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3 October 22nd, 2012 Latin Heartthrob Kuno Becker Cast as Elena Brother’s on DALLAS!

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

More hot casting news for the upcoming season two of TNT’s Dallas!  According to TV Guide, Kuno Becker has been cast as Elena’s  (Jordana Brewster) troubled brother,  Andres who is known as “Drew” to friends and family!

The backstory on “Drew” – the guy witnessed his papa’s death, which turned him into an angry juvenile delinquent. He ended up enlisting in the military, and after a tour in Iraq straightened him up, found work on oil rigs all over the globe. He’s sure to provoke the wrath of Bobby, J.R. and all the Ewings when he returns to Southfork to continue drilling where his father left off.”

Becker, who is a very popular Mexican star, is also known to American TV audiences for his roles in The Defenders and a few episodes of CSI: Miami‘s final season last year.  Kuno gained international notoriety as the star of the 2005-09 Goal! film trilogy.

So soapers, what do you think of Becker cast as Jordana Brewster’s bro on Dallas?  Let us know!

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  1. Gloria E says:

    Nice looking brown man!!!


  2. BTripp says:

    Great news! The show needed a latin hottie!


  3. bc says:

    kuno becker’s white according to his race listed online. how is he a latino hearthrob then? he was born in mexico w/c according to hollywood makes him a latino heartthrob. what? whitewashing as usual from hollywood. what else is new. it’s the same thing w/ tyler garcia posey who’s the leading acto on teen wolf. he used to go by tyler garcia posey as a child actor. and he was actually quite tan. but now that he’s older he’s dropped the “garcia” and appears to have lighter skin w/c i’m guessing is to make him appear more “marketable” by passing more for white. typical racism from hollywood. the tolerance brigade of hollywood are their usual hypocritical selves. hollywood is the most racist and biased. they really love limiting roles for racial minorities and love having racial minority actors and actresses more closely resemble hollywood’s physical standard ideal w/c is being white. racism as usual from hollywood.


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