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26 June 11th, 2014 Knots Landing Stars Donna Mills and Joan Van Ark On Oprah: Where Are They Now?


OWN’s series Oprah: Where Are They Now? tracks down the “Oprah” show guests who made you laugh.  .. and made you cry with a glimpse inside the lives of the biggest newsmakers and most memorable celebrities of all time.

In an all-new episode airing this Sunday June 15th at 9:00PM ET/PT, it’s a Knots Landing reunion when the former cul-de-sac battling blondes of Donna Mills and Joan Van Ark appear together for a candid chat, plus segments with former soap heartthrob and Antonio Sabato, Jr., and another with Candy Spelling, the family matriarch famous for her 38-year marriage to legendary producer Aaron Spelling, and who recently made headlines for her public feuds with daughter Tori are a part of the broadcast.

On Oprah: Where Are They Now?, Joan Van Ark and Donna Mills (who plays Madeleine on General Hospital), reunite to reveal the truth about their enduring off-camera friendship with an inside look at how they live their lives today and in this clip after the jump they discuss their views on plastic surgery!

Will you be checking out Donna and Joan this weekend? Do you miss them as Abby and Val on KL?  Let us know!

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  1. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Knots Landing, Dallas, and Peyton Place were my top 3 primetime serials…i hate to sound harsh but some aging stars need to stay away from botox because in most cases the results are not very flattering…


    su0000 replied

    It’s the lips.. they get too much in lips..
    When their top lip does not move it is plumped..

    ALL senior soaps stars have work, even some of the men..

    I once worked for a plastic surgeon and I can spot work done from 10 paces lol ..


    smoochie replied

    I still work in the field. IMO Joan’s case it’s not just lips.)she has had several extremely bad rhinoplasties, eye work, (the “starry eyed” look eyes and lifts are the most obvious) botox, juvederm, besides face lift. Donna has had some work done, but not as much ; she probably does botox, juvederm, had some eye work, perhaps brow lift and neck work but certainly not going overboard.
    Women and men in general, young or old not necessarily celebrities either who are addicted to facial work don’t see themselves as we do – People’s individual features go away and their faces turn into a one size fits all rubbery looking mask.- Eventually eyes and lips all look the same. It’s so rampant that you might say it is a production line prototype for people to see what they will ultimately look like after having too much plastic surgery. You made a statement that all senior soap stars have work done. You should preface that as it’s just your opinion, because you don’t know that for a fact.

    Cindy replied

    Why on earth do these beautiful women keep carving themselves up like this? And no, for all the haters, I am not being mean. I find it incredibly sad. And if I’d made such a mess of my face as Joan I sure would not be putting it in front of a camera again, no matter how much $$ someone waved in my face. Pathetic and sad to see this.

    Shay replied

    This is so true, jimh….I really don’t care what people do to themselves, it is their personal business, except when their face is plastered on an HD, bigscreen TV it does give the viewer a right to comment. Some celebs have had very successful tweaks that provide a more youthful appearance and that is fine….Donna Mills, for example…you can tell she has done some subtle work, but when the camera is close-up, she still looks like herself, albeit a bit older than her KL days….which is fine…she is lovely and vibrant, and I have immensely enjoyed her stint at GH. However, when someone completely overdoes the plastic surgery and injections to the extent that they look like they belong in a freak show, then it is almost impossible to enjoy their work….it affects the quality of the program and the acting… one current cast member of GH who shall remain nameless. I really wish they would just get her off my screen.


  2. Barbara from Atlanta says:

    Joan Van Ark looks horrible in this clip. What in the world has happened to her face?


    su0000 replied

    Her face did well, it is the lips..
    the lips make one change appearance more than other work..
    It takes a very good rare surgeon to do lips to look near natural..


  3. Melissa says:

    I do so miss Donna Mills and Jone Van Ark. They are such good actresses. I hope that there can somehow be a reunion of Knots Landing.


    Donna replied

    Someone needs to produce a brand new Knots Landing with our favorites and some great new talent just like Dallas did. That’s a formula that works well.


    Melissa replied

    Donna, I agree.

    Patrick replied

    at the very least…

    release the rest of Knots Landing…. i’d buy it

    I understand they stopped after season 3

    geez! in this day and age… to find quality material…. to watch

    it’d be a Knots feast

  4. janet says:

    Knots Landing was my only nighttime soap. Loved it. I will watch. I agree with jmh(leave it to beaver).I have never seen any of the beautiful actors who went this way, that are still beautiful. They actually look weird. What is so bad about getting old? there is only one alternative. Death. Sure we would all love to stay looking 25, but what they end up looking like is a lot different.


  5. Paul in LA says:

    To Barbara in Atlanta and others who feel the need to publicly post comments criticizing appearance … does it occur that these are real live people with real feelings and who likely read what is written about them online? It is so unnecessary and unkind. Sure, they are public personalities and we may not feel that they look the way we think they should today, but is that any reason to only post some negative comment about someone’s appearance? Imagine how YOU would feel if you posted YOUR photo and all of us commented on what WE think of the way you look. You might think twice before posting “mean girl” comments next time. Just sayin …


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    I know…i feel bad for commenting about stars appearances myself…but i have…imo…a good reason for it…ive often been critcized for my appearances since early childhood…everyting from my clothes, looks ect.,…schoolmates were so horrible that a few said i wouldve been better off if i wasnt born…even a teacher had made harsh remarks…in recent years i tried to cover up a medical problem and my own relatives make jokes about it…this all started decades ago and it continues to this day even publically…so YES, i have the experience to know what it feels like…thats why i said i wish aging stars should stay away from botox because most results arent flattering and i know the harsh things people will say because iv experienced the same harshness for over 50 years!!!


    Paul in LA replied

    I’m sorry you have experienced this. Hopefully your bad experience helps you, more than anyone, understand why commenting on other people’s appearance is neither kind nor helpful. All it does is hurt their feelings.

    k/kay replied

    I absolutely loved Knots Landing the baby storyline on Valene’s twins should have won Joan Van Ark an emmy. The comment that JVA said about it being the norm is right Welcome to Hollywood and what is so funny is some of your best actors and actresses are just regular looking Joes. Can you say Jack Nicholson & Kathy Bates.

    Shay replied

    @jimh….In general, kids are brats, especially when grouped up in school. It’s universal, and they delight in bullying anyone who doesn’t fit the norm, whether good or bad in nature. I happened to be blessed with a stylish, glam mother who loved to dress me in the latest and most beautiful fashions from the time I was born, and this didn’t go down well with my classmates. They did everything in their power to torture me, and depending upon the year in question, some of the teachers were not much better…many thought their job description included being a social arbiter-they wanted nothing more than “cookie cutter kids” to make their work easier. Fortunately, those early life experiences made me stronger and more determined….I never let it bother me, probably because of wonderful parenting, but I’m just trying to say that being different and an individual is not always easy, but it makes life much more interesting and satisfying. As a matter of fact, the very things that made me a target in my early years made me extremely popular later on in college, yet because of those formative lessons, I was able to handle that end of the stick just as ably. What matters most is what you think of yourself because in the end you are the one who has to live with that person!!!!!!

    Charday replied

    Paul, you make a very good and appropriate point in your post.


    MelissaMelissa replied

    Well put Paul…


  6. 4ever DAYS says:

    Norman Bates mother had work done on her and she didn’t look good either. I was expecting Vera Miles to walk in and scream!


  7. mfarrs70 says:

    Donna Mills was fabulous as psycho socialite Madeline Reeves aka Magda Westbourne on ‘General Hospital’ earlier this year. Hope they can get her to come back again!


  8. Johnny says:

    Donna should REALLY give Joan her plastic surgeon’s number!!


  9. Iakovos says:

    Loved KNOTS LANDING. Not sure I love measures taken here to look young. No shame in aging as we were intended. There is vitality and vibrancy from within. How about we embrace that as a culture?


  10. Charles B says:

    I remember Donna’s performance in Play Misty for Me with Clint Eastwood. How time flies! Loved watching these two ladies on Knots. Maybe they can visit TNT’s version of Dallas.


  11. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Im hoping DM returns to GH for more guest appearances, especially in scenes with Dr.O…strange how so many villians get away with their crimes but not Madelyn…i still want flashbacks showing Silas and Nina before Ninas coma!!!


  12. Donna says:

    Seriously, they need to create a new Knots Landing. Call it, Knots Landing the Next Generation (or something like that). Have some of our KL favorites and bring on some great new talent just like they did on Dallas. I know I would be tuning in.


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