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7 April 3rd, 2013 Lauralee Bell Brought To Tears In Moving Bill Bell Tribute On Y&R 40 Special Episode of MARIE!


On Monday’s episode o Marie, host Marie Osmond celebrated the 40th anniversary of The Young and the Restless with very special hour devoted to the iconic number one soap opera!

In various segments, Marie welcomed Peter Bergman and Melody Thomas Scott, who spoke of Jack and Nikki’s relationship.  That was followed by a playful segment featuring Michelle Stafford and Joshua Morrow, the couple many have come to love as “Phick”.   Will they ever reunite?  Next came, Doug Davidson and Lauralee Bell, as Paul and Christine where Doug was cracking jokes and telling Y&R stories.  And that was followed by the true supercouple of Y&R, Jess Walton and Jeanne Cooper as they relive and discuss the enduring relationship of Jill and Katherine!

At the end of the episode, Marie had the entire cast back on stage and launched into a heart-tugging tribute to the late Bill Bell, the creator of The Young and the Restless.   Osmond began by reading a quote from Bill Bell on storytelling:  “You have to have interesting stories with a heartbeat to them. Stories viewers can relate to, escape with, and learn from in terms of social issues. I’m a strong believer that we are here to do more than entertain. That we are here to impact on the lives of our audiences.”

What followed was an archived video segment of  Bill Bell talking about how much he loved and how he is proud of his  daughter Lauralee.  And on that note, it brought tears not only to Lauralee, but to Marie and the cast on stage.  In addition, Jeanne Cooper also retold the story of how Bill Bell saved her life in her battle with alcohol addiction which was also another tear-filled moment.

Watch the Bill Bell Tribute after the jump from Marie, or you can watch the entire episode. Then, let us know what you thought about the special moment between father and daughter, and Marie’s one hour special devoted to The Young and the Restless!

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  1. Matt says:

    Loved it. Saw it. Wish Bill Bell was still around. He was amazing. He would put Sharon and Adam back together. They are the shows super power couple of the future success of the show. Drucilla would of been back by now and these horrific characters like Chelsea,Chloe leslie and boring Avery would be gone!


  2. Vicsze says:

    Sounds like Marie Osmond’s did the show right. A whole hour dedicated to our favourite Soap. I wish I could have watched it in Australia.


  3. 10261991des says:

    This is just Wonderful!!!


  4. jimh says:

    William Bell was the top in his field writing for soaps followed by Irna Philips, Agness Nixon, Harding Lemay, Douglas Marland Claire Labine with Paul A. Mayer and Pat Falken Smith. There is a few others as well but these are my top seven favorites.


  5. heidi says:

    The tribute was very touching and the show was a lot of fun!


  6. BellFan says:

    William J.Bell was a true legend! He created some of the greatest characters of television history like Kay,Jack,Ashley, Nikki, Lauren, Drucilla,Phyllis, Eric, Brooke, SALLY, Sheila, played by such wonderful actors. But two of his creations became the greatest of all time: Victor Newman and Stephanie Forrester!! The B&B was so classy and elegant show until Bell’s son took the show and slowly it became unrecognizable. Y&R has had its up and downs since Bell stepped down but thanks to the extremely talented cast and beloved characters the show is still adorable :)


  7. Michael says:

    Watching what Bill Bell Sr. had to say about Lauralee was probably the most touching aspect of the show. You really could tell that Lauralee still misses her father very much and for Marie to dig this interview up just for Lauralee shows that Marie really respects the medium so much. Thanks Marie for that special video interview with Bill Bell.


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