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7 May 6th, 2012 Lindsay Hartley Files for Divorce from Justin Hartley!


Lindsay Hartley, who did a fantastic job in her most recent soap role as Cara Castillo on All My Children has filed for divorce from long time husband, Smallville and former Passions star, Justin Hartley.

Who else but broke this type of very personal news!  According to their sources,  “Lindsay filed the documents in L.A. County Superior Court, citing “irreconcilable differences” .  Lindsay is also asking for joint physical and legal custody of their daughter.  So far, no word back from Justin.”

As many know, the duo met back in 2003 while both were starring on the now defunct Passions,  and were married a year later.  They have a 7-year-old daughter.  

On-Air On-Soaps wishes the best for Lindsay,  and is sad to hear the news of their  break-up.

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  1. TnT 2.0 Forever says:

    Oh this is so, so, so sad. I loved these two together and I never expected this. They seemed like a such an adorable couple. I wish both of them all the best in the future. It would be nice if they could reconcile though.


  2. Nikki says:

    Wow, I know I will probably be the only one, but I am actually shocked! These two seemed like such a real, sweet couple. They were quite private, but were absolutely adorable when they were out in public. They seemed very supportive of one another. But no matter what their reasons were, I wish them both luck in their future careers and relationships. :)


  3. Tom says:

    Sad news–they were a beautiful couple.


  4. Linda says:

    I am so so sad and disappointed to hear that these two did not go the distance. I guess the looks of things can be deceiving, because every time you see them they seem so happy. And they look amazing together. It’s really sad news. I pray they think long and hard about their vows and give their marriage another chance.


  5. G says:

    How sad. I hope that both Lindsay and Justin stay strong for their little girl as they are going through this difficult time. Will be keeping all 3 in my prayers. Stay strong Justin.


  6. Janetta Ward says:

    I know they are divorce now , but I can hope, anyway God Bless all three of them including his now boo from AMC even through I’m bias I just LOVE Lindsey and her daughter. You two did make a great couple every time I watch you two I would cry because both of you have amazing chemistry, It’s so sad how people give up on their marriages so easily these days and no one takes the time out to really see what’s in front of them anymore. Oh well God Bless them anyway, I still Love them.


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