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3 February 13th, 2014 LISTEN NOW: Soap Nation Live! With Michael Fairman Season Premiere!

Tonight on the season premiere of  Soap Nation Live with Michael Fairman, listen-in live as Michael welcomes his very special guests: General Hospital’s Michael Easton (Silas), The Young and the Restless David Tom (Billy) and Days of our Lives Guy Wilson (Will) for some lively, candid, and engaging conversation. This 90 minute  special event begins live at 7PMPST/10PMEST.

During the broadcast, we will be taking your calls from our listener line. If  you would like to ask a question to our special guests, dial 323-325-LIVE!

In addition, in honor of Valentine’s week, we take a look at the loved and not-so-loved characters and couples in soaps in a very special segment, plus make sure to tune-in for your chance to win some very soaptastic tickets to some upcoming special events!  Listen live to the broadcast after the jump! NOTE: If you are listening to the player below after the show to hear it archived, the audio plays after the 5:00 minute mark.

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  1. rebecca1 says:

    LOL! I only listened to the Michael Easton segment (he’s the only one of the three whoI follow OLTL/GH) and it was hilarious! Michael was a great guest; he’s personable, intelligent, conversational, fun…and the game show complete with Match Game music had me laughing out loud! Incredibly fun interview. Loved it!


  2. MBmomof3 says:

    Congratulations, Michael. Great guests, great show! So happy you are expanding your media empire. I’m a very grateful soap fan. Hope to hear more on the future.

    Thanks to your awesome guests as well.


  3. Patrick says:

    Hello Michael Fairman: I enjoyed your show – immensely

    Michael Easton – favorite part… was when he stated… when he was on OLTL… just outside the OLTL studio… within walking distance… were 6 bars

    LOL. what a time that must have been… to unwind … and relax with cast mates and crew alike.

    NOW 10 + years later… he’s a celebrated vet. I never watched OLTL .. but now enjoy his take on GH. He’s solid. my one wish… is more scenes with Rafe…romance is one thing… and the biggest part… but.. I like watching Silas, become involved with discovering parenting. being w/Sam and Daniel Edward… will take care of itself.

    Guy Wilson: be still my heart…. it’s still heart, mind, and soul, that I discover, with… SO many others… LGBT livelihood on the air… thriving, making inroads, and channeling how our energies are intrinsic… were never that far apart. assimilating with all walks of life

    first impressions are everything…. GUY, you made inroads the moment you stepped in to DOOL…. with Sonny, Sami, Marlena, and Kate… including Lucas…

    as was shared… Chandler Massey’ Will… did the part of coming out… and… now… it’s nuWill turn, on living his life… otherworldly… for some… and a delight for

    I like how he shared… when in scenes with his co-stars… how it’s often…. strapping yourself in and going along for the ride… I emphatically, share… with an accomplished cast and crew… A game is ON… and Will is channeling onward and upwards…

    David Tom: I wish him well…. this is, more of a daunting task… to replace Billy Miller… than, Guy Wilson… replacing Chandler Miller. I don’t really know his acting


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