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14 May 11th, 2012 Lindsay Bushman Cast as the SORAS’d Summer Newman on Y&R!

Photo Credit: Diedra Fahey

So earlier this morning we told you that Max Ehrich has been cast as the teenaged, Fenmore Baldwin on The Young and the Restless, and now joining the Genoa City SORAS’d camp is soap newcomer, Lindsay Bushman in the role of a teenaged Summer Newman!

According to CBS Soaps In Depth, Lindsay joins the number one soap as Nick and Phyllis’s daughter and will be seen on-air for the first time on June 11th.

A bit about Bushman … the young actress has done guest spots on Ringer, The Finder, and and even played a young Kate Howard on General Hospital!  Lindsay had also worked as model and can be seen in print ads for Hot Topic and American Apparel, as well as in music videos for Lady Antebellum and Nickelodeon’s teen band, Big Time Rush.

So we ask you, do you think Lindsay bears a resemblance between Michelle Stafford (Phyllis) and Joshua Morrow (Nick)?  Let us know! And, do you think when Summer returns this summer, do you think she will be a good girl or a bad girl?

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  1. Chaz says:

    Seriously???? They JUST showed Summer being told Nick & Phyllis were getting remarried and she was, what, 6?

    At this rate Jack’s never seen son, Keemo, should be 55-60. Maybe they should bring him back & hook him up with Sharon instead of this gross Victor hook-up.


    gloria replied

    Thank you for my laugh of the day-Keemo should be 55-60. TOO FUNNY.

    But seriously, this cast is SO BIG, WAAAY TOO BIG-why the hell are they doing this? We already have Chloe, Kevin, Eden, Daniel, Daisy, nuKyle (who I CANNOT stand by the way-he’s like a reincaration of the not so distant Billy plus he looks WAY too much like Adam) and Paul’s son who I cannot name right now but anyway that is the late teen/late 20′s set.

    What the hell are they gonna do with a teenage Summer & Fenn? Waste of salaries, airtime, storylines.


    gloria replied

    I had another thought-aging Summer only makes Phyllis’ latest pregnancy look even more ridiculous-I mean if Daniel is what 30? Summer 15? and now another baby for her? Over the top.

    I guess next Sharon will get pregnant by Victor!

    Or will Nicki get pregnant by Jack (again)?

    Oh I know Harmony will turn up pregnant by Mick (Tucker)

    Anybody get my point?

    Mo replied

    Yeah, I thought it odd that they had Summer on when they were going to age her.

    This actress actually kinda looks like the girl who had been playing Summer. I don’t like nuKyle. They have given him the wrong attitude. Plus, he really looks like Michael Muhney. I see Gloria said that too.

    Should have made Kyle a teen, 13-15. Could have still had a lot of story. They are going the wrong way. Well, Daniel won’t have to be married to Daisy long. Lucy will be graduating from HS in 5 years.


  2. jennifer says:

    summer is a cute child she have her dad smile and he mother good looks and I can not wait to see what nick is going to do now that his little girl is now a teenage will he be all over people who looks at his daughter and I hope they bring up what happen to her half sister and I hope summer will be a good girl and a bad girl too just to keep nick and phyllis on their feet.


  3. David Larsson says:

    It’s quite obvious that since they’re revisiting the Phyllis’ hit and run, the character was rapidly aged so that she could have a proper reaction to the relevation and rebel. Ten bucks says she winds up pregnant with Michael’s grandson.


    Sevyn'sMommie replied

    i love it. I hope you are right.


  4. Jared says:

    Really? MAB is just getting more ridiculous by the day. She hasn’t a clue.


  5. JustSaying says:

    Woo-hoo. Another Newman on tv.

    So now all they need to do is SORAS Moses and Delia.


  6. lisa says:

    Yes she does bear a resemblance to Josh and Michelle and Marcy Rylan (Aunt Abby).

    Speaking of Newmans – I read that Noah is supposed to be coming back,are they going to use the same actor or recast the part ?

    Seems with all the Soras going on , that Y&R is gearing up for some teen summer story lines.

    Guess they’ll be giving the “veterans” some time off.


    Chaz replied

    Current SOD says that Kevin Schmidt is coming back in the role. Personally, he was not a favorite of mine.


  7. Deborah says:

    SUCKS!!!! This is BS!!! The SOARS of Kyle was bad enough, but now Summer too!! Did the writters of Y&R loose their minds!!! NOBODY wants to see this!! I fast forward ALL scenes with Kyle I guess I will do the same thing with the Summer BS as well!!!! I really don’t want to stop watching this soap since I have been watching since the very first day, BUT what’s watching one less soap since ABC SCREWED UP!!!


    Jessica replied

    I am very excited for this change. In fact the actress cast for this role is quite talented.


  8. Sevyn'sMommie says:

    I’m excited for this change. SORAS is the most soap logic way to introduce new characters. I dont mind it. I think the Summer castig was on point. Like someone said she looks like her aunt Abby. I HOPE THEY DYE HER HAIR RED THOUGH! LOVE LOVE LOVE PHYLISS’ HAIR!


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