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14 December 21st, 2016 Lamon Archey To Begin To Air In Early 2017 In His New Role On Days of our Lives!

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It’s hard to keep a secret these days, as multiple outlets and social media posts have reported that former Y&R cast member Lamon Archey (Ex-Mason) is now a cast menber of NBC’s Days of our Lives!

Archey who has been taping at the soap for several months will first be seen on-air in February, and that is when you will meet the character of Eli!

And just who is Eli? Well, according to Jason 47 & Serial Scoop, he will turn out to be none other than Eli Grant- Valerie Grant now, Vanessa Williams) and David Banning’s son.  Thus, he would be Julie’s (Susan Seaforth Hayes) grandson and … a Horton!

Just how will Eli’s pressence shake up the canvas?  Who do you think will be his love interest? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  1. 4ever DAYS says:

    This is a game changer! Everyone should be prepared to watch Lamon Archey play Eli! Tune in or miss a lot! The character is a Horton!

    In the late 1970′s Julie’s son, David Banning, was presumed dead after a car accident. The Grant family, African Americans, took care of David. David and Valerie fell for each other in a slow burn romance. They were chaste and when the viewers back then saw a full on kiss between the two all hell broke loose! It really did hit the fan! Valerie soon was gone and David took up with Trish. David and Trish had a son together, but soon divorced.

    Now, all these years later, it looks like David and Valerie somehow crossed paths, but ended their relationship again, but not without creating Eli, the son David must not know about and the grandson Julie will finally know she has!

    Some sources say Gabi will have her hooks in Eli which will burn Julie up!

    I hope DAYS does their best in making up for caving in to the viewers’ demands all those years ago and I hope the viewers of today show more respect for the human race!


    Jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Days is kind of doing the story i suggested…i did write this here sometime ago and sent it in to Ted Corday…its only slightly different but much what i said…Val and David remet but broke up again after he left her to take care of an ill Trish…Val was preg but didnt tell David.but there was the possibility the child could be Val’s old boyfriend Jerry Davis…the child was put with Jerry’s family to raise…the same Davis family who had raised Abes first wife Lexi…this version is somewhat different than what we are seeing on tv but its still what i suggested!!!


    4ever DAYS replied

    Yes, Jimmy, you did!

    Celia replied

    Thanks for that, 4ever….very intersting and intriguing. Will Eli be well-received?
    So, Eli must be in his late thirties, early forties. He’s hot!! ……I know, I know, that’s beside the point.
    But, he looks younger than what he’s supposed to be.


    Jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    like i told 4ever…i had written here on this message board a story sometime ago involving Valerie with Abe and the possibility she had a child with David Banning and even sent it to Ken Corday…this we are seeing on tv is slightly different then what i had written them because it also invloved Maxine and the adoption of the child but its much like i had said…so its like watching my own soap synopsis being written and told on my soap..only without the credit but i dont care..its making me enjoy the show again seeing one of my ideas unfold!!!

  2. Scott (ATWT Fan) says:

    Truthfully, I never liked him on The Young and the Restless as Mason. I felt like he just did not fit in, and his acting caliber was really small. So, I am hoping that this casting at Days of Our Lives is not some kind of six-month stunt and then plans to recast the moment he begins to air. I’m also hoping he might’ve excelled a bit more in his acting, as this could be incredibly messy, despite the storyline possibilities being endlessly amazing!


  3. Mo says:

    I didn’t like him on Y&R. Hopefully he is better in this role.


  4. Joel says:

    I love nothing more than when a show digs way into its past to create current stories. Can’t wait to see it play out and hope that more futures stories are sprung from the days history books.


    Tim S. replied

    I agree.. they have done some good writing and have been doing some good casting lately.. I knew something was up when Valerie asked Julie about her son David on Thanksgiving….


  5. clh says:

    Of course that’s what this show needs, ANOTHER Horton! Not.


  6. Ray says:

    i think this story holds a lot of promise. I would love to see David Banning come back and be the new patriarch-type character. Gregg Marx was fantastic in the role. I would also love to see Mike Horton come back as well.


  7. damien says:

    he wasnt that great on y n r… i would ve much rather prefered redarick williams from y n r ( tyler) instead!


    Mo replied

    No, Redarick was worse.


  8. penny says:

    I really like him, he was great on Y&R with the little bit of material he was given. I hope I see a Lani/Eli pairing.


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