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22 December 6th, 2012 Lynn Herring On The Making Of Her Return To GH As Fan Fave Lucy Coe!

Photo Credit: Jim Warren

Circle next Friday December 14th for the return of Lynn Herring as the one and only Lucy Coe to General Hospital!  Herring’s last visit to Port Charles was over eight and half years ago when Lucy attended Lila Quartermaine’s funeral.  This time, Lucy is summoned to town for her expertise on the Nurses Ball!

In the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest on newsstands now, Herring reveals her shock and the happy surprise that she was asked back to General Hospital at this time.  She also noted how many great things she had been told about GH’s latest creative team of executive producer Frank Valentini and head writer Ron Carlivati, especially from her long time friends and GH co-stars Tony Geary (Luke) and Jane Elliot (Tracy)!

Lynn admitted she was completely blown away by the handle the writing team has on her one of a kind character stating: “The voice the writers gave Lucy in the 90′s was pretty specific.  Frank Valentini said ‘I know you haven’t done this in awhile but you have to understand, Ron Carlivati is truly a fans of that time period and those characters and he really does get it!’Of course, until you see it on the page, you’re never sure, but when I read the first show, I was in awe. The script writers and the outline writers and Ron, obviously, all got it, which is a gift in itself – not just to get to go back, but to have some funny oneliners and the reactions of the other characters to Lucy!”

So are you excited for the return of Lynn Herring?  And how the writers look to be treating her like the Lucy of old? Let us know!

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  1. Cath says:

    SO excited for Lucy’s return! :D :D :D She is one of my all time faves & if she’s written like she was in the 90′s, even better! Looking forward to seeing her get mixed up with the Nurses Ball again & it’ll be interesting to see how she reconnects with some longtime characters & how the newer characters to the canvas will react to her. Another good decision by Frank Valentini & Ron Carlivati.


  2. Caroline says:

    I’ve loved all the returns, especially Anna and Robert, but I’m surprised to find that I’m more excited about Lucy returning than even them. l’m so glad Lynn is coming back with Ron writing for her character.


    Frances replied

    So glad that GH is bringing back our favorite characters of the 80′s and 90′s. Anna and Robert were always a favorite of mine. I want to see the Scorpios reunited and hope that Anna falls back in love with Robert. Duke is a nice guy, but have always felt the chemistry between Robert and Anna. Also glad to have Lucy back. She is a lot of fun and should bring more vitality back to the show.


  3. Robbyrob says:

    I’m so ecstatic right now. I’ve waited a decade for GH to be at least watchable again. Frank and Ron have made GH exceed my expectations….it’s that good! The previous regime had no regard for GH history OR its beloved and iconic characters. To have Felicia back, the Q’s a major force again, juicy Lucy returning, and miracle of miracles, I actually love the character of Michael. It looks like ABC is taking notice. Sure, what has replaced the soaps are ratings bombs but GH has actually increased its once anemic ratings. I’m so proud of everybody at GH. I’m back to watching everyday and you can’t get a better compliment than that!


  4. David Larsson says:

    It would be nice if Lucy addressed her absence during Tony’s funeral.


  5. Sean M says:

    I met Lynn Herring at a Soap Event back in 2003.She was one of the nicest soap stars Iever met. Actually she was THE NICEST! while the handlers of the event tried to move things along she was patient and genuinely expressed interest in all her fans. I LOVE LUCY (and Lynn)


  6. Elhu says:

    Definitely looking forward to the return of Lucy Coe, and the humor she brings, as well as the sweet, tender side of her, both of which are played briilliantly by Lynn Herring. I have no doubt that Frank, Ron and all other writers will have her fittng right in.


  7. Cory says:

    I’ve always loved Lucy and thought her character was a big part of the General Hospital family. Good to see her coming back, now let’s work on letting her stay!


  8. aria says:

    Lynn is back, this is great, let the fun begin!.


  9. Ces says:

    Happy for her return and how refreshing that Ron Carlivati “gets” her character. I wish more writers stayed true to form. I would love to see her mix it up with Roger Howarth who I think is just brilliant! :)


  10. Rodd says:

    Looking forward to seeing her!


  11. Christine says:

    Sadly I started watching GH only after Sonny and Brenda were being put together. I did, however, watch PORT CHARLES when the show was facing the ax and they did the arcs (I think I started right before Tainted Love). I remember Sigmund, Lucy’s duck or goose. Whatever happened to him? What happened to Lucy and Doc? I remember Lucy was with someone else and Doc was with the other woman (Julie Pinson). I guess I only remember Rafe and Allison riding off together, but nothing else.

    I remember the 90s Lucy too. Very flighty, but a great heart.


  12. Rosemarie says:

    Like everyone else,I am absolutely THRILLED not only about Lynn Herring’s reurn,but the return of the Nurses Ball! I only hope that Lucy will be hosting the event again,not just consulting-it would be hilarious if she ended up in her underwear onstage again!!


  13. mary says:

    Can’t wait, so excited. I love Lucy. she is so much fun to watch. I hope she stays for a while. Maybe she can be spinelii’s mom.


  14. janet says:

    I am thrilled Lucy is returning.Now let her stay.
    There is so much room for her.She has history with everyone on the show. She is runnng a makeup company,maybe she will sponser the ball!.


  15. MCBAM says:






  16. Lia says:

    I am thrilled she’s back! I hope Kevin is not too far behind her, because Jon was wonderful on this show as well.


  17. Beacon says:

    I hope Lucy will recognize John and Sam as Caleb and Livvie, otherwise the continuity’s all screwed up. Besides, them feeling such a connection is totally tied into the characters they played on Port Charles.


  18. Zookie says:

    HURRAY!!!!!!!!! I am soooooooo excited to learn that Lynn Herrring is returning to GH – I’ve been waiting since Port Chuck went off the air – now we’ll REALLY have some fun. Lynn is a fabulous actor – her comedic timing is flawless. I’m so happy, I could jump for joy-
    Thank you, Frank and Ron, I know you’ll give her a great storyline – it’s just wonderful thank you, thank you, thank you! Oh, and did I remember to say thank you??


  19. Scott (ATWT Fan) says:

    Bringing Lynn Herring back is a good step in the right direction for the series. Since seeing her, she’s already a nice light and joy to have on the series. I hope she sticks around.


  20. clary brazier says:

    Incredibly excited to watch the havoc !


  21. susan baringer says:

    I am happy about her return, but a little confuused as to what happened to the person who played Kevin and how they will explain about him not returning. I think I heard on of the characters saying that Kevin got an aneyrism after hitting his head on the faucet in the bathtub and that he died, and maybe that is why Lucy is going nuts and hallucinating and that the other soap opera was part of her hallucination, is that how they are explaining his abscence. Maybe he planned to come back, but because of living in New York and disaster funds for Hurricane Sandy had not been decided, maybe he could not come back?


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