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0 January 22nd, 2010 Kin Shriner talks Gotham and his legendary soap career!

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In a brand new interview with TV Guide Canada’s Nelson Branco, Kin Shriner best known as Scotty Baldwin on General Hospital, talks about his role in Martha Byrne’s hit web series, Gotham. Shriner, debut this week as Catherine Prescott’s (Bryne) ex- hubby, Jon.   The soap superstar discusses his move to sunny Florida, working with Martha, and if a return to Port Charles is imminent.  Below are a few excerpts that caught our eye!

Shriner on GH bringing in James Franco and not bringing back Scott Baldwin: “I’m a big James Franco fan though. He was very funny on 30 Rock. James is a great actor, but like everyone else, I’m not sure what he was doing on GH! I guess his stint had something do with a performance art project he’s working on. He obviously has something up his sleeve, but I don’t know what. Heck, James probably doesn’t even know.”

Shriner on what soaps need to do to bring back its core audience: “Soaps should take a lesson from the street performer rule book. When people patronize a street artist, the performer loyally plays to his or her audience — and not the people who are walking by. That’s business. And that’s what soaps should be doing. Soaps should be playing to the audience they do have [and not to this imaginary audience they think is out there]. This is why NBC is in trouble right now.”

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