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15 July 10th, 2014 Kirsten Storms & Brandon Barash with Baby Harper Visit Soap Box With Lilly and Martha!


In a oh-so-cute and endearing interview today, real life lovebirds General Hospital’s Kirsten Storms (Maxie) and former GH star, Brandon Barash (Ex-Johnny) along with their baby daughter, Harper were the very special guests on TRadiov’s Soap Box with Martha Madison and Lilly Melgar!

During the episode, Kirsten and Brandon discussed how their relationship began as friends and blossomed into a romance when the timing was right for both of them after both finding themselves single at the same time.   They also discussed how they take turns with baby duties  in taking care of Harper, and that one of the things they love about each other is they laugh a lot together and have a good time!

Later, Brandon discussed how he became involved with Muscular Dystrophy Association as a National Celebrity Ambassador.  And the duo reveal they were home watching the recent Daytime Emmys and what a train wreck of a red carpet presentation they thought it was when watching the four millennial social media hosts attempt to interview the soap stars.  Brandon’s comments certainly hit home, and all of us without question, would agree upon!

Watch Kirsten, Brandon, Harper on Soap Box after the jump! Then share your comments below!


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  1. Cindy says:

    Loved watching SoapBox today with Kirsten and Brandon on as their guests. I don’t think some people know just how much of a big deal it was to see Kirsten and Martha in the same room together, much less talking and laughing as they were doing. I wish they would have spoken about their time on Days of Our Lives and their experiences (Kirsten leaving, Martha taking over, the backlash, etc.), but I understand they only had so much time and I felt like they had so much to cover.

    Brandon and Kirsten are adorable and my God, did they create the cutest baby ever! I loved getting to hear about how their friendship turned into love. I loved that Lilly Melgar brought up that question about James Franco. It was great to hear Kirsten talk about her experience working with him. It was just fun, interesting interview overall – LOVED that both Kirsten and Brandon were able to do this interview/show together. But now I would love to see them go on individually in the near future.


  2. GH50 says:

    Absolutely love Kirsten Storms, she is just a wonderful actress. She has an unbelievable amount of range and over the years has shown that rare ability to get you to like and root for a character that is flawed and at times undeserving. Brandon is a great actor as well. His portrayal of Johnny was always so layered and nuanced. He always made just the right acting choices. His talent is sorely missed on this show.

    As much as I love Kirsten, I just can’t watch her scenes with Nathan. She deserves so much better. I’m sure the actor is a nice guy, but he is just a terrible actor. I’m mad that one of my favorite actresses and characters on this show is forced into this pairing with a guy who was hired for his looks with zero acting experience and ability. GH, ABC, should really be ashamed. I know there are women who like him and are overlooking the elephant in the room, but there are plenty of handsome actors with ability out there to hire.

    Free Maxie and give Kirsten a pairing and a scene partner worthy of her extraordinary talent.


    Harry replied

    I agree, and Storms has more chemistry with a Chia Pet than she does with Robo Vacuum.
    I think she should have been paired up with Patrick–instant chemistry, instant angst and instant internal conflict.
    I miss the tormented Johnny–miss him tickling the keys with soft refrains of Chopin. What they could have done with this character and how they failed both Johnny and the viewers. Sigh.
    But onward and upward. Kristin and Brandon have so much charisma, that I would imagine would get a second hand high being in the small room pictured above with just those two. And that baby is adorable, of course and most likely also loaded with charisma.


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    GH shouldve brought Johnny back and paired him with Maxi…if Dr. Mutter can become C.O.S. of G.H. then Johnny couldve become a cop…he couldve also learn he was really the son of Dr.Mutter if she needed one…Madelyn couldve easily taken the baby from her right after he was born and given him to Anthony, who was her lover at the time, to raise for whatever reason…or Maxi shouldve been paired with Patrick…here Maxi agonizing over thinking she killed Robin, Patrick and Maxi comfort each other and find themselves falling in love, getting married just as Robin returns…the great drama that couldve been…sigh!!!

    Harry replied

    Jim, you’re hired. You should be writing for GH.
    (Dr. Mutter? HA HA!).
    I haven’t seen GH in awhile but last time I saw Maxie with Robocop, I found myself rooting for them. Why? Three reasons: 1. My expectations have been lowered. 2. 2. They have turned Levi into a walking plot device who is so horrible that Robocop can only look grand by comparison and 3. Kristin Storms is magic-she has chemistry with everyone.
    I like the scenario you mapped out for Maxie and Patrick–the actors and the situation would be so ripe with possibilities that the scenes would write themselves.

    rebecca1 replied

    I think Ryan Paevy’s acting has greatly improved as I’ve mentioned in previous posts…and I think he and Kirsten have great chemistry! I’ve gotten quite used to him and I think he’s a standout as the “house hunk” with the heart of gold.

    I hope they keep Ryan in this role. He’s starting to seem…clipped lil sentences and all…a natural.

    As for Kirsten and Brandon, they seem down-to-earth, intelligent and great together. I’m always relieved if I get a good vibe after reading or seeing an interview with an actor/actress I like. If I don’t like him or her…it interferes with my ability to enjoy whatever they’re in…

  3. TnT 2.0 Forever says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this Michael! I have loved Kirsten and Brandon’s chemistry since 2008. I even predicted they would make a good off-screen couple in 2010. Good to see that I was right. So happy for them and their lovely family. I wish them all the best.


  4. kevin says:

    They are so cute together, I want Brandon to be the new Adam Newman on The Young and The Restless. He is sexy, charming and a wonderful actor.


  5. Susan D. says:

    Dear Brandon & Kirsten,
    I am a 51 yr old lady living with Muscular Dystrophy! I am thankful to Brandon for all he does for MDA. I also gave a small donation to his Muscle Walk, the first year that I decided to form Team Quirkiestroh a Muscle Walk team in Houston, TX. I had contacted him through MDA corporate, and he had the office mail me a autographed copy of pages of his GH script! Thank you Brandon, that is something I’ll cherish for the rest of my life! Keep doing your good work for MDA. Maybe one day I will get to meet you in Houston, TX! Congrats on your beautiful family, to all of you!


    rebecca1 replied

    Oh Susan…that was such a nice note. I do hope there’s a way for Michael (Fairman) to pass along your sentiments to Brandon. I’m sure it would be rewarding for him to read your appreciation. Best to you!


  6. Beth says:

    EVERYBODY thinks they have an absolutely beautiful baby, Even when others may look at the child and think, oh my!!!!! But Harper is a gorgeous baby. She is without a doubt a Gerber baby. But then again, how could she not, with the mommy an daddy she has?


  7. ilona says:

    Kirsten is daytime’s Carole Lombard – she can make you laugh, then break your heart within a NY minute. GH has never given her the ‘star status’ she deserves on the show and this ridiculous pairing w/ Kato Kalin the house guest who never leaves, is just so wrong – he’s god awful. She needs a Clark Gable… Nathan will do for now, but he’s not comparable as an actor.


  8. Caroline says:

    I always thought they had great chemistry, and I hoped their characters would get together on GH. I adore them both.


  9. christa Lyon says:

    I agree it like them together and perfect family. They are happy with their daughter Harper Rose I wish I could have meet them in person


  10. Jeff Walikangas says:

    Hi Kirsten this is me Jeff.
    I really love General Hospital and I hope I can meet all of you someday in life and I wished I met you already along with everybody else from General Hospital and I want to be good friends with you and others.


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