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10 April 10th, 2015 Linsey Godfrey Talks With Entertainment Tonight About Recovering from Being Hit By Car and Pinned Undearneath


Daytime Emmy nominee Linsey Godrey’s (Caroline) inspiring story was discussed this week on Entertainment Tonight with host Brooke Anderson.

Godfrey detailed to Anderson the harrowing story of being pinned underneath a car, after two vehicles collided and she was struck on a sidewalk in Los Angeles back on February 2nd.  While Linsey’s ankles and shins took the brunt of the accident, it’s been a miracle that she is alive, and has been able to walk and getting stronger every day.

For Godfrey. this is not her first life battle.  She previously fought cancer and survived, and when she was informed she may never be able to have children, she and Y&R’s Robert Adamson (Noah Newman) overcame those odds and are currently loving parents to their little girl, Aleta.

In the chat with ET, Linsey revealed how her B&B co-stars Don Diamont (Bill), Thorsten Kaye (Ridge) and others rallied around her through her progress to get better!

Watch Linsey’s revealing chat after the jump!  Then let us know what you think about how she has overcome adversity on the comment section below!

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  1. The Substitute says:

    What a little fighter she is and I can’t help myself I adore her and Thorsten Kaye together! These two make it work just like Douglas Watson & Victoria Wyndham Another World’s Rachel & Mac did.


    Nikki replied

    Oh my gosh you could not have picked a more beautiful couple to compare these two with. I love them together also and since Ridge was so much in love with Caroline his first wife I think he is really going to settle down with this one. I was so happy today when he basically told Brook “he works better alone and Caroline knows him now and not the Ridge of the past”. I think I’ll scream if I have to see Brook snap her fingers once more about him.


    The Substitute replied

    To me that was the turning point I felt Ridge was saying goodbye. If Ronn Moss was still in the role yes their are memories but TK is our Ridge now this is the direction Brad decided to go and quite honestly TK has no chemistry with KKL! Can you imagine those two Dancing to Unforgettable. I love the actor TK to be quite honest he is up front no playing games. I am such a SAP I cried when LG said TK fed her her first meal! If they put her back with Rick I will go insane. The love scenes between TK & LG are so sensual that you need to have a bucket of water to cool off the TV. This is quite honestly the sexiest couple on Daytime!

    The Substitute replied

    To be honest I feel sometimes like a peeping Tom because it seems so real, lol

    The Substitute replied

    It is quite refreshing to realize their are some folks out there that still remember how great daytime can be. So Nikki never doubt how much I love Daytime that is why I am fighting so hard to get Y &R back on track. We deserve better!!!

    The Substitute replied

    If you have not seen Victoria Wyndhams tribute in 1989 to Douglas Watson at the Daytime Emmy’s everyone should google it. That my darlings is what it is all about the fact that lovely lady does not have a Emmy is beyond me. That you young viewers skulls full of mush do not get! You are suppose to cry you are suppose to feel love for these people and the HW ‘s today do not get it! Gosh give me five minutes with you in a room and you would!!!!

  2. Mo says:

    Good for her. Inspirational. It was good to see her on B&B and look forward to more scenes of her.


  3. Jamesj75 says:

    Linsey is inspiring! I wish her all the best!


    CeeCee replied

    Right? I watched the interview…..she has a will of iron. All the best.


  4. Nikki says:

    Get well soon Linsey, your fans love you and can’t wait for your return.


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