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7 January 27th, 2011 Kyle Lowder is officially OUT at The Bold and the Beautiful!

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After four years as Rick Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful, Kyle Lowder has been let-go by the series and has parted ways with the Brad Bell soap opera.  It seems lack of story, which has clearly been issue for awhile now is the instigator for the casting move. 

Soap Opera Digest spoke with Lowder who revealed,  ”Brad Bell ( executive producer/head writer) called this morning and said he felt terrible that they haven’t been able to generate enough story for the character. He felt it was in everybody’s best interest that we go in different directions. From my standpoint, it’s an amicable situation. Obviously, it’s their choice, but at the same time, the story has been slow for over a year-and-a-half and like any professional in any line of work would do, you prepare yourself for the next step. So, it wasn’t a surprise that it was going to happen, but it was handled in the most respectful way and I have huge respect for Brad. I had a great four years there and I thank him for the opportunity. And now, onto the next thing.”

On-Air On-Soaps wishes Kyle all the best, and looks forward to following his next acting endeavors!

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  1. Rob says:

    First Bridget is relegated to “recurring” and now this. I hate when these shows dismiss legacy characters in favor of characters the viewers dont have anything invested in.

    I would have preferred to see Amber and Rick ultimately reunite instead of having her revert to the old Amber.

    The cast is too large as it is, the show should be expanded to an hour or they need deep cast cuts. I havent watched in weeks because I find the storylines to be assinine: Thomas all of a sudden falling in love with Brooke, Taylor’s histrionics, Amber’s absurd pregnancy and now Donna is engaged. Its all too forced and uninteresting.


  2. kim says:

    Oh man. Hey maybe Days of Our Lives will hook you up and let you work with your wife.


  3. JamesScott4eva says:

    I hope DAYS brings him back. He and Ari Zuker (real life wife) sizzle with chemistry. I enjoy the current Brady- maybe he could come back as Eric Brady.


  4. Aubery says:

    In my opinion. Kyle is more suited to days of our lives. I so wish tptb, would bring him back and pair him up with Nadia. I adore their on screen chemistry. Nadia always looked like a pro opp Kyle, they had a beautiful love story. He complimented her really well, and as did Nadia to Kyle.


  5. bottomchef says:

    They’re forcing trashy Amber onto the younger set w/ this stupid pregnancy. Trashbag Amber battling classy Hope for boring Liam is so dumb bec Amber and Rick’s child is actually older than Hope! Thus, the writers wouldn’t want to reunite Rick w/ Amber or even address their relationship since it crimps the younger set’s storylines.

    Conroy is 1 of B&B’s few good actors while Matula’s great acting overshadows Frantz. It would be terrible if they sacrificed golden haired, rich, virginal, teenage heroine Hope to make skanky Amber the protagonist yet again. They did that w/ golden haired, rich, virginal, teenage heroine Kimberly. Brad bell had to “redeem” Amber so they made Kimberly this bitchy char by flaunting her date w/ Rick while Amber was their waitress. Then they had Rick and Kimberly break up so Rick could reunite w/ Amber while Kimberly became Thorne’s crazed stalker. Amber has to be 1 of the most hated chars not only from B&B but from the entire Daytime soaps. I’d rather they get rid of Amber than Rick. However, they never write for Rick while the writers keep forcing trashbag Amber even when her storylines are crappy and Frantz’s acting is horrendous.

    Lowder is very hammy and the writing for Rick’s mini storylines have been terrible. Lowder’s also so miscast as Rick. They have never really gotten the casting right ever for Rick. They don’t need to recast Rick since he doesn’t have any storylines. Legacy chars like Bridget and Rick, and Forresters like Thorne and Felicia should be more important to the canvas, however the writers don’t know what to do w/ these chars. It doesn’t help that Harmon, Jones and Lowder are atrocious. Only Kay is great.

    The writers seem like they have no idea what to do w/ Rick, Bridget, Felicia and Thorne. The same goes for Whip, Aggie, HOwen, Jackie, Barber and Donna. The writers can’t come up w/ good, long term storylines for these chars. Spears can act. Gareis can do the bitchy acting. Beemer is horrendous. His only talent is being shirtless. LAD is the definition of a bad soap actress. Hearst’s Whip is boring. SJB is a great soap actress yet the writers seldom write for Aggie. When they do it’s terrible.

    There are too many chars on B&B. They could get rid of the terrible, boring Spencer family. Tom is overrated. Clifton is terrible. Diamont’s “acting” is a joke. Yet the Spencers are going to be tangling w/ Amber. Way to go B&B, write a storyline for all these awful actors portraying boring chars.

    The writing overall is a trainwreck. Despite the lack of revolving head writers, B&B is seldom consistent w/ the writing. Thomas has gone from a psycho who hates the Logans to being enamored w/ Brooke?! Barber/Donna’s engagement occurs after mere episodes. Stephanie has become so boring now that she’s not battling Brooke.


  6. bottomchef says:

    Lowder is recurring according to a message board. So I guess that means Rick is going to be like Thorne. All the char of Thorne does is talk abt other characters’ storylines or talk abt boring FC corporate crap whenever they use him during throwaway sequences. The writers seriously do not have a clue w/ what to do w/ majority of the B&B characters.


  7. bottomchef says:

    Is on air on soaps going to be reporting abt the racist, hate mail that Stephanie Wang has received? She portrays Madison. She’s the only Asian actress on B&B. I don’t think she’s even recurring! Soap opera network’s message board has a topic abt it. B&B already has the worst track record w/ racial diversity despite revolving around LA fashion. Yet its only Asian actress is getting racist, hate mail. Terrible.


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