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16 March 25th, 2016 LISTEN TO THE BROADCAST: Soap Nation Live! With Michael Fairman Daytime Emmy Nominations Special! Guests: Finola Hughes, Maura West, Kassie DePaiva, Melissa Reeves, Tyler Christopher, Jacob Young, Linsey Godfrey, Bryan Craig, Dee Wallace, Obba Babatunde’, Nicolas Bechtel, Brooklyn Rae Silzer With Co-Hosts: Laura Wright and David Michaels!

If you missed Thursday’s night’s broadcast of Soap Nation Live! with Michael Fairman‘s third annual Daytime Emmy Award Nominations special, you can listen to the replay of the episode right here!

After the nominees were announced for the 43rd Annual Daytime Emmy Awards earlier in the day on The Talk, many of the nominees celebrated and participated in this two-hour lively and entertaining Daytime Emmy kick-off.

Joining Michael in-studio were his very special co-hosts: Daytime Emmy winner and General Hospital favorite, Laura Wright (Carly Corinthos) and NATAS’ Senior VP Daytime Emmy Awards, David Michaels.  During the broadcast Laura, David, and Michael discussed with several nominees their reactions to learning they are going for gold on May 1st, their Emmy submissions, learned some acting secrets, shared some laughs, and more.   In addition, David filled listeners in on what happened behind the scenes that led to the decision that the Daytime Emmys will not be televised this year.

Emmy-nominated call-in guests included: Outstanding Lead Actress nominees: GH’s Finola Hughes (Anna) and Maura West (Ava), and former DAYS star Kassie DePaiva (Eve), Outstanding Lead Actor nominee: GH’s Tyler Christopher (Nikolas), Outstanding Supporting Actor nominee: B&B’s Jacob Young (Rick), Outstanding Supporting Actress nominees: DAYS Melissa Reeves (Jennifer) and B&B’s Linsey Godfrey (Caroline), Outstanding Younger Actor nominees: GH’s Bryan Craig (Morgan) and Nicolas Bechtel (Spencer), Outstanding Younger Actress nominee: Brooklyn Rae Silzer (Emma), Outstanding Guest Performer nominees: Dee Wallace (Ex-Patricia) and Obba Babatunde’ (Julius).

During the live broadcast, listeners had the opportunity to share their thoughts on the nominations and pose questions to our co-hosts and guests.  Towards the end of the special, they also had the opportunity to win two VIP tickets to the GH Soap Fantasy event in Nashville, Tennessee on April 16th.  Listen to find out just what happened when Michael tried to pose 3 questions to the callers who were trying to win.   For past episodes of Soap Nation Live! you can listen via the show’s page at

Now after the jump, listen to Soap Nation Live! with Michael Fairman Daytime Emmy Nominations Special 2016.  Then let us know what was your favorite part of the show in the comment section below.

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  1. su0000 says:

    I listened to the broadcast, last night.
    It was really fun and informative, everyone had a good time..
    I am glad I listened to the nominees share their stories with us because now, well it’s over (the emmy’s) :(


  2. TayloRose says:

    FANTASTIC Daytime Emmys Nominations Special. Laura Wright should be your co-host EVERY year…she’s PHENOMENAL! Loved all the Emmy nominees, especially listening to what REELS they submitted for Emmy consideration. And how “too cute for words” were Nicolas Bechtel and Brooklyn Rae Silzer! So good to hear Soap Nation Live back ON the Air. Thank you, Michael! ((Hugs & 2


    TayloRose replied

    Hehe…that was supposed to end with > ((Hugs & 2 thumb’s Way Up))


  3. Peggy says:

    What a great, fun show! Thank you!


  4. Rose says:

    Thanks MF, Laura and David. I figured if Michael F was going to take the time to give the fans and nominees a “show,” I would take advantage and listen. It was a lot of fun to hear everyone off-screen. Was really interested in a comment a Laura gave about how when she was starting how the vets on the shows had time to help them. And that doesn’t exist anymore. That probably contributes to how some of us feel about newbies not being comfortable or ready for their roles.

    Also, soap networks, shame on you for not coming up with a real award show. For what these actors and stories have done for you over the years, and are trying to continue to do so, you real came off cheap and unappreciative. You seem to find time for all kinds of other awards shows all of the time.


  5. nancy dillingham says:

    Loved the show, Michael! So very interesting to hearing all of the comments by those actors nominated. Everyone was so articulate, so humble, and so very professional. Gratifying! (Loved “Fin’s” comments, especially!)


    Helen replied

    Yes- totally agree and loved it.


  6. Michael T says:

    So Obba broke his character DOWN you hear me? lol I enjoyed it but he reminded me of my longwinded uncle lol


  7. Michael T says:

    Also Jacob Young through beautiful subtle shade ” I don’t know how Karla wasn’t nominated” he through that in there so nicely.


    Peggy replied

    Yes- she certainly deserved to be.


    MT replied

    she did a great job that’s for sure

  8. Llanviewer717 says:

    Thank you Michael for such a great show. It was so wonderful to hear from all the nominees. All the people connected with daytime dramas are such incredibly hard working professionals. They deserve much more recognition than they receive.


  9. Frank says:

    Thanks, Michael for another great show!


  10. TayloRose says:

    AND this happened > From Michael Fairman on Twitter an hour ago…

    Thanks 2 everyone who made #SoapNationLive @DaytimeEmmys noms special our most listened & streamed broadcast evah!

    Yahhhhhhhs…The 2016 Soap Nation Live Daytime Emmys Nominations Special was the #1 listened & streamed broadcast! That’s AWESOME news, Michael…HUGE congrats!!!!


  11. Barbara says:

    Loved the show, Laura Wright -the whole show was great and much appreciated. Thanks, Michael.


  12. Helen says:

    Thank you very much, so enjoyed this!


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