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39 September 10th, 2013 LATEST RATINGS: All My Children and One Life to Live on OWN!

The ratings are out for the shortened week of September 3rd through the 5th for the airing of All My Children and One Life to Live in their 10-week exclusive television home on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN cable network.

Since Monday the 2nd was Labor Day, both AMC and OLTL did not air, but the rest of the week of episodes Tues-Thurs, showed that All My Children as compared to One Life to Live, drew more of an audience each day drawing over 200,000 plus in the total viewers category.   While One Life hit the over 200,000 mark on just Wednesday’s episode.

Here is the breakdown for the week courtesy of TV Media Insights:


Tue Sep 3 1:00PM 230,000 total viewers, 74,000 viewers in Adults 18-49
Wed Sep 4 1:00PM 266,000 total viewers, 56,000 viewers in Adults 18-49
Thu Sep 5 1:00PM 219,000 total viewers, 65,000 viewers in Adults 18-49


Tue Sep 3 1:30PM 175,000 total viewers, 53,000 viewers in Adults 18-49
Wed Sep 4 1:30PM 206,000 total viewers, 51,000 viewers in Adults 18-49
Thu Sep 5 1:30PM 174,000 total viewers, 62,000 viewers in Adults 18-49

All Times Eastern & Pacific
Source: Nielsen Media Research

So AMC and OLTL fans, are you watching the episodes on OWN for the first time? Or, did you watch them on and Hulu previously? Do you think One Life is fairing a bit worse in total viewers due to what is currently airing  in story?  Which show are you enjoying more on OWN?  Weigh-in!

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  1. No1_ILoveLucyFan says:

    I watch on Hulu (don’t like Oprah, never have, never will & after she snubbed soap fans when we BEGGED her to pick up AMC & OLTL just after they were cancelled? Please…) and I’m loving AMC!! It started out a bit rocky, and some of the new characters are rather dull, I do love the fact that they brought back just enough veterans as well as SORASed some younger characters. The fact that they are keeping things edgy without being to the point of ridiculousness is refreshing & I’m hopeful to see season 2!!!


  2. Tali says:

    Watched OLTL on Hulu, not watching on OWN but watching classic OLTL on soapnet.
    Need more male characters reprised on OLTL and get Natalie away from Cutter, she’d never hook up with him, if the writers would just honor the history, all 45 yrs!! Please bring back OLTL with more eye candy and better storylines!!


  3. Kiki Smith says:

    I love One Life to Live, and think it is a great show, better than it was on ABC!!!


    emma replied

    wrong kiki. one life to live really sucks on hulu. one life to live was way better on abc. one life to live will not come back. the actors are moving on. its cancelled mark my words. it was a horrible reboot. all my children way better on hulu.


  4. Kiki Smith says:

    And I think AMC has a better time slot at 1pm – I think they should have kept it at 3pm on OWN.


  5. Jazor says:

    This whole thing is annoying. These shows are old shows and have generations of people watching them. The whole comparison thing is silly. Not everyone watches the shows consistently. I watched on HULU when it came out and LOVED LOVED LOVED it and watched a little on OWN when I could but I work. It’s crazy to think fans have to watch the same episodes over and over just to hopefully keep it alive. What other show has to have that much validation ???? I haven’t watched and don’t watch AMC since I was a little kid (im 43 now) and just got into OLTL a few years ago. I hope both shows make it back to’s so much better but it is 2013 so who knows about the future of TV.


  6. Rich says:

    Those are terrible numbers,regardless of it being a shortened week. Oprah only did this as a ratings grabber for her failing network where her only popular shows are those cruddy Tyler Perry shows and that awful “The Haves and Have Nots”.

    Thank God for Hulu & TOLN.


  7. Merryll54 says:

    I didn’t enjoy watching online as well as I did on TV so I stopped watching. However, when they began to air on OWN, I DVR them and watch them when I always used to. Hope they keep showing them on OWN.


  8. Leah says:

    The future of how shows are viewed is evolving. Unfortunately, the rating system and attendant contracts/ad pricing (which funds these shows) hasn’t caught up. Viewers, understanding this, would/should show their support where it counts NOW! To only place blame on the corporations is shortsighted and selfish. All play a part in these shows success/failure.


  9. Carol Bryan says:

    I’m sure if the ratings were checked for all of us who starting watching AMC and OLTL online they would be close to the same watching on the OWN network. I’m happy to see as many people watching. Not everyone has a computer so if OWN will continue I will probably watch TV instead.


  10. Marc says:

    I watched them on TOLN . I ve been making a point to watch OLTL since Prospect Park decided it won t be returning . I feel very dissapointed and lied to that they told us to watch both shows. Out of loyalty to the network who saved us like a good soldier I did. They should of been up front and honest and said this is a competition and fans pick your show. I dont think Im the only OLTL fan that would not of helped All My Children


    jp replied

    I agree with you. I have watched a variety of soaps over 25 years since before I was a teenager. I tried to watch AMC many times, but I never became hooked to the characters or stories. OLTL is my show. It’s my second family. I care about them. So when they both came back online, I tried once again to watch AMC. It didn’t interest me once again. However, it’s a soap that never has captured my interest. I hope PP does right by us OLTL viewers. I hope the lawsuit is resolved quickly and OLTL returns.


    su0000 replied

    Marc quote
    ” I feel very dissapointed and lied to that they told us to watch both shows. ”

    PP never ever promised us anything, they did not lie..
    What happens happens, there were no promises broken, ever..
    We were given our soaps back with no obligations, FREE to watch.

    PP never told anyone to watch both soaps..
    What we chose to watch and when to watch was in our own hands..

    PP has never use AMC and OLTL as competitors. They want both soaps to do well, and both did very well; HULU top 10..

    Kiki Smith replied

    I do like One Life better than AMC, but watching both.

  11. su0000 says:

    The numbers are more than I expected.. Those are good numbers..
    Both soaps are ‘reruns’ ..
    not many watch something twice so a good percent must be new viewers..
    Also, how the heck can that many people be home during the daytime working hours to watch reruns at 1:00 & 1:30 pm lol ..

    I watch Y&R and GH during the evening through the internet..


  12. Charles says:

    AMC has been a total disaster.The “veterans and their story line and history couldn’t save this mess.First, David,our beloved love to hate doctors story,is silly,how dare he now claim love and affection for JR Jr.,the Kane clan missing, leaves Zach with nothing to do there is no chemistry between ,that forgettable actress,the show is like a music video with too many directors,and too little talent.The tease at the end of season one,that Tad Martin was coming in to save Jessie is too little to late.Face it without Susan Lucci, and the other stars, and a decent writing staff,this show will sink. I will not watch it again until I know that this current think era is over….putting it on OWN won’t change my opinion…i like Oprah, but it was a grab for ratings…the low num era pro e that the backlash,soap people didn’t watch…….


    emma replied

    are you on drugs charles. all my children better ratings than one life to live. one life to live will not be back. expect a cancellation soon. all my children will be back for season 2.


    Charles replied

    Thank you for your thoughts, i will ignore the “drug”remark, The writing staff was replaced if you recall within weeks of the debut of AMC, the head writer, and Agnes Nixon is still getting a preview of all story line , story outlines. whether this is because Prospect Park, executives are worried, or need expertise, and Agnes Nixon is the best writer in the world, after all she created AMC, ONE Life….etc. need I say more. if the shows are canceled it will be for other reasons, pending litigation, sponsors pulling out not wanting to be associated with the step children of the original shows, somehow it feels when I am watching , its like its not the real thing…

    Tony Polar replied

    I think we have to also take into account that Oprah’s OWN channel is also not ABC-TV – many people do not get OWN as part of their cable package and I am one of those people – I already pay for Hulu Plus so that I can watch AMC through my TV (silly in a way I guess but it makes me feel like I’m watching my old show) but I agree with you, Charles, the on-line inception of AMC really needs work. Even with Debbi Morgan acting up a storm and the others doing their very best, the writing is flat and lackluster. Also, it appears to me that Michael E. Knight is only making a temporary Cameo appearance like Alicia Minshew recently did (as Kendall Hart Slater) and if that’s the case why bother – believe me I wish he would return as Tad martin and I wish Susan Lucci would return as Erica Kane but as time moves on here and Prospect Park keeps giving us these evasive and vague responses, I, like many others here, just don’t know WHAT to think.


  13. Talisyn says:

    I watched both on HULU+ and watch both on OWN, but I am only watching AMC to support the overall effort. OLTL is my show. I wonder if any of the AMC fans are watching OLTL in reciprocation?


    Tony Polar replied

    Well I am a long time (LOOOONG time) fan of AMC and I’ve been watching OLTL as well even though I hadn’t watched it on ABC-TV on a regular basis in years, and that was because since I work so many hours during the Day it’s hard to keep up with two soaps but since the shows went on-line and were trimmed down, I figured I could easily keep up with both shows. So, it’s a fair and honest statement for me to say I have watched BOTH shows for their Online inceptions.
    HOWEVER I will say that I have not been overly thrilled with the on line presentations and feel they need stronger writing and some more intricate plots and stronger storylines. I watch the shows on Hulu PLUS, but was not prepared for this long gap of “no shows” which totally irritates and annoys me.
    I am not sure that Prospect Park truly understands it’s demographic here. Soap fans incorporate the shows into their own daily routine, it’s practically ritualistic to most of us. So to scatter the shows at us the way they’ve been doing, and then teasing us with “wait till Season Two” with such vague statements as “the writers are already coming back in October to start writing for AMC” is like – okay, when is the show coming back – in January 2014? I am more of an AMC fan but I also do watch OLTL, I mean who wouldn’t love Erica Slezak ~ I don’t like when fans pit one show against the other – both shows have their moments and I hope both return but I hope the writing improves.


    Talisyn replied

    I really, really don’t get the complaints about the writing. I felt that in almost every storyline they penned on current events, social trends, and more realistic situations. I found them compelling.
    Broadcast soaps are still telling retreads on variations of Who’ s the DNA. That kind of improbable storytelling and fallback plots is my idea of poor writing.

  14. AbbyS. says:

    I have to say that I agree with some of the comments here about how this version of AMC has let me down by not having Erica, Tad and Kendall on at all, in Erica’s case, and with quick cameos, in Tad’s and Kendall’s case. I’ve needed to see more of my favorites than I have. I also haven’t liked the writing for some of the storylines. I agree with some critics who say that this version is much better than what was on ABC for the past few years but I’ve had problems with some of the younger actors’ acting and with some of the writing, which has sometimes been too predictable, too rushed on occasion, and often had the characters isolated from the rest of the cast. Why is Dixie always with boring Anders, and Zach always with annoying Lea? Why does Dimitri only have scenes when Brooke is around? I hope they have the cast interact more with each other in the new season and that newbies I’m not invested in move to the background. As for Erica, Tad and Kendall, I’ll take what I can get. If that means that Susan Lucci or MEK can only spend a day or two working in Connecticut, I’ll happily take some Erica or Tad over no Erica or Tad. Same with Kendall. They started a story about Kendall’s heart issues and I want to see where it goes and if that means Kendall is on for a handful of shows, that’s good enough for me especially if it means she and Zach get back together. If those episodes air on OWN, I’ll be watching with bells on!


    Tony Polar replied

    Also, who decided that there is ANY chemistry whatsoever between Petey and Celia? I can at least appreciate Kendall’s health problems and given her past it would at least be somewhat believable. But of course they left us high and dry on that one as well. None of the characters really interact with each other, it’s all so disconnected – it’s like, a quick scene here, a quick scene there, which is usually limited to Jane’s Coffee Shop or Chandler Mansion. Dr David Hayward is seen needling JR Chandler and then in the next scene he is at the Hospital, there’s not even any space in-between. I guess it’s not fair to expect it to be “exactly” like the abc-tv show most of us remember but it’s not even close. I think they need to make the scenes longer and more meaningful and to inter-connect them with better continuity.


  15. jc says:

    I liked the online version better than ABC’s. I’m not saying RC wasn’t good but he was more storyline driven than character driven. Our favorite couples would be happy for only 1 week if we were lucky. He definitely messed our characters up on GH and couldn’t care less what we thought. As for AMC performing better I believe after reading several website comments that OLTL fans helped AMC more then they help our show. Remember OLTL fans made sure nothing but a soap would succeed@2pm the same can’t be said for 1pm. According to Nelson Branco’s source both shows rating wise weren’t that big of a difference. This is suppose to be some sort of tactic for the case which is supposably coming up in the coming weeks. It sucks for the cast, crew and fans to have to wait so long but I wish the actors luck in whatever auditions they go on. I really hope OLTL comes back soon it’s my favorite and I miss it a lot.


  16. Jared says:

    I started watching ONE LIFE TO LIVE around 1992, albeit casually. I REALLY got into ONE LIFE TO LIVE around the time when Ron Carlivati became the head writer, and I enjoyed it immensely up until the end. I wish the initial plans for the internet would have worked out, because RC/FV would’ve been the show runners, and more of our favorite actors would have been involved. This incarnation of the show just didn’t do anything for me, so I didn’t stay tuned in. Sorry guys. :( I am enjoying GH for the most part, so maybe I’m more of an RC/FV fan, even though I despise abc and what they did to our shows. I don’t support anything oprah, by the way.


  17. 3rd Generation Soap Fan says:

    I watch One Life to Live by any and all means available to me. I watched them on HULU first, now I watch them on OWN. I also watch ABC reruns of OLTL on SoapNet. I thank God for SoapNet every day, they have never let me down. Unlike Prospect Park! I believe many fans are not watching as much OLTL now because of PP’s poor decision to put OLTL on “hold”. Fans don’t want to get hooked again only to have it SNATCHED away yet again. I have a message for PP -
    To Prospect Park:
    Please resume production of OLTL! DROP the ABC lawsuit, RECAST Starr, Cole, Hope and McBain, RESUME production of life in Llanview as you promised and MOVE ON before you lose the veteran actors who have honored us by returning!

    I am now boycotting ABC (forever) AND The Online Network (until they come to their senses and bring back OLTL as they promised)

    Thank you OLTL for the MANY years of JOY you’ve given me!!!


    Rick replied



  18. MBmomof3 says:

    I watched OLTL on HULU and DVR on OWN to watch later. I’m enjoying the reruns as I’m finding the experience on TV is different from watching on my computer or tablet. I’m loving OLTL and am going to miss it (again). I hope PP puts it back into production soon. I started watching AMC, but just can’t get into it. I hope for AMC’s fans sake PP keeps it going.

    OLTL has a really talented cast. They have 45 years of characters and stories to draw from. I wish PP would focus on what they DO have instead of what they DON’T have and come to some agreement with ABC or drop the lawsuit altogether. While I think ABC is the true villain in every sense regarding my beloved OLTL, I doubt PP can prevail over “moneybags” ABC.


  19. MBmomof3 says:

    Right now I’m enjoying “Classic” OLTL on Soapnet. I’m loving, once again, the Fraternity Row storyline most of all. OLTL ROCKS!


  20. Debra says:

    Long time fan of AMC but never watched OLTL. I DVR AMC and watch every night. Please Please continue showing the episodes on the OWN network.


  21. jimh(leave to beaver) says:

    Ratings would be higher on a more popular cable channel like lifetime,tvgn, or hallmark…imo


  22. Ash says:

    We should not be pitting AMC versus OLTL. In the past overall AMC has had better ratings which are even better considering they had no lead in show to help them AND they were up against far tougher competition than OLTL. Yes, OLTL has Erika Slezak and she has six Emmy’s versus AMC who had Susan Lucci who only has one Emmy. However no matter how great Slezak is she cannot and could not garner the media attention or interest of Susan Lucci. Even today AMC without Susan Lucci gets attention because she was on AMC. AMC really needs Erica Kane and Susan Lucci back. One wonders just how hard PP is trying. Mind you Lucci is probably not doing too badly with Deadly Affairs and she is really rocking Devious Maids – though rumour has it she may be “fired” or written out as the killer (but that seems silly as Lucci though a daytime star still garners a lot of the media attention though she isn’t the star. And rumour has it Lucci will get an Emmy nod for her performance as the hillarious Genevieve. AMC needs Tad and Erica back.


  23. dawnhaze says:

    It’s difficult to believe AMC has a higher number of viewers than OLTL. OLTL has more cast members from the television version than AMC and AMC seems to pander more to the young crowd than OLTL. Like any show on television the first episodes are the building shows and sometimes aren’t smoothed out but in my opinion OLTL carried on from the final television episodes in a smooth way. Since there are so many new characters on AMC it is difficult to keep up with the storylines. The acting is good but it’s like I’m watching an entirely new show. OLTL is like an old friend and I love watching. I do watch AMC (Dixie and Tadd are my couple on AMC), always have, but my favorite and always has been is OLTL. Of course everyone has their favorite but as I read in someone else’s reply this isn’t about AMC versus OLTL, it’s about being able to watch our beloved soaps whether on Hulu, OWN, TOLN or where ever. I do hope the lawsuit dilemma will be over soon and then full steam ahead for both shows. I will not be like some of the people and sound like a fatalist and say OLTL is not coming back. PP has too much riding on the success of both shows to let that happen. I think it would benefit both PP and ABC to just end the craziness. Cole and Hope were not main characters. Victor Jr was hardly born. Starr and John won’t be missed much. Todd is important and can’t be replaced but I hope he will return. There is no win or lose in the situation only a lose for the viewers if it doesn’t get resolved soon.


  24. MIchelle says:

    I watched the first few shows for both and then stopped. Was expecting a continuation of where they had left off on ABC. Don’t like either show.


    Kate replied

    I plan to watch OLTL on Hulu because fans say it got better. I agree that they were hard to watch in the beginning but AMC got much better and Tad is coming back. Hopefully, next season will include more of the original cast. I have a hard time watching AJ, Miranda, and Jane but when David hits the screen…it is all good. You might want to try again. I am ready for them to age Miranda and AJ another 10 years!


  25. peg says:

    I love oltl
    it is a better soap
    I watch oltl for 30 years
    with my grandmom
    please make my shows for season 2


  26. Maria Rodriguez says:

    Never new that both soaps was being watched on Hulu after falling and owned picked my soaps up I was so excited. Do to me worki g two jobs, I was able to watch thanks to DVR.. What going on?


  27. Lydia says:

    Why is it that the faithful viewers always get screwed!!Watching amc & oltl was a pleasure until you stopped production. Why was it stopped and will you bring it back??It is not fair to all the people who have been so unbeleivably true blue to not have what they longed for. Is it the bottom line at all times, or can you do the right thing once in awhile.


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