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38 October 20th, 2014 Linda Gray On DALLAS: “We’re Not Finished With The Characters. We’re Not Finished With The Show!”

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Dallas star Linda Gray (Sue Ellen Ewing) who is hoping and championing the return of the television reboot of Dallas to another cable home, appeared over the weekend at at the “Wings Over the Wetland: Beyond the Surface” philanthropic event in the city of Dallas.

Gray was chosen as the 2014 honorary chair for the fundraiser, which raises money to expand water and wildlife education curriculum and research programs for the John Bunker Sands Wetland Center, which serves as the hub of environmental and social interest for the 3,100 acres of man-made wetland habitat on the Rosewood Seagoville Ranch property located about 20 miles south of downtown Dallas.

When speaking to Dallas’ about the status of the status of the beloved series since TNT canceled it after three seasons , Gray said,“I just talked to our producers today, and we’re thinking we have to find a new home. There are no bad feelings. It’s called show business for a reason, so in this industry, we’re always like, if one door shuts, another opens. But we also feel that we’re not finished. We’re not finished with the characters. We’re not finished with the show.”

As we have previously reported, Dallas showrunner Cynthia Cidre is actively pursuing a new home for the primetime soap and hopes to have news on this front in the weeks ahead!

Would you love to see Linda Gray get a chance to play Sue Ellen again? Do you think Dallas will land a new cable TV home soon? Comment below!

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  1. Dianna says:

    I love Linda Gray and Patrick Duffy. They are Dallas. Please let it be true. I want Dallas to continue or at least come to a real conclusion.


  2. MBmomof3 says:

    Loved Sue Ellen & Dallas then & now. More Dallas Please.


  3. Megan says:

    I would love to see it on a different channel, however I doubt if it would work. Look at what happened to AMC and OLTL.


    Robert replied

    That fell about due to funding and miss management. ABC will see their error and make corrections hopefully!


  4. su0000 says:

    Dallas is a classic, it will survive..


  5. A Baptiste says:

    I agree, a new home! Leave it to Linda to say it with grace and spirit!


  6. judy ox says:

    We can only hope if you love your show you need to watch and let the network know your watching dallas had such good acting and good writing is a sad thing we all need to get behind days so it dosnt happen to it to


    Tonja Walker replied

    Bring back Dallas! We all love it! Always have and always will!


  7. Mark says:

    I liked seeing linda gray judith light patrick Duffy and that dude from the xfiles but that was it the younger cast was generic especially elena!


  8. JK says:



    Momma replied



  9. James McDonald says:

    Come on, CBS. Now it your chance to have that DALLAS glory again.


  10. Bandele says:

    I liked the show very disappointed it is cancelled. I wasn’t happy with some of the direction of the writing. I thought it was too much Emma and Christopher getting killed was too premature but I enjoyed the show.


  11. craig silver says:

    Yes, please save Dallas. Best season yet!!


  12. Denise says:

    please bring Dallas to another network! Loved this show ever since it aired years ago. Wonderful actors!! Check updates everday hoping for good news soon


  13. Rodd says:

    Some network has to give this show a fighting chance. Keep it on for a whole season instead of splitting it would certain help sustain continued interest. This show was/is fantastic! I really hope it finds another home.


  14. jonboy says:

    I hope their efforts are successful. Nu-Dallas was so much mire entertaining than the original.


  15. Beacon says:

    Give it up Linda. It’s already been brought back once and Larry’s no longer with us. It’s inconceivable to perceive the show like him. Besides, Dallas is a relic of another age.


  16. extremedallas fan says:

    TVGN would be a great home for Dallas


  17. Brian Harrington says:

    Please don’t give up on this show, work on getting more of the older cast back from retirement, find another network and get it going to at least finish it properly, not just telling all the fans its over, that is just not the right thing to do, too many of us loved the old Dallas, and tried to adapt and like the new one, I was lucky enough to be an extra cast in a couple of episodes, I am 100% certain I am not alone in my thoughts, bring it back to at least end it PROPERLY..!!!!


  18. Paula Shoemaker says:

    Yes, definitely bring Dallas back!! Once again I got hooked when I found out it was on another channel! Dallas was the beginning of my week, couldn’t wait to sit down on Monday nights to see it!!


  19. Sharon says:

    Please bring Dallas back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  20. Bryon says:

    I do hope they find a new network to pick up the show. Dallas is a great show and the actors are phenomenal. I recommend they put it on Wedneday or Friday. Monday has too much competition. I am optimistic as well and do believe they will be back on another network. USA, TVGN, and possibly OWN.


  21. Charday says:

    I want more DALLAS!!!


  22. lisa says:

    More of Dallas – it’s too good to bite the dust !


  23. Lori says:

    Yes I absolutely agree!! We the fans need this show to continue its far from over its a great show with great actors. I watched the original Dallas from start to finish…and people young and old im telling you please do all you can to keep this series going you will not regret it. Im a loyal fan to the end!


  24. Barbara from Atlanta says:

    I feel bad for Gray and Duffy. They certainly have shown loyalty to the show and really gave it their best effort in this version of “Dallas.”

    That being said, the writers and the producers REALLY let down Gray and Duffy and the viewers with the (too numerous) mistakes that were made — uninteresting new characters, shifting the main focus from the Ewings to Elena and the Mexican drug cartel, putting Gray in the millionth version of “Sue Ellen’s on the bottle again” plot, missing numerous opportunities to introduce characters from the show’s history (Lucas Krebs? Margaret Krebs?).

    I like the Ewings and “Dallas.” However, I did NOT like what this show had become. This “Dallas” was not about the Ewings (no family dinners, no genuine family friction but simply quick rehashing of past issues).

    Linda, I appreciate everything that you’ve done for this franchise and I certainly like you. However, if the producers and the writers of this latest version of “Dallas” will continue to be involved in the show if (by a miracle) it finds a home, I’d prefer if things just ended now.


  25. Andrew says:

    I was an on again, off again fan of the original, but really enjoyed the three seasons on TNT. I too thought there was too much of the drug cartel but it was easy to overlook when the writing was so good and I trusted the writers to bring everything around to an interesting conclusion at the end of each season. Performances, too, were top notch all the way around.

    Hope that it can find a home somewhere else. But without zombies, gruesome horrors, meth, guns, stabbings, rapes, ADD editing, how can anything like Dallas survive on modern day TV?


  26. Sean says:

    More dallas please…….. #savedallas I love the show and always have it’s the best thing on TV.


  27. abruzzfan says:

    More Dallas PLEASE!!


  28. Belta Avila says:

    Yes, please find another cable channel and save Dallas. It is an amazing show. I have been watching the show since the beginning. with Jock, Ellie, Pamela, JR, Bobby, Lucy, Ray, and Sue Ellen. Keep with next Generation. There is still a lot of questions to be answered and plots to put together.


  29. Wilma says:

    If not TNT please find another channel and save Dallas. I am so hooked, just like the original. This is one awesome show and will be very disappointed if it is cancelled. Please keep the show on.


  30. Gladys Edwards says:

    I am terribly disappointed that Dallas was cancelled. Hopefully, they will find a way to come back. Has to be a better conclusion than the season ending finale. Too much left up in the air as to the fate of some of the characters. Please come back again.


  31. Charles says:

    CBS was the original network for Dallas. Les needs to make room on the network schedule for the 4th season. It would certainly be a Top 20 show.


  32. Dglk says:

    Please bring Dallas back. I would love to see the same cast members back…Sue Ewing, Bobby Ewing, John Ross, Pamela, I.e….including Christopher. TNT rethink your previous decision…Please!!!


  33. carmelina says:

    Hey all you Dallas fans…this is totally wrong. Dallas must live on! There is so much storyline that can be told. Excellent cast, excellent writing…….please someone listen to the fans and bring it back. love, carmelina from connecticut


  34. mary haller says:

    I love the show and hope some other channel picks it up. I was a big fan of the show in the eighties.


  35. brenda says:

    No Dallas can’t be finished so I hope someone hurry and get a new home I can’t wait for Dallas to pick up where they left off even tho I don’t like the way it ended. So, yeah !!


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