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16 May 1st, 2014 LISTEN NOW: Soap Nation Live! with Michael Fairman Daytime Emmy Nomination Special!

Tonight on the latest edition of  Soap Nation Live with Michael Fairman, it’s our Daytime Emmy Nomination Special!

Listen-in live as Michael welcomes his very special guests:  General Hospital’s Jason Thompson (Patrick), The Young and the Restless, Steve Burton (Dylan) and Max Ehrich (Fen), Days of our Lives  Eileen Davidson (Kristen), The Bold and the Beautiful’s Heather Tom (Katie), One Life to Live’s Kelley Missal (Dani) and more!

In addition, Soap Opera Digest’s  editor-in-chief Stephanie Sloane will be on hand to discuss who got in and who got snubbed in the nominations and NATAS’ David Michaels will speak on behalf of the Emmy contest.

During the broadcast, these ladies and gents will also be taking calls from our listener line! Dial 866-246-8923 to participate!  This 90 minute  special event begins live at 7PMPST/10PMEST.

Now, listen live to the broadcast after the jump! If you are tuning in shortly before 7PMPST, you will hear some musical interludes before we go live for showtime!



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  1. Cathy says:

    Good luck!


    Mama replied

    The last time “Days of Our Lives” won a Lead Emmy, Jimmy Carter was in office.


    code replied

    They won last year mama

  2. Kay says:

    Really wanting to see Sharon Case win lead actress. She deserved to win last year as well


    Jenny replied

    Sharon Case was this her on air? I love her. I wanted her to win best lead actress from Y&R


    Mama replied

    Keep hoping. She wasn’t even nominated.

  3. Patrick says:

    DAYS of OUR Lives : Eileen Davidson

    I just love how she acknowledges, Eric Martsolf

    in that, he was her rock… how they just took off… snowballed… in to their OWN , supercoupled Salem… and with ever fiber of their being… did

    My ideal Emmy’ 2014

    Lead Actress : Eileen Davidson
    Best Supporting, Male : Eric Martsolf

    Lead Actor : Billy Miller
    Best Supporting, Female : Amelia Heinle

    of course, Best Serial : Ta-Da! Days of OUR Lives !


    Rod replied

    I love Eric but can we say ACTING CLASSES


  4. su0000 says:

    General Hospital not even getting a nomination,,
    I do not even know which words of disgust and contempt to use to express my fellings..
    The awards panel should be ashamed..

    I, personally will boycott their stupid awards,,

    No General Hospital.. no viewer ..


    Patrick replied

    well said : “…I do not even know which words of disgust and contempt to use to express my fellings”

    there are still 6 shows to contend… in the nomination block

    CBS… evoked their right… by quashing … the process of elimination… with the most votes… and undermined… our intelligence

    balk… implode… derision…. blech… I cant’ stand it

    it’s downright embarrassing… wouldn’t you think.. as an actor for CBS to grandtand… red carpet… mundane… dead writing… poor production…

    a product… as bad as Y&R/B&B to nab the most nominees….

    I choose contempt.. and soapbox


    4everDAYS replied

    What soap should not win?


    Rod replied

    Totally boycotting with you!!! ABSOLUTELY RICICULOUS about GH


    su0000 replied

    …….. I am without a doubt boycotting ..

    no need or want for me to watch without GH ..

  5. Rod says:

    GH ROBBED!! Not watching if it’s televised. It’s ridiculous the multiple actors from the same show nominated. Last year emmy broadcast was a joke too. This Emmys is so fixed and never based on talent.
    Congrats B&B & Y&R oh right you don’t need it. They fix it for you every year


  6. Derrick says:

    Go Y&R, B&B and DAYS!


  7. todd says:

    can Kelly Missal please win!!! She was the best part of One Life to Live v2. it would be the best if won outstanding show too. GH was not robbed. It was a great show last year, but they picked an eleven episode most likely.


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