinic for months, he would have wandered around town having cliched missed meetings for another couple months, etc. At least this story makes sense within the show’s own reality. I point to Fluke, which dragged on about 6 months too long, and the show admitted to changing the story midway through because savvy viewers guessed very early on that Fluke was actually Bill Eckert. The writing is not manipulative or going against history just for shock value. It has roped in the majority of people in town in the classic soap ripple effect way. You are VERY much in the minority of disliking the pace of this story or the story itself! To each their own, I am not saying everyone can’t have their opinion, you’re a grown man. And it’s nice to see you being somewhat positive about the show, rather ban the two solid years you spent bashing and trashing! Sit back and enjoy!


    Sue M. replied

    Don’t agree! I always liked Robin ever since she first appeared on GH..


    Ron B replied

    I agree. Robin is one of my all time favs. Hope she gets a good story

  2. aria says:

    its going to be awesome!!!


  3. nancy dillingham says:

    Love to see you anytime, Kimbo!


  4. Fanny says:

    YEAHHHHHHHH ‼️ As Aznavour would sing it ” Les bons moments”


  5. AJ says:

    I think it’s great when actors who have moved on to other things still want to make occasional appearances. It’s realistic to me. People move away but still come home to visit. Too many times, characters move away never to be heard from again. I understand the reality of that in soaps, but it’s great when these opportunities for Kim/Robin, Bradford/Spinelli, Ingo/Jax (no more…) present itself.


    Michael replied

    I agree, AJ! You’re spot on. As the World Turns was wonderful at bringing characters back for visits under Douglas Marland’s regime. It IS realistic. I think now a days it may be cost prohibited.


  6. Kevin O. says:

    Yay! Great news.


  7. Phil says:

    Are you kidding me? I look forward to her visits no matter what! Love Robin… wish she would return permanently !


  8. Jovin says:

    Even though she is rarely on screen, her visits are so special and so important. Essentially, she is the heart of GH. She is that anchor, that moral centre, that heroine that all soaps used to have, and need more than ever. As Robin brought Jason back to town, she is important to the story. The writers have really plotted all the beats of this story, and I am impressed at how they have picked up on story from years ago and weaving it all together so it makes sense! It has been a LONG time since gH has been must see tv for me, but it currently is! It makes me happy to say that!!


  9. Jimh says:

    They should recast Patrick at least for one visit. with Robin…maybe its Robin who solves the two Jason mystery???


    Satan replied

    I don’t think a fake Patrick is needed for a short visit, but maybe that explains the Wes Ramsey thing?


    Karen R replied

    Patrick is now Billy Abbott on Y&R and doing very well, I doubt if he would head back to GH.


    Jimh replied

    i never mention he return…i said recast….

  10. Satan says:

    I’m sure that Robin is only sticking around for the Hellidays, but hopefully she will have some input into the Jason(s) story. She of course thought she was thawing out the real Jason at the time, but he couldn’t speak, so she never got to talk to him and realize whether he acted like the Jason she remembered (aside from a brief example of him using Jason’s “skill set” when they escaped the cryogenic meat locker/clinic in NYC.)

    Emma & the new baby will be with her of course, and they will make some excuse why Patrick couldn’t make it.


    Patrick replied

    I HOPE @Satan : she is here for the holidays – Anna NEEDS her family…

    if and or but – she does – NOT – need Finn


    rebecca1 replied

    hahaha…yes she does (need Finn!) I haven’t seen that flirty look in Anna’s eyes for a long time…well, okay, she always seemed to flirt with Andre and they had that dance…but, since the writers dropped that (disco) ball I think she and Finn are great together! As you probably know…

    we shall see….

    Shay replied

    “Hellidays?” Oh, Satan, you have outdone yourself with that one!


  11. JMER says:

    Normally I would be excited and return to watch a few eps with her in it. But with her servicing the Two Jasons, two Carlys and Sonny s/l and the moral center of the show still to the extreme, I can’t think of a reason to stream the show. If it were for a Scorpio/Lavery/Devane story or something important to the core of the show, I, of course, would return. As things stand, GH is nonexistent in my world but at least I still check the headlines for a sign of a pulse from the show.


  12. jeffrie says:

    Yay Robin!!!Love GH right now my only complaint get rid of Franco he is a coward and a creep!!!


    Kevin O. replied

    I agree, but I like the actor. Kill Franco and bring him back as Todd. He can be a partner in schemes with Ava.


    Jeffrie replied

    That would be so much better I love Todd!!!!!

    rebecca1 replied

    A coward? He risked his life to save Carly (when they were engaged; took a bullet for her. Had himself committed to a psych ward and made himself to seem crazy…and, LOL, he WASN’T crazy…but acted so to keep Nina safe while she was institutionalized. Had himself injected with drugs just to help her. He also came back to Port Charles and admitted what he’d done…knowing he’d be a target. He’s taken responsibility for everything and when others have excused his behavior as having been caused by the brain tumor …Liz, Kiki, Dr. O, Carly …when she loved him…it was Franco that doubted himself.)

    I dont see him as a coward. I see him as a man with a troubled past, more troubled than we even knew since he was obviously duped and lied to just like the two Jasons…and has become the punching bag for all of Port Charles (like AJ was).

    I’m rooting for the guy even though I think he’ll probably lose Liz to one of the Jasons. Predictable. And I hope I’m wrong.


    Jeffrie replied

    He is a coward because he knows who the real Jason is and is not saying anything it is typical Franco may do the right thing but always to late!Really just not a fan of the character sorry to say!

    rebecca1 replied

    Hi Jeffrie…It’s okay to disagree…but, LOL, I do. Franco is no more a coward then Elizabeth was when she kept Jake in the dark about being Jason. She did the same thing…because she was afraid of losing him. (But of course that won’t matter and that’ll be the reason she winds up losing him.) Rick Lansing did something similar when he hired Hayden to be “Jake’s” wife…so as to get him away from Elizabeth. Nicolas kept the truth from Jake…when they thought he was Jason…so he wouldn’t lose control of ELQ.

    I hate when any of the characters do this…it’s beyond frustrating. And in this case Franco is going to lose everything in his attempt to hold on to everything.

    Sigh…I like him. And feel bad at how it’s probably going to unfold. He’s going to come out as the creep again…and Carly and Sonny, two of the biggest hypocrites in the show will have yet another thing to blame Franco for.

    I loved how Scotty went to Franco and tried to get him to change his mind. Love Scott…

    rebecca1 replied

    correction: But of course that won’t matter and that will be the reason she (Liz) winds up LEAVING, not losing, Franco.)

  13. annette says:

    Please let the real Jason be Jason(Steve Burton) he’s been on the show for years and he made Jason morgan… no one play Jason like he does..i didn’t watch GH when GH replace him for Billy Miller because I feel like no one plays Jason like steve burton so now that steve burton is back on GH I been watching it and I love his role on the show especially with Sonny and Carly Please keep him as Jason Morgan if he’s not I wont be watching GH so please let him be cold stone


  14. Darnell says:

    Great to see Robin hit the GH canvas again. We really need to get Patrick back and Robin on a recurring. Contract. GH is on fire right now and we need to keep the momentum. Robin is key to the Jason twin reveal. Like Carly, she knows the real Jason. Kudos to GH!!! It appears a lot of the happenings is tying many people to Port Charles. With the tie to Valentine, then Julian to him and Cassandra with Ana on her trail while in possession of the Jason clue(disco ball) is a masterpiece. Not to mention throwing little deceitful Nelle in the middle is awesome. I know a lot of people hate Nelle but the young lady is an extremely talented actress. There’s a lot GH and do with her, especially is Kim Nero is her biological mother. What will make more sense is that Oscar’s dad was Drews and not Jason. If Billy Miller is Drew, which he should be, there’s a lot to explorer here. A past GH could really create crazy drama with. BM needs something to sink his teeth in bc the Jason role is not his best. Although he’s been good in the role, I’m just saying what he’s doing now is not and will not be Emmy worthy. NowSam, awesome year for Kelly Monacowho deserves an Emmy acknowledgement.


  15. clb says:

    Robin comes and goes from GH like the wind changes direction. I am getting tired of any storyline that she is in. Sorry!


    Steve replied

    Having grown up on the show, Kimberly has earned the right to appear a few times a year. It would be great if some other characters did the same.


    rebecca1 replied

    It’s nice to have non-contract characters come back for a short, believable visit. Robin has moved her with her family (which happens in real life) and comes to visit…which means we get to see the character instead of her just non-existing like some other characters that never get a mention. It’s plausible she’d come back to visit Anna just to see her mom…or when Anna was sick, or now when she hears what’s going on with Jason. Very realistic. It’s not a tease…as if they’re implying she’s back for good. She returns sporadically, like Spinelli (who I’d like to see more of). Anway, I’m for it.


  16. janet says:

    I always liked Robin, well almost except when she was so stupid about good Sonny. I Also think having characters return is great. Scorpio come home. Him I miss. I like Anna with Finn. I like both of them as I refuse to watch the mob ? I don’t watch much. As for who is Jason. I don’t care. I like the one who can walk and talk at the same time. As for who is real, I FF through the mob. So who cares. ?


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