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12 December 11th, 2015 Kristoff St. John & Victoria Rowell Talk Reuniting On “A Baby For Christmas”, 25 Year Partnership Which Began On Y&R, And Shedding Light On Mental Illness


The Young and the Restless Kristoff St. John (Neil) and his former on-screen soap opera iconic flame, Victoria Rowell (Ex-Drucilla) appeared on Thursday morning on Fox’s Good Day LA promoting their upcoming TV movie, A Baby For Christmas which bows on UP TV this Sunday night at 7:00PMET/PT.  When talking with Good Day LA co-host Steve Edwards, the duo related how Victoria, (who is one of the executive producer of the new TV movie)  asked Kristoff to join the cast, and come onboard and also server as of the executive producers on the project.

They discuss their now 25-year partnership which viewers have seen on and off on The Young and the Restless and various projects (this being their second TV film together). St. John expressed on Victoria’s Drucilla being MIA on the number one soap opera and collaborating with her: “Man, I’ve been missing her on the show.”

Rowell then relates that A Baby for Christmas is a story with meaning, is multi-generational, and ties in foster care which Victoria has continued to be an advocate for over many years.

In a couple awkward moments while discussing ugly Christmas sweaters, Kristoff makes an off-the-cuff remark harkening back to the sweaters worn by Bill Cosby on his comedy series, to which Rowell relays she worked with Cosby and began to intimate her experience was not a negative one, but the deft Victoria was quickly able to steer the interview back to the subject at hand – their TV movie.

Later, Steve Edwards who was unaware that Kristoff’s beloved son, Julian died last year after his battle with mental illness in a mental health care facility, learns the harrowing information during their chat.   St. John then takes the opportunity to mention his lawsuit against the facility, and touchingly talks about the death of his son, and the  support he received from family and friends.

Watch Kristoff and Victoria’s interview on Good Day LA after the jump, and let us know if you will be checking out A Baby For Christmas this Sunday!

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  1. k/kay says:

    KSJ never has had chemistry with anyone but VR on Y&R and if nothing else she stills looks smashing.


    CeeCee replied

    I love Victoria, albeit I am in the minority. Frankly? I simply DO NOT CARE how people feel about her. She is a great person and actress. It is so good to see her up and about.
    By the same token, Kristoff is not one of my favorite people….we all have our opinions and favorites.


    k/kay replied

    To be honest when I first heard about them doing this movie together I thought well I wonder how much heat KSJ is going to get from CBS/Sony. I deliberately try real hard not to know or get to know these guys personally I like to just watch them on screen. I was not on the set so concerning VR I have no idea what or what she did not experience. Only one actor did I know well from Y&R and that was completely by accident and he is deceased now. I figure they put their pants on the same way I do one leg at a time nothing special about them. LOL

    CeeCee replied

    You see it so clearly, Kay, and put it so simply….You’re right, of course. But, if you remember, months ago, people just crucified Victoria. I asked and thought the same thing….how vicious everyone was. Were they there? I certainly was not. So, how could I pass judgment based on what the media decides to print or say? I suppose my analytical mind comes from the fact that both my parents are attorneys….lol. I am used to hearing the pros and cons of life, in general, frequently. Lol.
    As far as Kristoff? Well, I never took a liking to him. I can’t even explain why. We can’t like everybody. But, I adore Victoria….always have.
    They are regular people….some with mor inflated egos than others, yes; but, we, the fans, put them on a pedestal. Nothing they do may be earth shattering. But, they do entertain us. That makes me very grateful ….love my soaps.

  2. James R. Poissant says:

    Boy, do I wish things could be put to rest so Neil and Drucilla could be reunited on Y&R. There is so much being missed without her.


    Patrick replied

    Yes! Thank You

    why not? it’s the #1 soap with a supposed influx of ready cash… from all the monies it makes internationally and with high premiums with advertisement

    it’s my understanding… Y&R has a huge following… with , here we go… politically correct… African American… I mean this respectfully…. a black family that was ready made… and featured the heck out of this couple

    Victoria Rowell… is so much better, intriguing and interesting… than Lily and Devon! what snores Neil has!

    for Serials… to give us that token family… argh! this bothers me… so be it! HIRE a known recognizable… figure… (iconic) actress to lead Neil !

    this has been so dour and with no end in site… so they come up with the lamest stories w/ Lilly and Devon….. THEY ARE DULL !

    let Drucilla come home

    Hello Victoria Rowell… you look smashing and teasingly fresh and relatable to the man… theres a pulsating undercurrent to the two of you


    CeeCee replied

    Thank you, James R.


  3. ces says:

    he better be careful, she might sue him.


    Jamesj75 replied

    Love it, ces! :)


    CeeCee replied

    I must admit that was funny, Ces.


  4. elm51 says:

    the hosts/interviewers were horrible………………………..


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