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6 August 24th, 2010 Leslie Charleson taken off contract at GH!

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ABC Soaps in Depth is reporting today that General Hospital’s Leslie Charleson (Monica Quartermaine), who has been nominated for four Daytime Emmy Awards, but who has been relegated to back burner for the last several years has been taken off contract.  This means, however, that Charleson has been bumped to recurring status by the series.  An ABC rep could not comment on the contract status as that is their policy.

Charleson has been on the ABC sudser for over three decades.  Monica’s on-screen husband, Alan Quartermaine, played by Stuart Damon, was killed off the series back in 2007, and since then her air time has dwindled.

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  1. RJ says:

    They should be ashamed of themselves. There is so much potential with Monica. There is a REASON she was front burner on GH for over 20 years…FANS love her.

    Guza needs to get over himself, and he needs to realize that fans WANT to see veterans, and that we are over stupid Sonny and Jason. I hope Leslie Charleson doesn’t take this bullshit, and walks out with her head held high.

    I think DAYs should cast her as NuLaura Horton, or maybe she could go to Y&R and interact with Jill and Kathering. Maybe she could be Katherine’s REAL long lost daughter, because let’s face it, Tucker McCall is NOT working as Katherine’s child.

    Someone snatch this gem up. She is far too talented to not be working.


    Haayhowu replied

    Oh pleezzz let Catherine Chancellor’s long lost daughter be Crystal Chappell. She would be a great antagonist for Jill or love interest for Jack. I agree that Tucker McCall has not made a significant impact. Crystal Chappell was born to make trouble on soap operas or primetime.


  2. Terry Richard says:

    The greatest actress to ever grace “General Hospital” is now off contract. Way to go you idiots at ABC. I am so sick of this serial being the “Sonny Corinthos” show. Haven’t watched it in several years, and to know Monica has been reduced to recurring status is another reason I will not watch this mob trash ever again. This is yet another nail in the demise of this once great serial. A sad day.


  3. Kathy Hedrick says:

    Are they crazy? What a complete and utter shame this is. I agree with RJ that these is so much potential for Monica. However, there will never be enough of Jason for me and with them being mother and son there is so much potential for them as well, especially since Jason and Sam are back together and Monica always liked Sam with Jason. This could be a great way to bring Monica and Jason much closer. I sure hope she stays at GH and they see that this was a big mistake.


  4. Cathy says:

    Wow i can’t believe this Quartermaine’s family have been ruined with lose of Alan by killing him off ,And now dropping Leslie aka Monica thats horrible news i can’t believe it.This show is sucking more and more.All they care about is sonny and the new young talent.They don’t care about the vets on this show.


  5. Brian says:

    I stopped watching GH when they first took off Denise Alexander, tuned back in briefly when she was brought back. All of the “orginals” are all most gone now. It’s been “One Life To Live” all the way ever since for me. It is the only one I have watched for about the last 15 years.
    Maybe ABC should have Leslie appear on OLTO. The hospital still play a big role over there.


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