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0 July 22nd, 2011 Kyle Lowder cast to play villain on web series DeVanity!

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Former Days of our Lives and Bold and the Beautiful star, Kyle Lowder has signed on to play a villain in a 3-episode story arc of the hit web series DeVanity!

DeVanity creator Michael Caruso (who also plays Jason DeVanity) stated “Kyle and I actually went to college together along with Mike Dirksen (Alex Roth) and Erin Buckley (Jackie DeVanity), so it feels like a reunion of old friends more than anything else. I am thrilled and honored that he has agreed to be a part of DeVanity, and I know he’s going to make an incredible addition to the cast.”

Lowder is set to play power hungry villain Andrew Regis on the web series, and if Lowder’s turn to the dark side as Rick Forrester on B&B is any indication of what he can do with this role, it should be very interesting to see.

For more on DeVanity, visit the show website here!

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