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40 January 10th, 2016 Kristian Alfonso, Thaao Penghlis, A Martinez & Dena Higley Pay Tribute To DAYS Icon Joseph Mascolo!

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On Friday, DAYS fans watched in another shocker as Hope (Kristian Alfonso) finally turned the tables on her all-time rival Stefano DiMera (Joe Mascolo), by shooting him “dead” with three bullets.

Now, everyone knows that the “Phoenix” always rises, but we also know that his portrayer, the iconic Joseph Mascolo, has had continued health battles over the last few years.  Based on some touching tribute tweets on social media over the weekend, it looks as if Joe’s time with DAYS had concluded.  We will find out this week on-air if that holds true.  With that, one of the most original villains of all-time has left the building.  Mascolo played the head of the DiMera clan for 34 illustrious years.

Longtime cast members: Kristian Alfonso and Thaao Penghlis (Andre), new cast member A Martinez (Eduardo)  and DAYS co-head writer Dena Higley shared their thoughts on Joe via Twitter.

Kristian Alfonso tweeted when answering a fans on Hope shooting Stefano, and on working with Mascolo:  “They were very difficult scenes to shoot.  I will miss working with Joe, love him, loved working with him.

A Martinez added:  “Joe Mascolo. Well done, sir.”

Thaao Penghlis:  “My many memories of Joe Mascolo. We came from the same classes & gave the DiMera’s a life. The saga continues. ”

Dena Higley:  ” Love to namedrop. John Houseman taught me acting. Charles Walters taught me directing. Joe Mascolo taught me class. Love U Joe!”

So, what do you think about the comments made by Mascolo’s co-workers?  If it is the end of Stefano, will you miss Joe on DAYS?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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  1. Mo says:

    Sad to see Stefano go. They should have kept him alive like B&B did with Sally.

    Hope this is the end of the deaths on Days. Days of Our Dead.


    Carolina replied

    Days of Our Funerals


    Kelly replied

    Somehow I doubt this is the end of the deaths on Days.


    Ces replied

    Days is in kill mode. Sad to see Stefano go due to Joe’s declining health. Stefano has been a wonderful villain for years. I wish him well


  2. Brian says:

    Of course Stefano fans will miss him but if the actor is not healthy, he needs to stay home and take care of himself and enjoy his final days. He certainly isn’t getting any younger. RIP Stefano! I just wish that they could have done it a bit different, but oh well.


  3. Mark says:

    Wonderful actor. He will be truly missed. I hope enjoys his retirement. Bless you Joe Mascolo!


  4. Belle says:

    I hope that it isn’t so! I know that Joe has been fighting health issues ;however, I am also hoping that if he has to leave , some part of the DiMera family will remain in Salem because the show won’t be the same. A character such as Joe’s is needed to keep the show in flames. Chad would have to change into a person as Pacino did in the Godfather to become a true DiMera which at the moment he’s not.
    I’m the type of person who believes that no matter who your family is , one should remain loyal to that family. Chad nor E.J. has those qualities. Therefore, the writers need to many Tony the man.
    Out of all I’ve said, Joe Mascolo , I’ll miss your presence on the show. Plus, I hope that the Phoenix will rise again if that’s what you want. You’re the only one to know whether or not your health will permit you to continue to work. May God bless you!


    mary replied

    Andre (Thaao Penglis) who is Stefano’s son will be remaining in Salem. You think that Chad, after discovering Andre hypnotized him into breaking up with Abby in order to go after Belle to get money back, should still remain loyal to the family? Andre robbed Chad of precious time to be with both Abby and his son.


  5. Kelly says:

    Always enjoyed seeing the character of Stefano on Days!! Enjoy retirement Mr. Mascolo! Will miss you:(


  6. Laura says:

    I will truly miss him! He is a wonderful actor and has been such a huge part of DOOL. I have been watching for 48 years and he really added some great stories when he joined the soap. Enjoy retirement!


  7. Barbara says:

    I know the Phoenix is gone but I can’t believe he won’t rise again.. Joseph Mascolo, you are unforgettable and irreplaceable.. Enjoy your retirement. It is well earned.


    virginia replied

    I agree but I wished he had to go on trial for his crimes . He should have been sent to prison for LIFE. I am interested in what’s going to happen to Hope and Rafe.


  8. soapie says:

    DOOL just keeps getting worse. Not sure if they can pull it out of this downward spiral. Death, doom, and gloom. Kids that noone recognizes or cares about. The best actors leaving the show. I will be next to go unfortunately. Instead of it being a joy to tune in, it has turned into an utter bore fest focusing on death.


  9. Mister Media says:

    His final scenes were amazing. I gasped when he laughed after being shot the first time. I’d love to know if that was scripted or his choice.


  10. Lela says:

    We will definitely miss him and I wish him the very best. He was the main villian that we all loved to hate. Although NO ONE will ever be as good as Joe Mascolo, we need Stefano DiMera’s in dool. No one can ever replace our Stefano DiMera (Joe Mascolo). :(


  11. Maxine Quillen says:

    of all the actors on Days he was my favorite and i will miss him wish he didn’t have to leave . hope his health improves there will never be anyone that could replace him


  12. Richard says:

    They should’ve had him ride off with more of a bang and had him pulling the strings from Dimera Island and keep his memory alive aka Sally on bold and beautiful. But to have Hope kill him?? Should’ve been his Queen of the Night, Marlena. Days is awful.


    cassie replied

    I want to see clips. Why didn’t they send him off better than that? He deserves more than a wrap in a white blanket. Shame on Days. But maybe they will show us clips. I hope so.


    Ces replied

    One of my very favorite storylines; the Prism story – when Marlena shot Stefano at the Ice show. I agree, I would have loved Marlena pulling the plug on him if anyone.


  13. Lou Piikes says:

    Farewell Stefano Dimera !!!!!! Salem will never be the same.


  14. Timmm says:

    Another DT legend you would have to consider if you were etching out Mount Rushmore. I hope he can enjoy his time left with his family.


  15. Melissa says:

    You sir, will FOREVER be an icon! You will most assuredly be missed. The one reason I watched the show is because we love to hate you…May the Phoenix rise again…God Bless


  16. sandra Boyd says:

    Phoenix will rise again,you can not let adre run the Demira family business…..


  17. Diana says:

    Stefano will truly be missed. Joe Mascolo you were a great actor and I enjoyed watching your stories. Sorry your not feeling well. But hope one day we can be surprised by a visit.


  18. Ann says:

    Joe was my favorite actor on Days. Will miss seeing him on the show but his health is more important. Best wishes to Joe on his retirement. He definitely was a character you loved to hate, but I can say I never hated him. Awesome he was.


  19. Susan says:

    I am going to miss Stefano .


  20. Chris says:

    Truly one of the best villains on television. I watched Stefano do battle with Roman Brady in the 80′s, John Black in the 90′s, and The Brady Dimera fuel in 2007. Now to see his final curtain call, I am in disbelief, but knew it had to happen someday. What a great character and what a great actor.Thank you Mr. Mascolo.


  21. Dylan says:

    Love the actor. I hope his health battles get better. But ENOUGH Stefano already. Move on! The man is in his 80′s, at some point he would get tired of murdering people and causing grief and misery to everyone around him!


  22. Wiliam says:

    JM is a good actor, but he’s no McDonald Carey who truely was the heart (and voice still is) of Days.! Let the 87 year old man take care of his health and God willing be able to make future appearances now and then.


  23. jb says:

    He is the man you love to hate. A great actor. All the best to you, Joseph.


  24. Ann Marie Buffa says:

    I have been watching Days for almost 50 years now and loved Stefano’s character. He is a great actor who will be missed no matter what they do or who they bring in to some sort of replace him. The best is he is Italian and that makes my day because I am also. Love you Joe, God Bless and I wish you Good Health.


  25. Michael says:

    Even if Mascolo has to reduce his working schedule, I’m not sure of the reason behind killing off this long time character. They could have kept Andre as head of the Dimeras and just had Stefano on once in a while. Francis Reid stayed with the show in a reduced capacity for many years. Also- I am really not liking Crazy Hope- they are writing Alfonso into a corner. They are systematically destroying long time characters with desperate writing. More to the point, is Corday even involved with the show anymore? I wionder why he has never groomed any if his children to take over the reins just like his mom did with him so many years ago. I have LOVED Days for years and I am beginning to worry about the show’s future. Also- the show needs to hire a new casting director- stat. I am nonplussed that TPTB can not see that the new hires- Ciara, Claire, Theo, Aidan’s son whatshisname just cannot act. At all. Don’t these people watch the dailys?I really hope that someone else casts the new Abby, when the very talented Mansini departs the role.


    Ces replied

    Ha, agree Michael on the Casting of this show. The tween set are horrible. Ciara’s voice grates on my every last nerve.
    I’m not sure what Frances had, if anything, just aging .. but Joe has had diabetes for years so maybe it is best for him to take care of himself offscreen. I wish him well.
    Agree on Hope — she’s too *hard*, too I’m not sure what, but other than her stupid Princess Gina storyline, I’m not liking this Hope at all or Kristian’s acting for that matter.


    Patrick replied

    it’s so telling… most “all” posts… can’t help but comment on how …. ??? out of character… Hope is…

    AND… I will readily admit this is so true! Hope, outside of romance and bonding… is not a good fit…. ??? is this telling of how one note… Kristian Alfonso reels?

    I have to think so… IE : Ces… outside of the stupid Princess Gina storyline… no one likes Hope any other way…

    argh! AND… i’m so in agreement (w/ Blake) I agree with him… as I too , now, recall… how it’s been said… she’s Ken Corday’ pet.

    which only riles me that much more… as I’ve read… that it is KA and Melissa Reeves who got Jason Brooks and Robert Kelker-Kelly blacklisted from the show.

    let me tell you… these ladies… albeit Grans Jewels… had better rethink their belong…

    either / or… could easily be let go… and the fans outcry…. well??? there are certainly better actresses who could easily take

    hint hint : Kassie DePaiva and Jame Lyn Bauer

    the dialogue was so suspect… between Stefano and Hope

    the contrived and tough words… Joseph Mascolo had to script… to pull at the already fragile… hopeless Hope. did her in? oh gawd! Rafe to the rescue

    is Hope back to square 1 ? when she had it in spades with Aiden and the original Ciara ?

    i’m not giving any prop to Hope

    Ces replied

    Great post Patrick. Glad you agree and we can’t all be wrong right?
    I used to love Kristian & Missy both but Kristian’s acting hasn’t improved, in fact between her & Missy, they are actually the shows weakest links. Missy’s acting in yesterday’s show was hard to watch; I guess she has spent too much time on the farm. I strongly believe that Matt & Peter made those women better!
    I believe you are right @ RKK and Jason Brooks. I think Scott told Missy to quit or tell Ken to fire Jason so she could return to the show. That’s when she started her change of personality/holiness.
    This whole Rafe/Hope story will blow up in their face! Cops killing and hiding a body? Hope killed Stefano 3x at close range while he was sitting!

  26. Pam Davis says:

    As much as I used to hate the character, I always loved the actor. He was THE villain of all villians, but he loved his family without question. Although by loving them, he ran their lives! I will always miss him! I was shocked to find out that he is 85 years old. He certainly doesn’t look it. Love you, with much respect, sir!


  27. Ray says:

    I am still shocked that this is the end of Stefano. I have written before about rushed storylines and this is yet another example. Where was the buildup to Hope going temporaily insane? Stefano has been on the show for 30+ years and all he gets is one day to say a few things about Bo and Hope blows him away? I didn’t buy it.

    I would have liked to have seen him die in the hospital and have Andre and Chad there. We could have seen a more human side of Andre. It could have shown Chad losing his father and realilizing once and for all that he did not want to be a DiMera. I would have also liked to have seen some flashbacks of Stefano thinking about all of his bad deeds, his great scenes with EJ, Tony, Anna, Megan, etc., and a final discussion with Marlena and Kate.

    Too many missed opportunities.


    Ces replied

    I like your idea and wish Days would have gone that route. No ending to Stefano & Andre? No final scenes with Drake or Dee? We did get jipped.


  28. xmascarol says:

    Joe we will miss you,God Bless you and I hope you feel better.


  29. Bella says:

    I hoped to see something on social media about Joseph from James Scott. I loved watching the two of them on Days. James hasn’t been on twitter for a long time. I also hoped to see pictures of him at the Days 50th party, but he was absent.

    Did he just get weird and run off or something? I heard he got married sometime in 2015. I’d love to see him back on Days (of course, alongside Ali Sweeney), as well as Johnny.


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