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37 January 12th, 2015 Kristen Alderson On Her Decision To Leave GH: “Posting A Video Very Very Soon To Explain Everything.”

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Over the weekend many fans of General Hospital, and long time fans of Kristen Alderson were shocked by the news that the young actress who started her soap career at a very early age at One Life to Live as Starr Manning has decided to step away from her current role of Kiki Jerome on GH!

Tonight, Alderson let her followers know on Twitter that an explanation into her decision to depart the daytime drama is forthcoming when she tweeted “Sending out A TON TON TON of LOVE. Posting a video very very soon to explain everything. A tweet is way too small to show my appreciation.”

Look for Kristen to wrap up her time at GH in the coming weeks, and for fans to get some insight as to why she is stepping away from the role.

So, are you looking forward to watch and hear what Kristen has to say? Comment below!

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  1. Meg says:



    Sharice replied

    What is there that needs to be explained?

    KiKi was one of the most annoying characters in recent memory and Alderson’s acting is the kind of bad acting you only see in horror and B-movies like “Attack of the Killer Tomatoes” from the 1980′s.


    Meg replied


    dmr replied

    Sharice, I have to agree with you; though, I do wish the actress the best.

    Charday replied

    Agree, Sharice. I’m just sittin on the edge of my seat waiting on her explanation. Goodbye, Felisha!

  2. Kat Hilderbrand says:

    Will she be the new Hope on B&B?


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    I was thinking that…she could be Hope and play opposite Scott Clifton-Liam again…he played her high school teacher on OLTL and now can play his lover???


    MBmomof3 replied

    I really hope not. I can finally enjoy B&B now that Hope is gone.


  3. Debbie says:

    Im very curious to hear what she had to say and really hope this is her own decision and one not prompted
    by the powers that be at GH. Altho I can’t say I blame her. Kiki’s storyline as of late has been diminished to almost nothing so no wonder she wants to
    leave. I wish her all the best! I had the pleasure of meeting her Chad and her mom and the fan event last year in LA and she’s the nicest person. Actually
    they all were!! Hope they leave it open in case she decides to come back. She will greatly be missed!!


    Debbie replied

    Yes very much! I
    Have loved her on both OLTL and GH and am sorry to
    See her leave daytime TV. I
    Hope they leave her storyline open so she can return if she changes her mind.


  4. jon says:

    Omg this is so sad i watch her for years and years i want to kno y shes leaving us she is my favorite actress im going to cry


  5. AngellBear2015 says:

    Will miss her so much — from One Life to Live to General Hospital — she has always been a class act!! Best Wishes — hope you come back to GH soon — bring your mom and Natalie with you!! Have a wonderful 2015 ours will be a little less “Starr”y — ……


  6. toscanti says:



  7. debbie says:

    I have watched you on one life to live when you started and you have grown into a very nice young lady, Best wishes. God bless. Hope to see you in some other shows.


  8. jeffery says:

    She’s a lovely person and fine actor who deserves for 2015 to deliver only the best of everything. I do hope she’ll stick around daytime, which is her home, where her heart truly is and forever will be. Just as they say about the South in Southern boys like me who have moved on to other pastures, so too can it be said of this soap opera favorite: You can take the girl out of daytime but not the daytime out of the girl. She’s still young, obviously restless and bold, beautiful inside and out, with many days of her life ahead of her still. The possibilities are endless, for her and for us along with her. Good luck, Mademoiselle Alderson, wherever you take this one incredible life you live! xoxoxo


  9. Denise says:

    sad to hear she leaveing I been watch her since she was little


  10. Judy Manning says:

    This young lady has made some awesome strides in her young life. To say I will miss her is putting it mildly, but I wish her well in whatever the future holds for her.


  11. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    I have mixed feelings here…was hoping Ava named the baby Tiki so she could introduce her daughters as Kiki and Tiki who laer date brothers Micky and Nicky…lol…you need a video to explain everything?…Guess its sooo 21st century…lol…didnt care for Kiki so the character wont be missed…watched K.A. grow up on OLTL…maybe 6 months from now she’ll return as Starr or yet another character if not LAUREN…maybe she moves in with Delia or runs away in horror when she learns she is nutty Ninas offspring…id run away too…lol…K.A. probably wants to try her luck in primetime or simply take a break after growing up right before our eyes on soaps…just a thought!!! Best luck in whatever she chooses to do!!!


  12. CeeCee says:

    Yes, I am interested in everything she has to say, such as, what direction her life is taking. I miss her already. I was ten when I first started watching OLTL, with Gran. My grandmother actually introduced me to all my soaps, except GH. She did not watch. She still does not….she has her own reservations about the show.
    Harry mentioned that Kirsten should take over the ‘Summer’ character at Y&R. That is a great trade-off….if not, I wish the soap gods would deliver us from Abby, by recasting.
    Luv-ya, Kristen…best to you, always……my boy loves you, too.


  13. RodTheHod says:

    I think she’s making the wrong decision but wish her well!!! ANDY after these each given last night that 95% of actors aren’t working and showing their skills….WELLLL I wish her luck out there


  14. Suzanne Taylor Stephan says:

    Whatever! Good Luck to her!


  15. Anne says:

    Strangely, I was hoping she and Morgan would get back together and raise Ava’s baby. They have more spark than Kiki and Michael.


  16. Melissa says:

    So much buzz about why she’s leaving, it will be good to hear directly from her.


  17. carol says:

    Very welcome news.


  18. jonboy says:

    Hope she’s branching out to try nighttime or film. Though its not her fault I loved Starr, hated Kiki.


    MBmomof3 replied

    Me too. I will always have a soft spot for Starr, but Kiki was very ill-conceived. Hope KA has great things in her future.


  19. penny says:

    Have watched her grow before our very eyes on OLTL and now GH. I had the pleasure of meeting her and Chad at GHFCW this past summer and wish her well in her future endeavors. They were both so sweet and kind to all the fans. As I told her when we talked about the demise of OLTL – the pain was like losing family and speaking for myself still miss my one life family very much.


  20. Sarah says:

    I still so shocked over this but i cant wait to see the vid.. I had been wondering why she hasn’t been posting anything about it..esp. when Chad did…I adore her so much..i started watching OLTL as a teen because of her and was so excited when she went to my fav soap..but i cant blame her at all for leaving since they have yet to really ever give Kiki a S/L..the aftermath of Michael& the baby is the most in a very long time..i’m so excited to see where her career goes tho..she is a beautiful kind amazing sis& i were lucky enough to run into them a few years ago at Disney and she was so sweet as so Chad,Eddie, and her mom :) Since her&Chad just bought a house i’m sure she must have good reasons to leave a steady paycheck.. i’m excited to see if she goes to primetime, movies, or another soap..altho i don’t watch Y&R or B&B so if she goes there..i’m guessing i’ll have to start watching a new soap lol. :)


  21. dmr says:

    While I wish the actress all the best; unfortunately, the character of Lauren Kiki Jerome just did not “take off” so to speak, IMO. Kristen always seemed to be used as “filler” in many storylines, to help try to push the storyline or give the actress some airtime. Maybe she will continue on with her singing career.


  22. Haley says:

    This makes me feel actual sadness


  23. Lisa Z. says:

    She seems like a very sweet person. I liked her on OLTL until Starr had a baby. Then I thought that the actress looked and acted too childlike to handle the storyline or maybe it was just bad writing. She has been working since she was 6 years old! I hope she takes some time off for herself – maybe travel or go to college. She must have missed out on a lot while she was working all of those years. I have trouble understanding how a parent could facilitate a child working full time since the child was 6. There are so many events and learning experiences of childhood that you don’t want kids to miss. You can work while you are an adult. Well anyway, we all know that there are always stage parents ready to put their kids in the limelight. Congratulations on your soap career (so far), Kristen, and I wish you well for the future. I hope you give yourself a long break to enjoy life.


  24. Kristine says:

    Gonna miss you a lot. Been watching you since you started on OLTL. It’s been a long journey and I am glad I got to watch you grow into a beautiful woman and great person. Wish you well on your new journey.


  25. Colleen says:

    Even though I’m not the biggest Kiki fan around, I am slightly disappointed to see Kristen leave. I believe the character was under used and just never clicked well with the audience. The Kiki character never really had a storyline of her own and always seemed to be involved in everyone else’s business. I strongly believe that if Prospect Park hadn’t made the decision to reboot OLTL, Starr would have blended in well with the rest of the GH characters and probably would have been more accepted then Kiki. With that said, I wish Kristen all the best in the next chapter of her career.


  26. Dan says:

    I didn’t watch OLTL, so her coming to GH as Starr was my first time to see Kristen on a regular basis. She’s a good actress, and I liked her as Starr. The character of Kiki never seemed to take off.

    Wish ABC and Prospect Park could put on their big boy pants and work out their issues, so Todd, John and Starr could return to the roles that people know them as. Especially since PP doesn’t seem to have any intention on doing anything with OLTL anytime soon. But I have a better chance of getting elected president than seeing that happen.

    I’m sorry to see her go, but I don’t have the attachment to her that I know the OLTL fans have, since they watched her grow up. I wish her the best in wherever her career path leads next!


  27. Yvette Roig-bralczyk says:

    I will miss you I am 56 and always love to watch one life to live it was the only time I enjoyed TV to watch my soap . Ryan hope ,all my children, one life to live & general hospital. And it being all takenaway. Sad and upset and I watch you as a child i have been since I was 4 . and you are an amazing person and actress I wish you the best and will miss yiuand will miss you. God bless you.


  28. brian says:

    I feel like you have been a kid sister, as i am sure many fans do, we have all watched you grow up before are eyes. All the best and so hope to see you continue acting in some new show soon.


  29. wayne r harrison says:

    that,s too bad that Kristen is leaving GH,but I have no doubt that she will go very far in her future,I videotaped almost every episode that she did on OLTl and this kid could really act ,so I hope to see her in another great show,really soon,good luck ,Kristen Alderson in whatever you do ,in life


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