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23 April 14th, 2011 Lucci, Alderson, Williamson & Gregory react via Twitter to AMC & OLTL being axed!

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The stars of All My Children and One Life to Live are taking to twitter today to let some of their immediate thoughts and sentiments of the cancellation of these two legendary soap operas in the same day, has made national news headlines and one of the top ten topics in the twitterverse.

AMC’s Susan Lucci stated,  “It saddens me that All My Children is canceled. I’ve loved playing Erica Kane and working with Agnes Nixon & the incredible people at AMC.”  OLTL”s Bree Williamson offered up, ”Thank you so much for your support. I feel like Sarah marshal when ‘crime scene’ was canceled. You guys are so lovely. Unfortunately I am not sure there is anything anyone can do.”


OLTL’s Kristen Alderson tweeted, ”Of course we are all very devastated about the news, but are very grateful we have time to process it.” And, OLTL’s David Gregory added: “Thank you all so much for your support of not only daytime TV, but the ABC soaps: especially OLTL. And the Ford clan!! Love you guys. Frank has promised were goin’ out with a bang so get ready!!”e to process it.”  Gregory also alluded to the fact that the cast found about the cancellation at a meeting earlier today.

We will continue throughout the day and night to bring you more thoughts, tweets, and info on this heartbreaking history making day in soap opera history.

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  1. ANGEL says:

    I think it’s very sad with all the television that is on that they picked such programing to cancel. AMC and OLTL are awesome soaps. I have been watching for years. It is fun entertainment. It also focused on important topics, abuse, rape, eating disorders, peer pressure, bullying and dealing with coming out and being gay.
    I enjoyed and look forward to watching both shows. Both soaps have such creative and talented actors. It’s not just the writers who make the show it is the team as a whole who brings it and makes it what it is. I think it’s extremely sad to disappoint so many viewers with such a decision as cancelling to major well liked soaps. Just not right. Many thousands and thousands of fans who tune in daily. You have gained many a faithful fans who have been dedicated for decades. Never mind the many jobs lost as well due to such a decision. I dont think it’s right. It is refreshing to see a different kind of television besides the norm that is on these days. Woman like soaps. Woman are home and they are your major viewers. We enjoy soaps. I think there is way to much medical shows and cop programs, and lawyer type shows on. Every time you turn around a new show based on those topics. All the same focus. But Soaps they focus on so much more. Keep the SOAPS !!! PLEASE. Give the viewers what they want. We like and enjoy the SOAPS. Reason why they have been so succesful for decades.
    Storylines and the talented actors and the fans who love watching! :o ) Please do the right thing. Keep AMC and OLTL going.


  2. MEG says:



    MEG replied



  3. Bina says:

    I am appaulled by the news I’m hearing that OLTL is being cancelled. I have watched OLTL for 19 years or more. I will not support any other Daytime soap once OLTL is off the air. I appreciate all the hard work that the producers. behind the scenes crews last but surely not the least the actors/actressses that put in a whole lot of dedication to their art & fans to keep us glued to the show for so so long. Some of us have been watching longer than others but we share the same sadness. I am so so upset over this news. Television will never be the same again.


  4. Dawn says:

    Omg I’m in tears right now. They can’t freaking do this. I revolve my life around those 2 soaps I’m beyond upset. I’m out raged at ABC…


  5. Lacra says:

    I can’t believe it. Who wants to watch another food show. I’ve watched All My Children since I was 12 I feel like I just lost my bestfriends. Hopefully they will show up on another TV channel or cable channel.


  6. katina says:

    I’m still upset over this. I can’t believe they did this. I have been watching abc soaps since for 30+ years. I’m just so numb right now, don’t know what think anymore. I feel so sorry for all the actress/actors of both shows. My favorite is OLTL and I can’t imagine them not being on t.v. I will not watch any talk shows or cooking show. That is just not going to happen. Fans are in an uproar right now about this. This one is hard to take. I hope that another Network picks them up or something. Brian Frons need to be fired plain and simple.


    Helen replied

    I agree that this idiot Brian Frons should be fired. It’s bad enough listening to those cackling hens on the View, which I would never watch, but to replace two outstanding soaps with this Crap called the Chew and the Revolution is being comprehension. Don’t worry come spring this time next year, they will realize what a disaster it was taking these soaps off the air. I know I won’t tune into ABC to watch this garbage. As a matter of fact this was the only reason I watched ABC. the rest of their programming sucks!!!!


  7. Brian Greene says:

    This news has ruined my day today!


  8. Jessica says:

    I want you all to know that we are fighting to keep the soaps on the air! We do not want to see AMC or OLTL end and have all of you wonderful actors be out of your job you love so much. You are wonderful actors, none of you deserve this, and us fans sure don’t deserve to have these shows taken away, especially when most of us have been watching since childhood. My mom and I have set up a group on facebook, we are sending complaints, signing petitions and everything to do everything we can to change this decision! Please pass this on to everyone at AMC & OLTL for me, and if you ever are on facebook, our group is called SAVE ABC SOAPS. We love you.

    Jessica McGahan
    Tomball, TX


  9. Days says:

    come on over to Days of our lives


  10. Karen says:

    DON’T Cancel OLTL. I DVR it or watch on I don’t think I was counted in the 2.6 million that watch. Many more watch it. After a 16 hour day of work and kids, I like to be taken away and entertained by OLTL. They make me laugh, sometimes cry. I never have to worry about stupid reruns or finding something to watch. Brian Frons has no idea what OLTL means to the fans. He obviously is not connected to the fans. Bring it back or lose an ABC watcher!!


  11. Carol Painter says:

    This is the worst decision ABC has ever made. I think they are more interested in $$$, then they are about the Millions of Viewers who watch these programs, (and HAVE watched for 20, 30, and 40 years.)
    I don’t believe it has ANYTHING to do with ‘Lack Of viewers” MILLIONS of people continue to watch AMC and OLTL..And ALWAYS WILL.
    It’s all about producing a cheap reality show, and making more money for THEMSELVES.
    I believe that with every inch of my being.
    I’m mad, as I am sure millions of your fans are.
    These shows are so much a part of AMERICA,they have always been here from one generation to another..
    Today, I am very angry with Disney, abc,,and If this actually happens …I wil boycott EVERYTHING DISNEY…and ALL abc programs. And I will encourage everyone else to do so as well…(Although i don’t think I will have to push anyone, they will most likely do so, on their own).
    Carol P


  12. abby lindsey says:

    I am so very sad that AMC & OLTL have been cancelled. OLTL is the best show on the ABC lineup as each episode is so entertaining! I will not watch the replacement shows. Very stupid decision, ABC.


  13. LINDA says:

    This is definitely a HUGE mistake. Not all of us wish to watch food shows. Even if
    we did, I would only turn to the Food Network where the fabulous and famous cooks
    have been cooking for the last decade. I won’t be tuning in to see your new shows
    because it’s very unfair to the fans of so many years as myself i”ve been watching now
    since 1964 by taping and DVR”s. To just up and end good shows like One Life To Live.
    it saddens my heart. I will say in the future you will be wanting to return to DayTIme
    Soaps. You will be looking for great actors like Jerry Ver Dorn and Robert Woods
    and if they tell you NOWAY you deserve that……….Not HAPPY here, Not HAPPY
    at ALL!!!


    LINDA replied

    I feel this is a HUGE Mistake!!! Who wants a cooking and talk show. We all
    ready have that with FOOD NETWORK inwhich I dearly Love, and THE VIEW.
    IF I want to watch a show regarding these subjects that is what i will watch,
    NOT your new shows………..what’s wrong w/u people . Trying to replace
    Jerry Ver Dorn and Robert Wood with a cooking channel. GIve me a Break here!
    So unfair to us devoted fans since 1964. I’m 60 years so and still LOVING my
    soap. You had better make the ending the way it should BE!! REALLY GREAT!!!


  14. Carol Fowler says:

    I think it stinks and I will be waiting to watch ABC go down down down


  15. Natasha says:

    I’m so sad right now!!! I can’t even explain!!! This is a very bad move of ABC to do!!! I will not watch those other shows they are putting out!!! I MEAN THAT!!!


  16. Shelley Adams says:

    I won’t be watching ABC AT ALL after Jan.. I hate reality shows; it is a real shame that the best soap opera (OLTL) is cancelled!!!


  17. Shelley says:

    “The View” is a horrible show!! Who wants more shows like that?


  18. Lisa says:

    I have commented on just about every site I can find about how poor of a decision this is to cancel these shows….but I am thinking it is not going to do any good because the public is apparently not listened to!!!!!


  19. Judy says:

    I just found out today that AMC is being cancelled. I began watching the show in January 1970 and have watched almost every day since. When I can’t be home to watch , I tape it (yes, I still have a VHS tape). It’s been my one daily escape from all the pressures in my work and sometimes in life. I’m not a fan of more talk shows or cooking shows. It’s doubtful I’ll be watching the replacements. I guess I’ll have more time to read. I’ll miss this show.


  20. kathy e says:

    I have watched Port Charles Watched guiding light since I was young and sometims as the world turns.I do not have any more soaps left to watch please do not do this to me.Or any one else a few quick bucks is a fools choice next to a long term investment that has had results.


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