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12 January 26th, 2012 Lesley-Anne Down taken off contract by B&B! However, something new maybe on the horizon!


The beautiful and talented Lesley-Anne Down (Jackie M.) has been taken off contract by The Bold and the Beautiful, according to the actress’ website!  The post goes on to intimate that Lesley has something else in the works that her fans will know about when the time is right.  In lieu of Brandon Beemer (Owen) also be taken off-contract by B&B, it is not perhaps surprising that the same happened to Down.  However, A spokesperson for B&B informed CBS Soaps In Depth that Down will continue to work on the soap on a recurring basis.

The official post on Down’s site reads: “Bradley Bell has decided not to renew Lesley-Anne Down’s contract on B&B. Lesley-Anne wants all of you to know how special and important you all are to her. Your continued effort and support of Lesley-Anne is so appreciated by her. When one door closes another one opens. This thankfully has been the case in this instance.  We will let you know what it is when the time is right.”

So what do you think of Lesley-Anne being dropped to recurring?  What new project do you think could be in the works for her? Let us know your thoughts!

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  1. Tom says:

    I am used to B&B’s schizophrenic writing, but the past six months or so have been all over the map. LAD is a legend and consistently one of the best things about the show! Something sinister is going on behind the scenes, but I don’t know what.


    Iakovos replied

    I would hope the 25th anniversary of this daytime drama would be opportunity for serious rebooting and reworking. The storylines are indeed schizophrenic and across the board bad. The “special episodes and story arcs” would have greater impact were their stronger lead-in and committed followup. I always thought LAD was never used to full capacity.


  2. gloria says:

    The problem with a 30 minute show is the obvious-too many cast members, not enough time for everyone to have story!


    JustSaying replied

    The other problem with a 30 minute show is the endless Brooke-Ridge saga.


    ethel replied

    and i so sick of seeing brooke & ridge!

  3. Mo says:

    I think it’s a big mistake. I enjoyed Jowen’s comedic contributions. The show needs balance besides just the Logan-Forrester sagas. Give Hope less airtime and some to Thorne, Felicia, Jackie. Why don’t Thorne and Felicia start they own company or go work for Jackie? They don’t get any love at Forrester. That’s for sure!


  4. Rob says:

    Yet one more reason to finally stop watching, Im down to once or twice every couple of weeks.
    The show has to be the worst thing on television.


  5. RICKIE says:

    This isn’t surprising… B&B’s cast always gets too large and then heads roll — it’s been this history of this show. Too bad they don’t get rid of Jennifer Gareis (Donna). With those surgically altered lips and limp hair, she looks like Shawn Wayans from “White Chicks.”


    Jameka replied

    oh my goodness, i never realized that until now, as soon as i read it i realize she does look liked him in the drag…you just made my day!


  6. Barbara says:

    I don’t understand this show. The writers don’t seem to have any idea how to write for any characters other than Ridge, Brooke, Taylor and Stephanie. Down is the just the latest name in a looooooooong list of talented, experienced actors who were signed to this show and given little to do: Lorenzo Lamas, Sydney Penny, Rick Hearst, Sarah Brown, Brian Gaskill, Eileen Davidson, Leslie Kay, Antonio Sabato Jr.,………… All of these actors are talented and were signed to this show with huge fanfare. Given nothing to do, the show shortly thereafter dropped each of them.

    B&B seems to be in vicious cycle of constantly rehashing the Ridge, Brooke, and Taylor saga (tossing in a few good episodes concerning Stephanie to make sure Susan Flannery gets an Emmy nomination).

    The only thing that will help this show is to focus on some other characters. Dropping Down, Beamer, and the others is not the way to help this show. Maybe the show should consider dropping Ronn Moss? Ridge is worn out as a romantic lead. Moreover, I have a ficus tree that can act better than Moss.


  7. David Larsson says:

    Such a shame. I only watch on the occasion but her screen presence was always a highlight when I did.


  8. Shari says:

    I also believe that something is going on behind-the-scenes, this show has turned into the Bridge/Logan show starring – Hope Logan.

    There is absolutely no reason why others cannot be written for with their own story. JackieM not being able to get a designer is absolutely ridiculous since this is LA.

    My belief is LAD was let go so that JackieM’s could switch hands, remember it was Jackie who didn’t want Bill to have any part of it. Bill will buy JackieM as a peace offering to Katie, giving another Logan another company.

    This show is not about Taylor/Ridge/Brooke, Taylor is another one who isn’t even on when this story should have her front-and-center with her daughter, the same as Brooke is front-and-center with her daughter.

    B&B is not the show it once was, the bold and the beautiful are disappearing.


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