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3 May 24th, 2010 Larry Bryggman back to ATWT for one episode!

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Exciting and fantastic news, Larry Bryggman is set to reprise his role of  Dr. John Dixon on As the World Turns before the final episode last airs on Sept. 17.

Soap Opera Digest is reporting that also their sources tell Soap Opera Weekly that “celebration is in order!” The legendary soap actor who played the role from 1969 to 2004,  will only be returning for one day.  On-Air On-Soaps has reached out to ATWT spokespersons and will have more info shortly.

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  1. Karen says:

    Yeah, love Dr. John. It’d be great to see a scene with Dr. Reid hurling insults at each other. Wonder if he’s gonna escort Lisa out of town forever?


  2. Rob says:

    Too little too lare, Chris Goutman has managed to do exadtly what Ellen Wheeler did to Guiding Light, only with better lighting and production values. He managed to take what should be last few bittersweet months of a beloved show and make it a total mess. There were a few highlights, Lisa getting a show of her own was nice but it would have been nicer to use the full hour to show classic clips is one. The stories are ridiculous. I have a few months left to watch a show that I have watched on and off for nearly 30 years and what makes him think anyone cares about Gabriel?!?!? Why did they destroy the character of Vienna? They should have never brought her back to play such a harpy. Why is Henry letting ANYONE keep him away from Barbara? The stories are muddled and dont make sense. I guess its too late to expect this show to give us what we want: we want to see storylines wrap up in a somewhat realistic way. Wrapping up the Meg storyline is smart. Now lets wrap up Janet/Liberty/Dusty and Vienna/Casey and decide if we are rooting for Lilly and Holden. I actually liked Noelle Beck as Lilly until they made her and indecisive fool. Bring us Martha Byrne for the final month or so. I want to see it end gracefully with all our favorite pairings together in the end. Too bad noone was listening to what the fans want.


  3. semaj says:

    i want a dusty and janet wedding and can’t for john dixon return hope he has scenes with dusty since he is dusty’s father


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