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8 September 17th, 2011 Lilly Melgar stars in new “Confessions of Bay City” – Watch the Video!

Photo Credit: Anthony Isambert

The Bay continues its confessional series of webisodes this week with one of them most powerful ones to date featuring the talented Lilly Melgar.  As Bay City’s Janice Ramos, Melgar gives a riveting performance of a mother concerned for her daughter finding out the truth about who her real biological father is!  We also get to the see the deep seeded bitterness that Janice has for her nemesis, Sara Garrett, and that Janice is still fixated on one man, Lee Nelson.

Creator Gregori J. Martin’s Confessions of Bay City, certainly is a clever way to introduce online viewers to the cast of characters and their troubled and complicated lives.

Watch Lilly in this weeks Confessions of Bay City below!

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  1. LCS says:

    Well now, Jancie has me intrigued! I’m loving these confessions as they really get me interested in the characters. Lilly Melgar looks great, as always. Looking forward to seeing how she and Sara handle their differences in the new season.


  2. Amy says:

    Love, love, love the confessions! I can’t wait for the new season of The Bay to start to see what happens to these characters! Getting the backstory in this way is so awesome!


  3. mandy says:

    I am absolutely loving these Confessions! What a great way to give us more insight into some of these characters, not to mention keep us entertained until Season 2 starts. Lilly was so good in this, but boy Janice sure does seem a little bitter. Can’t wait to see more of her and Sara in Season 2!


  4. Sarah M. says:

    Just fantstic..Once again!!!!…..I Just LOOOOOOOVE Janice….And Lilly looks more beautiful than ever. These confessions give us so much insight into the hearts and minds of these characters ::Sigh::. Yay for The BAY!!! Season 2 cant come soon enough


  5. Caroline H. says:

    Lilly is amazing at what she does! Not only is she stunning, but one that intrigues viewers. She is one to watch in the past, the presemt and the future as well. The confessions are most interesting and this is what will make me watch more and more! Good luck to the Bay.


    Caroline H. replied

    My apology for the word “present” not being spelled right! A bit on the tired side, but NEVER too tired to watch The Bay! XO Caroline


  6. Sarah M. says:

    Oh my!! I’m not sure why it hasnt gone up on MF yet..but have you guys read the article on We love Soaps about the New Lee!! Paul Satterfield has Joined the cast of The bay as the new Lee Nelson re-cast. Janice is gonna have her hands full if she thinks she is gonna get the gorgeous Paul away from Sara!! AHHH Cant wait for season 2!!


  7. Wyl says:

    I’m a fan of Lilly Melgar being interviewed as “Janice”. I’d like to see a better directing environment for her work. I’ve seen her be very natural,connected with no “pushing” in prior work. She’s capable of of genuine Oscar level work. An actor can really be at the mercy of a so so director sometimes.


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