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13 March 21st, 2014 Listen To The Broadcast: Soap Nation Live with Michael Fairman & Special Guests: GH’s Donna Mills & Kristen Alderson, Y&R’s Joshua Morrow and NASHVILLE’S Jonathan Jackson!

If you missed last night’s March broadcast of the monthly Internet radio series, Soap Nation Live! with Michael Fairman, not to worry, you can listen here to the archived broadcast of the entire show!

During Soap Nation Live, Michael welcomed very special guests: Knots Landing favorite and General Hospital guest star Donna Mils (Madeline), Nashville’s Jonathan Jackson (Avery), The Young and the Restless Joshua Morrow (Nick), and General Hospital’s Kristen Alderson (Kiki) during the 90 minute plus episode!

Below we have provided a recap of some of the points discussed during each interview, and the exact time code to listen to the segments.  That way, if you want to listen to one of your favorites in our March special guest line-up, you can skip right to it and know where to locate it!

The Young and the Restless Joshua Morrow shared his thoughts on his current storyline and the recent developments where Sharon (Sharon Case) just had electro-shock therapy, after recently having sex with Nick, and then seeing visions of Cassie (Camyrn Grimes) again!  Of course, it’s a Cassie lookalike who is carrying out this despicable mission to get the secret that Sharon is harboring for Victor (Eric Braeden)!  Joshua reveals his feelings on that twist in the storyline, and it may surprise you!  In addition, Joshua discusses the casting losses to Y&R this past year starting with the passing of Jeanne Cooper (Katherine).  Later, Joshua plays our game show segment this month entitled, “Who Knows Nick Newman Best?” and helps a lucky caller try to win some soaptastic tickets to see him and Steve Burton (Dylan, Y&R) at their upcoming personal appearance.  Joshua’s segment starts at 7:15 into the broadcast.

Next, we welcomed Nashville’s Jonathan Jackson to Soap Nation Live!  Jonathan discussed the changes to his character of Avery Barclay this season on the ABC Music City drama, and who he thinks the love of Avery’s life might just turn out to be… is it Juliette (Hayden Panettiere) …  or could it be Scarlett (Claire Bowen)?

After winning five Daytime Emmys for his portrayal of Lucky Spencer on General Hospital, Jonathan talks about working with his long-time on-screen scene partner Tony Geary (Luke), and the controversial storyline that had Nikolas (Tyler Christopher) sleeping with Lucky’s wife, Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) that is coming around again currently on the ABC soap opera, since Elizabeth recently admitted she loves Nikolas!

We also play an excerpt from Jonathan’s song with Steve Burton (Dylan, Y&R), “You Killed Romeo”  and get his comments, and discuss his burgeoning music career and new album that is the works! Jonathan’s segment begins at 33:00 into the broadcast.

During her Soap Nation Live appearance, Kristen Alderson revealed what it has been like to work with Tony Geary in the creepy Lucky and Kiki story point which is currently playing out on air that has Luke making sexual innuendos and physical advances to the much younger gal!  Kristen weighs-in on what she thinks has happened to an altered Luke Spencer!  In addition, she discusses the difficulties and challenges of playing Kiki in this storyline, her real life relationship with co-star Chad Duell (Michael), if she misses playing Starr Manning, what she thought of the ending of Starr’s storyline on ABC’s One Life to Live and what she thought of the abrupt ending to Prospect Park’s version of One Life to Live.  Now being placed in an on-screen family that includes daytime heavy-hitters Maura West (Ava) and Michael Easton (Silas) as her on-screen parents, she reveals her thoughts on being part of this new family dynamic and much more!  Plus, Kristen gives details on her upcoming musical appearance at Soap Stars Sing on April 11th.  Kristen’s segment begins at 48:25 into the broadcast.

We closed the broadcast with a fun and fantastic segment with Knots Landing favorite and current General Hospital guest star, Donna Mills (Madeline Reeves)!  Donna discussed: how GH head writer Ron Carlivati and executive producer Frank Valentini pitched her the part of Madeleine, finding out that Ron was a huge fan of her work as Abby on Knots Landing, working with her new male GH co-stars Ryan Paevey (Nathan) and Michael Easton (Silas), and if she would like to do more episodes other than the original 12 she was slated for.  Plus, Donna offers a big tease that Madeline is far more scheming than Abby was on Knots!  And to look for a reveal in an upcoming episode that Madeline has a past with someone else on the GH canvas … but who is it?

Being that the pace of daytime can be  so daunting, Donna does discuss her conversation with Joan Van Ark (Val, KL) who for a period appeared on The Young and the Restless as Gloria, but opted not to continue because of the grind.  And for Knots Landing fans, Donna weighs-in on if she would want to do another “Knots” reunion special, her favorite Abby moments and storylines, and if she would love William Devane (Ex-Gregory Sumner, KL) to join her on GH!  It’s a not-to-be-missed interview.  Donna’s segment begins at 77:15 into the broadcast.

Listen below to the March edition of Soap Nation Live! Then, let us know what were your favorite parts?  Who did you enjoy hearing from the most?  What are you most excited about that was revealed by one of the guests?

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  1. denisefan says:

    Love Donna Mills!


    Tommy Moss replied

    Poor Bill Bell would be rolling if he seen what Jill F. Phelps has done to his show and beloved characters. Really making a women grieving for her daughter go through ETC treatment and killing off little children for Halloween. What is she planing for an encore someone trashing up Mrs Chancellor’s remains.


    Theresa replied

    Please don’t bring back Phyllis. i never liked her . She broke Sharons heart

    Deb V. replied

    Why did they make Sharon go through shock treatment I think its not fair. I hope Nick will never forgive Victor and we have Schick back! i did really love Sharon with Adam also . Just so upset what Sharon has been put through


    Ella replied

    No way nobody like Nick with Phyllis! That was as wrong as Chelsea with Adam . Zero chemistry. Sharon is awesome with Nick or Adam. Victor better pay for what he did to Sharon. Im tired of Sharon being treated like a doormat . No we never need a Phyllis! WHAT we need is a Drucilla and Victoria Rowell for Neil ! Why why why can’t we get her back! Amber were is Amber . Daniel and Amber were beautiful. I don’t like the show always being Chelsea and Victor. No more of that.


    Christina replied

    Sorry but I can NEVER look at Victor again. Im sick over this no joke. Loved Sharon with Nick for years then fell in love with Sharon and Adam then Nick and Sharon again. I just can’t stomach this what has been done to a grieving mother. Shameful , Nikki better leave Victor and Victor loses all . Can Sharon be happy now for goodness sakes


    Bertha Gross replied

    Avery was boring with Nick and never liked Phyllis with Nick. Chelsea I really do not like with Adam. I loved so much Sharon and Adam. Nobody had that much sexual chemistry like Shadam . Schick is just magic! Schick the core of the show!!! …. Please bring back Dru for Neil . Loved them


    Victoria replied

    Please let SCHICK be happy! I will do a happy dance if Sharon and Nick have a beautiful summer romantic wedding! Find someone new for the new Adam I do not like Chelsea for him. I sleep through it


  2. heidi says:

    Awesome show… Michael!!! Great guests… great interviews… lot’s of fun!!! Especially liked Donna Mills!!!


    Connie replied

    YAY Y&R’s Sharon and Nick Newman all my reason to watch! I want Jack to be Summers father. I was so hurt Nick cheated on Sharon! Josh is right that 5 is a small number because in two years Chelsea has been with 3 men and almost 4 if lily didn’t stop her from stealing Cane like she stole Adam from Sharon!…….Never bring back Phyllis! The show Revenge is such a great show also.


  3. su0000 says:

    Great interviews!!!!!
    I wish Sharon would be killed off and her and Cassie could be ghost’s together and off my screen/the story would end..
    This ”who is the real daddy” story” is the longest longest longest never ending and most boring soap story ever..
    Keep the interviews coming!!!!!! They are awesome!!!!

    Sometime interview ALL the writers of GH :) and the director too!!


  4. Charday says:

    Good interviews. Especially liked Donna Mills.


  5. DOE says:

    Fans and friends of Michael and his radio show that should have called in to talk to the stars on last Thursdays show, you really missed a great show. Lucky for you that now it is being aired. again. So listen in so you can hear what you missed..


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