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50 July 15th, 2016 Kristen Alderson Recalls One Life To Live On Its 48th Anniversary!


Friday, July 15th 2016 would have been the 48th anniversary of One Life to Live had it continued on ABC.  The series created by the iconic Agnes Nixon first debuted on the network on this date in 1968.   It was canceled after 43 years on the air and aired its final episode on January 13th, 2012.

The series which featured such fantastic talent synonymous with daytime including the legendary Erika Slezak (Ex-Viki) and Robin Strasser (Ex-Dorian), brought so much joy to so many viewers following the struggles, joys, romance, and heartache of the people of Llanview.  One actress, who fans literally watched grow up before their eyes, Kristen Alderson (Ex-Starr Manning), took to her Instagram account to acknowledge what One Life has meant to her and so many others.

Kristen shared: “HAPPY 48th ANNIVERSARY to One Life to Live! The show that gave me the most wonderful experiences (15 years worth) that I could have ever imagine. The fact that this was an actual poster for the show at one point, has to be one of the craziest things eve  I miss ALL of the characters just as much as you guys do. We had a very special show/cast/&crew. I was lucky to be a part of it.”

So, what do you think of the sentiments shared by Kristen on this the the date OLTL first aired some 48 years ago?  Are you still missing One Life every day? Are you still holding out hope that it will return in some form down the line? Share your thoughts in the comment secton below, but first watch our final interview with Kassie DePaiva (Blair) and Kristen as we said goodbye to Llanview during their final tape days below.

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  1. Melita Pitts says:

    I miss OLTL everyday!!!! I would love for it to come back!!!!!


    Linda replied



    Megan replied

    It would have to be better than the online series.


    Luther replied

    The online version was great! Too many people were too critical, right from the start… Throwing stones instead of giving it a chance to grow. Now we have the delightful, entertaining… NOTHING!

    Rebecca1 replied

    I agree Megan. Awful is an understatement!

    Rebecca1 replied

    Luther, the online version bore no resemblance to ABC’s OLTL. Except for a few familiar faces there was nothing that felt like the show we lost. It was horrendous. With that said, I’ll add, in my opinion. You of course are entitled to yours. Me? I’d rather have nothing, as you say, than taint the memory of a show I watched for many years that is filed away in my tv culture history…

  2. Penny says:

    I miss them all very much!


  3. Jay Keaveny says:

    Will the lawsuit with Prospect Park ever be settled?


    Llanviewer717 replied

    I’d like to know that too Jay. We haven’t heard anything about it in a long time. Have both sides just stopped pursuing resolution?


  4. Belle says:

    I miss you also, Kristen!


  5. Ellen says:

    ABC made a huge mistake in taking OLTL off the air. Come on ABC – bring it back!!!


  6. Lisa Jaworski says:

    I miss it all the time and I miss AMC too! It broke my heart when they dumped it.


  7. Llanviewer717 says:

    That’s a very sweet note from Kristen Alderson. It was such a joy watching her and Starr Manning grow up before our eyes.

    I grieve everyday for all the wonderful characters of One Life to Live. I fell in love with them on July 15, 1968 and never stopped watching and loving such an amazing show. It’s awful not being able to make my daily visit to Llanview, PA.

    I hope that everyone associated with One Life to Live, cast and crew, from all those years of wonderful entertainment knows how much you mean to us fans. A most sincere thank you to everyone. You are NOT forgotten. We want you back NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Terri replied

    I could not of said it better! OLTL was by far the most amazing soap ever!


    kathryn63 replied



  8. Debbie Harris says:

    On Life to Live was the Best soap on the air when ABC decided to cancel it. The stories were great and the actors were awesome! I still miss it every day.


    Omar replied

    Agree Debbie..OLTL was hitting it from from all cylinders, was ABC top rated soap and 3rd overall when cancelled, but Daytime boss at the time, had a soft spot for GH and pressures from the network, that soaps where not making money, so he pick his favorite.

    AMC, sorry to say, deserve to be axed..The show was a rating disaster and was actually so bad for several years before its cancelation, but I miss it so much bad or good!!

    Glad GH is still going and I support it, by watching it everyday but there is always this deep rooted resentment in me that OLTL should be on and not GH! Thanks Brian Fons!


    brian replied

    Agreed Omar ! You have said it so very well. I too, will be a fan of OLTL all over again if ABC can ever green light it. With all the shows that “haven’t” worked to replace it, I still hold on and hope to read, someday, “that Michael Fairman is announcing the ABC return of One Life To Live”

    and in that moment….everything will seem “ok” again. Nothing can touch the social awareness this show brought to their audience. Bravo OLTL !

  9. Melinda says:

    I miss it! It was my favorite soap! I miss all the characters and stories!!!!


  10. Boes says:

    What a great, great show. AMC was my favorite but OLTL was a very close second and frankly, was by far the best soap on ABC in its last decade, bar none. And it had the best cast, too. It should still be on, if there was any justice.

    Not a day goes by that I don’t think of it.


  11. Kim says:

    I miss it everyday…I grew up watching oltl


  12. Patrick says:

    Kassie DePaiva: it’s cause and affect…. she makes things happen, about OLTL

    when posts read…. “She can read a phone book” PLUS

    she’s dreamy shes real shes on shes tickled shes it shes bang…shot – in the heart

    DAYS remissed and hit big a let down so far… with Kassie… how dare they

    how dare they Ken Corday you are the real person who dissed the audience

    it hurts

    you will be known forever your calibure to honor parents

    this lady is golden

    how dare you

    bring DAYS alive

    Eve is ON


    Omar replied

    Agree Patrick!!!

    Please bring Kassie’s delicious portrayal of Eve back!!

    One of DOOL biggest errors recently was letting a legend like her go, just because!

    The writers and EP of the show are just destroying this show and sending it straight to cancelation.

    Ken Corday, HELP!! If you are ok with what is going, then you sir must leave this show too!

    Kassie’s Blair on OLTL was so much fun, hellacious and mesmerizing!!


  13. Tivette says:



  14. Denise Decker says:

    Still miss OLTL. It was the best soap ever. One of the worst decisions ABC ever made.


  15. Alice says:

    I never missed a show from the first day…Watched on line too
    …miss them and AMC terribly… Only thing I watch on ABC is General Hospital….


  16. Brian S. says:

    I still have the last two weeks on my DVR but can’t watch because I don’t want to see the commercials for the new crap the put on in place of OLTL. Stupid ABC. Hate you still!


  17. Julia says:

    Oh, yeah! The characters were like family, I miss them all!


  18. tskyent says:

    Never liked the show .


  19. Cindy Wellons says:

    I miss OLTL. I wish it could be brought back.


  20. Sarah Mooe says:

    I started watching soaps in high school and this was “the” show that was mine. I can remember running home from the bus to watch. Eventually watching also AMC and GH. I miss OLTL and all the greats. Starr Manning was always a favorite. The storylines captivating and real. I think I will go listen to the intro for old times sake.


  21. Tina Gray says:

    So so sad……………….. And angry! We will never forgive the rats at ABC/Disney……….


  22. Megan says:

    I miss OLTL. I tried to watch the online reboot, and it was not the same. I love watching Roger as Franco, and “John McBain” (sorry, I forget his real name) as Dr.Finn on General Hospital


  23. rebecca1 says:

    Maybe they can do an annual mini series; more cost effective and a way to keep the show alive on a continual basis. Actors can do other projects, show will be shorter than a primetime show…maybe four part series every year or every six months…I’ve got to think they thought of alternatives like this but who knows? There’s still such a built-in audience…


  24. jlh says:

    Miss it too too much! Started watching when I was just a kid in the mid-70s and am lucky enough to have 2007 through the web series on DVD. I watch 3-7 episodes a week and have a blast–although sometimes I get really choked up when I recall the series is no longer airing. Bless Kristen for remembering her roots. I’ll always appreciate her for her contribution to OLTL!


    RichInIowa replied

    You could make a serious sum of $$ duplicating & selling those DVDs, and I’d be first in line!


  25. leeannlovingthebooks says:

    Loved that show. Miss it!


  26. Allisom says:

    I have pretty much been soapless since the demise of OLTL. Miss it everyday. Look for the ghosts of Llanview past occasionally by watching GH or Days, but there just isn’t the chemistry or connection. Llanview felt like a real place and people. Family. A home.


  27. Jp says:

    Best soap ever!!!! I miss it everyday.


  28. Heath says:

    It’s still really sad the best soap on ABC was canceled, years later still no update on the whole Prospect Park/ ABC situation? To quote Erika Sleezak the cancellation was “bullshit” it would be great if the rights to the show would be cleared up and a new version could be made. We all know a certain ex executive at ABC is responsible for this mess.


  29. Terry says:

    I wish OLTL was still on. Miss it very much. Can’t ABC see that nothing have survived in their time slot. Yes I hope somewhere down the line that OLTL will be back. We need families on TV. With this crazy world we live in.


  30. Kat Hilderbrand says:

    I am currently watching old episodes of OLTL and have totally fallen in love with the show. The writing, directing, acting, costuming, and all aspects needed to put together a top show were there. It should never have been cancelled. I have watched a lot of soaps and this is just the best out there.


  31. Cathy says:

    I miss One Life To Live everyday!!! I haven’t watched any soaps since and I guess I never will again.. With life with ABC/Disney dreams don’t always come true


  32. Jonathan says:

    It is hard to know if the move was profitable or not. We can only hope the latter, and those responsible at ABC have lost their jobs. Unfortunately, it does not change what happened, nor bring any closer the hope of reviving one or both. I’m sure many would settle for 30 minutes of a hybrid if the PP issue is settled.


  33. Alan says:

    ONE LIFE TO LIVE was a favorite of mine since the days of Karen Wolek and was amazing under Frank and Ron. I still can’t believe ABC opted to cancel it and keep that mess GH. One of the best things about OLTL was that it wasn’t afraid to take chances with its storytelling — Eterna, Clint’s time travel to the old west, Tina going over the Iguazu Falls, Viki in heaven — unlike GH and its endless obsession with the mob and violence.


  34. Troy Lee Turner says:

    It was just absolutely criminal what ABC did to BOTH AMC and OLTL. Prospect Park wasn’t blameless in the whole thing either-but at least they gave an effort. If there’s any way possible, both these shows need to return to network TV. Michael, according to what you know, is there even a shot left?


  35. RichInIowa says:

    What a terrific picture. Brings back some really fond memories. But then thinking about OLTL makes it even more difficult to watch the mess that’s left of TV soaps. Down to watching just 2 now, and even that becomes more & more difficult every week.


  36. Luther says:

    I still think about and miss “One Life to Live” . I watched the show from the time I was 9 until it’s final online episode. I still have video (mostly VHS) of the show that I watch from time to time. If it is (once again) revived I hope to be around to see it.


  37. mgb357 says:

    Any chance that we could really get OLTL back on the air? Come on ABC – sell the property to someone who cares.


  38. Karen Drew says:

    I Love can they say their rating weren’t good? I don’t believe it..I started watching in 1975..on and off. .Amc I got bored with the David Hayward 2008 is when I watched Oltl nightly. I looked forward to it. When Abc cancelled it I was devastated! ! I even met a girl from Toronto..I’m in Western get the taped Vhs episodes of Oltl from 2002 ..she gave me a box full of 30 plus tapes.she has more..still watch PLEASE BRING BACK OLTL


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