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12 February 14th, 2014 Listen To The Broadcast: Soap Nation Live! with Michael Fairman and Special Guests: GH’s Michael Easton, Y&R’s David Tom & DAYS Guy Wilson!

If you missed last night’s season premiere of  the new monthly Internet radio series, Soap Nation Live! with Michael Fairman, not to worry, you can listen here to the archived broadcast of the entire show!

During Soap Nation Live, Michael welcomed very special guests: General Hospital’s Michael Easton (Silas), The Young and the Restless David Tom (Billy) and Days of our Lives Guy Wilson (Will) who each gave a very candid and fun interview to the listeners, and took several callers questions and comments along the way!

General Hospital’s Michael Easton, who rarely does interviews explained why that is so on the broadcast, plus discussed if and when he knew about Silas’ big story that is currently playing out on GH, and what he thought of being given the name “Silas” after having switched from playing John McBain!

And speaking of John McBain, Michael discusses his time playing the beloved character, and his former cast of OLTL, including working with his pal, Trevor St. John (Victor Jr.)   Of course, we had to ask about Michael being re-teamed with Kelly Monaco (Sam) and if it’s been difficult to make lighting strike three times with the popular duo with him playing three different roles opposite Kelly – Caleb of PC, John, and now Silas.  And Michael played our very special game show segment, “Who Knows Michael Easton’s Soap Roles Best?” and helped a lucky listener to victory!

Courtesy/NBC/Sue Coflin/CBS

During his radio appearance, David Tom was very candid about replacing the beloved Billy Miller and taking back his original role of Billy Abbott for the first time in more than a decade.  He also filled us in on why he decided to exit Y&R in the first place years ago, and was open to conversing on how he deals with fan pushback and getting their acceptance playing the role of Billy again.

Since talent runs in the “Tom” household, David reveals if he and sister Heather Tom of The Bold and the Beautiful give each other acting tips, and David talks about working with his Y&R cast mates: Amelie Heinle (Victoria), Cynthia Watros (Kelly), Jess Walton (Jill) and Peter Bergman (Jack)!

Guy Wilson was very sincere and forthright discussing taking over the pivotal role of Will Horton from Chandler Massey and the importance of the couple WilSon to the daytime landscape.  He also revealed what has been like  for him to play with all the recent bedrooms scenes with Freddie Smith (Sonny), working with baby Ari,  three important ladies in Salem: Deidre Hall (Marlena), Alison Sweeney (Sami) and Lauren Koslow (Kate).  Guy also answered what is the importance to him of playing an LGBT character and representing it on television, and where he hopes Sonny and Will’s story will go in the future, after their big moment that aired today on Valentine’s Day!

Listen below to the entire broadcast which includes our special SoapValentine’s Day segment too!  Then let us know what was your favorite part of the premiere episode of Soap Nation Live was?


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  1. Vicki says:

    Hey Michael, I enjoyed your interview, but why wouldn’t you have mentioned Melissa Archer as one of Michael Easton’s friends that he would be missing and felt bad for after he left OLTL? After all, he spent the most time with Meliss on the set out of any other actress on OLTL, so why would you ignore that? Wow, it seems like too many of you soap pundits dismiss Melissa Archer as a viable & amazing acting partner for Michael. I’m really disappointed with this as Melissa is and always was one of my favorite OLTL actors! I mean, why would you completely ignore that John & Natalie were a great couple and they were a major story on OLTL for almost 8 years?


    Sheila replied

    I agree, Vicki. I was very disappointed in not only the dismissal of Melissa, but the entire attitude expressed.


    MBmomof3 replied

    No kidding. I found his John McBain downright boring without Melissa Archer’s Natalie. Sorry Michael.

    I’d love it if Mr. Fairman interviewed Melissa Archer. She’s one of my favorites. I’ve seen her interviewed a few times and she comes off very down to earth and seems to genuinely love the soap genre.

  2. Gentry Ashmore says:

    Probably because the network wants him to focus on Sam and Silas. I have said it before and will say it again – Natalie and John, best soap opera couple ever. I have watched soaps for 31 years and thought Luke and Laura were the best for so long until John and Natalie came along. They are Ratings GOLD. Their chemistry and love and sacrifice for one another is undeniable.

    ABC needs to settle with Prospect Park, get the rights to OLTL back and relaunch OLTL. Forget the Chew, it’s lame and won’t last. They should learn from Prospect Park and share sets and actors with GH. Ron and Frank could turn out both shows with the right writers and staff.

    John and Natlie, Bo and Nora, Tea and Victor, Todd and Blair Vicky and Clint, Jessica and Christian, are the best love stories.

    OLTL has heart and soul, especially John and Natalie. Just watch tube clips, no better couple ever!!!

    By the way, Melissa Archer is fantastic. I hated the character of Natalie Buchanan at first. She turned it around and now is my favorite soap character ever. She’s wasted on Beacon Hill. She needs to be front and center with her main man, John. Not only are they lovers, they are the best cop team ever.

    Ron and Frank, listen up. You can persuade the network and rally the fans. You did an amazing job so keep the legacy continuing. So many new stories to tell.


  3. 4everDAYS says:

    I liked the show! It was interesting to hear a “in the know guest” say that “Y&R has no couples to root for.”


  4. su0000 says:

    very good.. I liked it… thanks ..


  5. Claire says:

    It would be very helpful to have the interview transcribed for those of us who are deaf or hearing impaired. Thanks.


  6. heidi says:

    Great show Michael!!! Michael Easton was so interesting and was a great guest!!! Enjoyed the others very much!!! Missed Carolyn Hennessy but otherwise very well done!!! Can’t wait for the next one!!!


  7. MBmomof3 says:

    I enjoyed the show. The interviews with 3 of the hottest actors on daytime were fun and interesting. Looking forward to the next show.


  8. Kaffe says:

    Michael Easton is wonderful and intelligent, and loved his take on Sam (Kelly Monaco)

    RC write them to have a family!!!

    Nix Jason Morgan!


  9. smoochie says:

    Wow! I am excited about this show Michael Fairman has launched and hope it becomes totally supported so that it doesn’t go away. Michael you are so smart to do this for us soapies, and for yourself as well; you are certainly in an enviable position. Thank you thank you sooo much for your great choice of first guests, my particular favorite the lovely Michael Easton who I am so happy agreed to being on the air with you. He never disappoints as he is a true gentleman who is always a humble, down-to-earth man ,who has proven himself to be a brilliant, multi-talented being with great taste in authors, poets and musicians- Michael always graces any space he is in and with a great sense of humor.I have been a fan since DOOL following his career up-to-date. It is so rare for a show biz personality to be so consistent- he always has positive things to say about everyone he has worked or works with while himself tends to be a bit self-effacing. Michael Fairman, congratulations and what a pleasure it is to listen to your show.


  10. TLCSchip says:

    Amazing interview with Michael Easton, he is definitely one of my favorite actors…Thank you so much.


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