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12 October 20th, 2016 Kurt Caceres Debuts As Troublemaker Guillermo On Days of our Lives!

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On Thursday’s episode of Days of our Lives, another bad man comes to Salem in the form of Blanca’s (Ximena Duque) ex, Guillermo!

Actor Kurt Caceres, who previously appeared in the soaps on The Bold and the Beautiful, takes on this troublemaker who has made his way to town.

In the episode, Blanca is angry that he followed her to Salem at all!  She reveals that he is part of a drug cartel and that she has proof that he was on the take and will tell his boss if he doesn’t make a quick exit of town.  Dario (Jordi Vilasuso) threatens to call the cops on him so Guillermo takes off, but Blanca is now completely rattled.

And in a twist later in the episode, Guillermo spies Theresa (Jen Lilley) and Brady (Eric Martsolf) in an argument with Phillip (John-Paul Lavoisier), and lo and behold makes a call to some mystery person relating that he just spotted “Theresa Donovan!”

Is this curtains for Theresa?  What do you think will happen next?  What do you think of Caceres in the role of Guillermo? Comment below!

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  1. Jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    He murders Teressa…


    Jake replied

    Hope not! I’m hoping Shane gets her out of town as I can see JL returning to Salem.


    Patrick replied

    from your mouth to gods ear… all I can hope

    Celia replied

    Same here, Jake. I love Jen/Theresa, and I hope the door is left open for her.

    Also, I wanted to add that if Eric is, indeed, coming back; I would love to see Nicole back with him. Especially if her ‘ liaison’ with Deimos seems to be soon over.

  2. Patrick says:

    it’s disappointing… Jenn Lilly has a caliber – arsenal – to ACT top draw in this genre.


    mine at times will.

    Jeanne Theresa Donovan… was at her best … when she is resident bitch… biting… disenchanted with family… yearning for love… even acting out.. etc etc

    there was a lot of cache in her character.

    any ways : the writers @DAYS ruined a good time

    I read in SOD.. that Guillermo is in fact here for the start of Theresa – exit -

    she’s one of my favorite… because Jenn Lilly is an actors actor… always reliable and could never count her out

    Ken Corday mucked this up

    I know that Brady and Theresa had their own nuptial.. in their bedroom… “oh well” to make up for their actual wedding the night the three amigos escaped.

    in my heart.. I wish it was still a legal ceremony… because Jeanne Theresa knows the difference in what she’s all about

    DAYS – PLEASE give us Grandma Caroline and Granddaughter Theresa some scene


    Patrick replied

    whenever I think of Jeanne Theresa antics… all I have to think of… is when

    Theresa went all commando and near bludgeoned the heck out of John Black… with that poker

    party all the time


    Patrick replied

    Theresa was never MORE FUN… when Anne was REELING with…. these two are the HOOT

    these moments define ART… what a relationship

    i’ll throw in when Theresa and Nicole understood each other… what a pair

    Theresa with Grandma Caroline… the best tears

    Theresa and her big sister Eve… Theresa REELED right along side

    loved Jeanne Theresa adversarial know how… no matter who it was

    there you have it… I love this girl.


    Patrick replied

    I am patiently waiting… LIGHTS ON

    Kassie DePaiva

    as Eve Donovan


    Celia replied

    Oh, I’m with you, Patrick, about Kassie. Sadly, she’s battling cancer, from what I understand. She’s in my prayers.

    I would also love to see the nuAbbi make her appearance soon.
    How about this: she will return with a different face where no one will recognize her. She’ll probably mistaken Chad’s and Gabi’s close friendship as something else ( which could probably be a love story in the making between Chad and Gabi), and a ‘quadrangle’ will be in full force. The last ingredient: JJ…..What say you, Patrick?

  3. Jimmy says:

    Seeing Kurt Caceres back on daytime is a treat, but do we really need this character? Blanca is already a newbie, and someone we don’t know very much about. So adding this Guillermo dude from her past isn’t really game-changing story. I have a feeling he won’t last long though, since he’s quite clearly a bad guy, and his last name isn’t DiMera or Kiriakis.


  4. Mo says:

    He’s brought on for Theresa’s exit story.

    Too early to tell right now if he’s a good addition. But anything that has Dario in more airtime is not.


  5. John Gordon says:

    NOT one word about the return of DERRICK?? When last we heard from Derrick, he was sort of a Bell boy at the local Hotel. Then, we don’t know for certain, he left town for a while. Now, he is back and causing some friction between Sonny and Paul.
    What kind of show is this where people come and go without “any real” explanation? Now I guess Derrick is an Administrative Assistant at the HOSPITAL. Well that’s what he said anyway. The actor who portrays Derrick is very good in the role, why don’t the writers give him something substantial to do? No, no, instead for the UMPEENTH time we have to vomit while listening to Patch calling Kayla “sweetness” while trying to get back together with her – how old are these two? Don’t they have their marriage together by NOW? Concentrate more on Sonny, Paul, Derrick and finding out whether or not Abby is still alive. Honestly, sincerely, I am so tired of Kayla and Patch….almost as tired as I am of raspy voiced John making promises to Marlena -


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