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0 November 23rd, 2009 Lorraine Broderick named head scribe for now at AMC!

amc_book.jpgAll My Children’s former head writer Lorraine Broderick has been tapped to be the lead scribe on the soap at least for the foreseeable future, this according to a birdie from Daytime Confidential!

“I just found out Lorraine Broderick for the transition,” says the mole. “I don’t know who will ultimately go in.”

News this morning from TV Guide Canada’s Nelson Branco in his Monday Soapgeist column reported that, “The AMC cast was reportedly stunned. “No one had a clue,” says one cast member. An ABC insider reveals that Brian Frons gave the maligned and controversial scribe three months to shape up or get out. “Fans were upset, but most importantly, certain high-level stars were furious over the material they had to act out, including the most vocal actor, Susan Lucci,” says the mole.”

Broderick is no stranger to the character of Pine Valley having joined AMC’s writing staff in 1979,  under Agnes Nixon.  Broderick served as co-head writer of AMC from 1987-1988, associate head writer from 1981-1987 and 1988-1991 and as head writer from October 1996-December 1997,

Is this truly a temporary stop gap until Brian Frons and the ABC team find a new head scribe to take the show in solid direction while it ushers in the next decade in it’s new LA digs? Stay tuned.

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