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8 October 12th, 2011 Kodi Kitchen lands new contract role on General Hospital!


Actress and model, Kodi Kitchen has landed the contract role of Maggie on General Hospital! Maggie is  pediatrician who has ties to another GH staffer!

According to Soap Opera Digest, “The actress began taping today, and her first airdate is Thursday, November 10.”  Clearly, GH is ramping up their canvas with some new additions ,and in particular the hospital sector.

Stay tuned for Kodi’s debut. Now the question is,  who will Maggie know in Port Charles? Let us know your thoughts!

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  1. aria says:

    steve webber duhhh!


  2. ethel says:

    she & steve webber probably share a child………………….


  3. Jack says:

    YAWN! Another dbb, can I get some diversity on this show before it goes off the air?


  4. Bonnie says:

    I think that she might be an ex girlfriend of Matts.


  5. david says:

    Did they let Lexi go to pay for her?


  6. aria says:

    she looks like nukate, okay, i’m all for new people, but when are we going to get what we really want as far as storyline goes? we want Genie back, we love old kristina, no recast needed, when will we see a liz, jason, and sam triangle, or even a quadrangle w/ Lucky? , Jax needs to come back and get “REVENGE”, can Mac and Alexis finally hook up? can we get old KATE back too? how bout a jonny, lulu, and dante triangle? I could go on and on, my point is Garins wolf GH is begining to still look very much like Bob Guzas, its like they tease us w/ the potential but don’t really deliver much. Look at the Jason brain storyline, it basically was a total bust, nothing but a dream sequence came out of it. Sonny storyline is nothing but recycle old storyline, when will he really pay? go to Jail, really break down? If proof of Lisa coming back,and Michaell wanting to be a mobster agian, and Dante getting shot not proof of GH still looking like Bob Guza’s GH , Then i don’t know what to say anymore. GARIN’S GH could of made a difference if he would of started off by giving people who have been in the background a shot at the spotlight, Like Mac for example but we will see where his storyline are going cause so far i feel everything is all the same.


    mel replied

    AMEN! Garin listen to the GH lifers. No Sam & Jason, yes to Mac and Alexis (could add some humor), Jax YES. Please, please start writing what the fans want and not what you think they want. The dream sequence was stupid and the response you got should have indicated to you that we don’t want Janson with Sam or Liz with cry baby Lucky. Someone listen to us….please


  7. Dee says:

    PLEASE no more pregnancy story lines! Is there some reason that no women on this show use birth control? And personally I am tired of whiny Elizabeth. She needs to get some spunk and independence and stop always having to have a man around to prove her existence. (Speaking of too many pregnancies!) And I love Sonny, but he needs a vasectomy. That would be a good story line.


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