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11 May 8th, 2012 Loving Llanview New Tour Dates Announced! Pre-Sale Tickets Go on Sale Wednesday!


The show had ended but the memories remain! Ah that pains us to say that tag line, but it is a bittersweet reality, soapers! However, if you live in the Midwest, great news One Life fans!  You will have an opportunity this summer to catch Trevor St. John, Michael Easton, John-Paul Lavoisier, Melissa Archer, Kassie DePaiva and Hillary B. Smith live one of the stops on the Loving Llanview Tour!

If you are in Cincinnati, Ohio on June 22nd, Merrillville, Indiana on June 23rd, or Chicago, Illinois on June 24th, you will have an opportunity to see your favorites from One Life to Live in this fun and interactive live show.

Tomorrow, Wednesday May 9th, there will be a special Pre-Sale for tickets to these three newly announced events before they go on sale to the General Public!  To purchase your tickets and get more info visit or call 1-866-364-0330!

Now after the jump, watch the Loving Llanview promotional sizzle reel to really get you in the mood, and then let us know after seeing it, if you miss these stars on One Life as much as we do?


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  1. Katy says:

    Ahh!!! What about west coast?! We want to see them too! :( send llanview out to CA!!


  2. melissa says:

    I live 15 min outside Cincy..I am so excited and it’s my moms Bday.:) Cannot wait!


  3. MBmomof3 says:

    I am on their mailing list WAITING for this event to come to my neck of the woods and i’ll be out of state!!! ARGH!!! Why didn’t the send this to their mailing list?


  4. TSpencer44 says:

    Williamsburg, Va…..come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. Emily says:

    I wish I could go!!! I’m in NYC and missed the last 1 Jan. Had tckts but was sick, real sick, dumb luck.

    Sounds like the last 1was a hit and they’re going to party again:) Seems like they really miss and enjoy each other and a fun group. Wish I could go:( Gone but not forgotten, yep, yep!!!! Can’t wait to see the pics and vids. Will look out for’em. And some important ques will be asked and maybe answered, or will know some answers by then. Exciting!!!


  6. Heather says:

    What is ABC waiting to release a special DVD collection of OLTL? P&G did it with GL and ATWT. OLTL should get it own DVD collection too. But, we’re talking about ABC here. Not the brightest people on earth.


  7. Little Mary says:

    I wish ABC would at least show reruns of OLTL this summer instead of more news. If they want to boost ratings and make money they should put OLTL back into production in some form this fall. I don’t buy for one minute that ABC/Disney doesn’t have the money. At least ABC used the one collective brain cell they had left to renew GH. Outside of GH, I still and will continue to boycott all ABC shows and Disney products until they come to their senses.


    barbara t replied

    Thats what I said put reruns of one life to live on we have enough news. abc/disney just bought in to a hispanic news network it will be done in english,Heres a Idea why cant the hispanics tune into cnn,msnbc,and fox, they can listen to the news in english there to, in other words they could have kept the soaps instead of waste more money on garbage ,there is just so many news stories in a day, And I am a news junkie and I know we have enough news places to go, I hope there news channel sinks.


    Susan M. replied

    There are reruns of OLTL on the soap channel .. My cable station for it is 158..It’s on 7: 00am & 8:00am .. To watch reruns for me makes me miss OLTL even more…………………….

  8. Susan M. says:

    I wiuld have really liked to have gone to the Loving LandView but I live in Fl. The they were in N.Y…They should have had this in Fl.. The SunShine State….Then I could have gone… Would have been really nice to meet the cast of OLTL face to face….I would probably been tongue-tied…..Or not………………………….


    barbara t replied

    I live in florida to, and it would be nice if loving landview would come here. me, Tongue tied, Never. I would love to ask several questions. And enjoy myself with my favorite characters from one life to live.


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