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9 June 3rd, 2016 Marci Miller On Becoming DAYS New Abigail: “Kate Mansi Has Laid A Beautiful Foundation That Any Actor In Their Right Mind Would Be Equally Thrilled & Terrified To Step Into!”

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This week, Days of our Lives fans learned just who will be the replacement for Kate Mansi in the central role of Abigail Deveraux DiMera.  After an exhaustive search, DAYS chose actress Marci Miller to inherit the role from Mansi and to carry the torch.  Although Kate ended her run at the end of last December, on-screen viewers will see her departure on the June 24th episode of the NBC sudser.

Miller took to her Instagram account to share publicly her first sentiments on becoming the new Abigail, where she acknowledged she is taking over the role from a very popular performer.

Marci expressed: “So grateful for your LOVE and PATIENCE as I take this very big, very scary, and very exciting step! Kate Mansi has laid a beautiful foundation that any actor in their right mind would be equally thrilled and terrified to step into! Rooting for her ALL THE WAY as she winds down in these next few weeks on DOOL. Truly a joy to get to be a part of this family. Much love XO”

Chabby fans are awaiting to see just how Miller will be on-screen with Billy Flynn (Chad)! Will their chemistry spark?

What did you think about Marci’s statement on taking on the role of Abigail? Will fans give her a chance to be accepted in the role, as they have with many a recast over time?  Share your thougths in the comment section below!

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  1. Mo says:

    Very nice. Looking forward to seeing more of Abigail.


  2. Ray says:

    Best of luck to Marci. I hope the casting department has made a good decision after such a long search. It will be difficult at first to see her in the role as Abigail. But, Kate Mansi made the decision to leave the role.

    On a slightly unrelated topic, I have some concern with so many new actors on the show since the anniversary shows. Last year, during the Serena debacle with the elephant statue, Ken Corday said the show had become “unrecognizable.” I have recently taken a sabbatical from the show. It was difficult for me to watch the storylines with Summer, Belle and Shawn when I knew they would be leaving the show. It felt like a waste of time.

    This week, I tuned back in and am seeing too many “unrecognizable” faces. I am not sure seeing Rafe’s mother, Jade, and continuing onslaught of Ciara, Theo and the teenage cast are making people tune in to the show. we all know it is all about ratings, so why hire actors (and retain) that are NOT clicking with the audience.

    Last year, we were watching too many scenes with Paige and Eve. By the time they clicked with the audience, we were saying goodbye to them. If I know I have to watch actors that are painful to watch in their roles, what incentive do I have to watch unless it is fear that if I don’t, the show will be cancelled?

    I am not singling any one actor out, but one young actress has received BRUTAL reviews from the audience. When is enough, enough? It is obvious that after seven months on the show that she is not getting better. Make people want to watch the show because people are talking about how exciting it is, not endure bad acting.


    Jim Preston replied

    In recent months, Days of Our Lives has REALLY gotten draggy and uninteresting. They surely need some new writers and they need to bring back some key characters – and for pete’s sake give Paul something to do. Right now he’s like window dressing for the show.
    The actress who portrays the “grown up” Ciara has clearly not clicked with audiences for some reason. Also, I find the storyline of Belle with Phillip to just not be that compelling to watch.
    I enjoyed the show more when it focused on Will, E.J., Sami, Paul, Sonny and Paige with JJ. When JJ was “fooling around” with Eve behind Paige’s back, at least it was interesting. Now, on the current canvas, nothing currently enthralls me but I watch anyway just for the heck of it.
    I do hope the months ahead depict some better storylines.


    4ever DAYS replied

    I’m sure Paul will have more to do when Sonny returns next month, Jim. Henry, the teen crushing on Paul, may be a factor in the storyline too. I’m still predicting Will will return on the August 5th episode, the episode which must have a huge cliffhanger because DAYS will be preempted two weeks for the Summer Olympics.

  3. Gary Rawlings says:

    Marci is an amazing choice for the role! She is such a tremendous human being and her persona oozes with character and integrity behind her sparkling, heart-stopping smile. Marci will quickly capture the hearts of DOOL viewers.


  4. Ethan says:

    Marci Miller, welcome to Daytime, looking forward in seeing you play Abigail. She is very pretty and gorgeous eyes. We need to give her a chance. She deserves that. Let’s support Marci.


  5. Tim S. says:

    I would like to see Marci Walker come back to daytime… days or GH… come on back Marci!!!


  6. Llanviewer717 says:

    That is a very sweet post Marci made. Welcome aboard and very good luck to her.


  7. Jamie says:

    Welcome aboard Marci! I am so excited to meet your Abigail. That was a sweet statement about mansi. She did do a wonderful job. However, she has left the building. I can’t wait to see YOUR shoes (talent, love, chemistry, strength). You got this, girl! Can’t wait for Abigail to come home hopefully healthy and ready to bond with Thomas. Maybe she can tell Chad to buck up! Get the nanny out of the house and maybe have a play date with Theresa before she departs. Perhaps to discuss their men’s habit of moving women/teens into the house that shouldn’t be there??!!


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