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8 May 7th, 2010 Maria Arena Bell & Hogan Sheffer fess up to the reason behind Y&R’s doppelgangers!

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Genoa City citizens, and fans of the number one soap, The Young and the Restless have had several bouts of seeing double recently, with both the Lauren/Sarah Doppelganger story, and the Emily/Patty Doppelganger story.  But in a new and revealing interview with TV Guide Canada’s, Nelson Branco, Y&R’s head scribes, Maria Arena Bell and Hogan Sheffer sat down for a joint interview about all the on-screen happenings and recent backstage casting.  Here is an excerpt about the some of the online flack the duo have taken for to much duality at one time!

Maria Arena Bell on why so many doppelgangers: “Let me tell you what’s funny about that. Someone in the soap press [Soap Opera Digest’s Carolyn Hinsey] recently wrote, “Did you guys realize that you have two doppelgangers airing at once?” Yeah, we did [laughs]! It was intentional. The two stories are intertwined. The Sarah and Patty storylines will be a rapid-fire denouement. It gave us an opportunity to tell a fun, clever and interesting culmination of Patty’s story and the pseudo reemergence of Sheila. It gave Tracey Bregman an opportunity to stretch herself as an actress and show a different side, a darker side, in this dual role. It’s a very short arc. But what it gives the audience is a tour-de-force performance from Tracey. You’ll see a very fun explosion this week. Tracey shouldn’t just win an Emmy Award for this portrayal, she should win an Oscar! You’ll see!  As for viewer dissatisfaction, I want to say I do visit the message boards. I do listen to our fans and critics. Sometimes when you’re watching a storyline unfold, you don’t know where it’s going and you get understandably frustrated. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It means people are watching and talking about our show. I’d be more concerned if fans weren’t talking about our show! A perfect example of that is the Adam Newman storyline. Everyone complained about Adam getting away with all his evildoings, yet [we surged almost 300,000 viewers in the ratings the week he was murdered — which proved at the end of the day that the audience really loved the story]. We always ensure there is a great payoff in all of our stories. Just trust us.”

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  1. bottomchef says:

    Sheffer, MAB and Nelson Branco have been vilified online for this interview.

    It’s on the goldderby forums and daytime confidential boards.

    My critiques are there, but to Sheffer’s credit, his Y&R is pushing the envelope and not doing customry things soaps do, like on boring B&B.


  2. Rob says:

    I have to agree with MANY of the derogatory comments on other boards in regard to this interview. These writers are so out of touch with what the viewers want. While the Patty/Emily required MAJOR suspension of disbelief, the Lauren/Sara story was just plain dumb. Tracy Bregman made gold out of the crap she was handed, as well as the rest of the cast involved in this beyond ludicrous storyline. My gripe is that what people want are the character driven storylines that made soaps so great. Now it seems its just one crazy plot device after another.

    Bold and the Beautiful is barely watchable these days becasue they recycle the same storylines year after year, just using different characters. Now we are going to be tortured by the Bridget/Owen baby for months on end, even though we all know how thats going to turn out.

    I want to see storylines on Y&R that deal with the Victor Vs Tucker and Katherine getting her company back. Hell, I welcome the Tucker/Ashley/Neil triangle!

    Just listen to what the people want and they will watch, dont turn this once great show into a second rate Passions.


    bottomchef replied

    B&B never taps into its history. It completely ignores it when the show’s history could be mined for good storylines. Instead it’s 1 rewrite after the next.

    Bridget lost Nicole, had a freaking surrogate that lost her baby, and now that Bridget’s older, she’s pregnant!

    Can you imagine the lengths Nelson Branco is going to promote this storyline? He just named Jackie Marone one of the best mothers on soaps! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

    Jackie lied to Nick abt Ridge Junior being his child. Jackie lied to Nick abt her prostitution and had her “johns” over at their house while Nick, a child at the time, was present in the house. Jackie even pushed Nick to reunite w/ Bridget, despite knowing that HOwen and Bridget were making strides as a couple since jackie obviously put her own selfish, sexual needs over Nick and Bridget breaking their cycle of abuse caused by Nick’s infidelities. And now, Jackie is lying to Nick and forcing Bridget to lie abt the miracle baby, all so Jackie can stay in her marriage to her manwhore. Yet, Nick’s children have been proven to be not his (Ridge Junior, Dino) and he’s lost so many babies (Nicole, miracle baby w/ Katie, surrogate baby)! Jackie’s one of the worst mothers, lying abt the paternity is soooooo overdone, and this is all to pair Nick w/ Aggie.

    Y&R and B&B are awful soaps. MAB and Brad need to step down, but that will never happen since MAB married into the Bell dynasty and Brad will never step down bec of his ego and quest for more Emmys.


  3. Trish says:

    The reason MAB gave for all of the doubles on Y&R still did not satisfy me. Makes for very dull and boring and brings nothing to the table. I have been with the show much too long to just accept anything. I am sure I do not share these feelings by myself. We . tje voewers. want more than we have been getting lately. I want the edge-of-your- seat storylines back and the wonderful Friday cliffhangers. After you get used to the best of the best –that is all you will ever want. I speak for a lot of viewers on this one.


  4. T says:

    If MAB really reads the message boards then she should know how much we want Victoria R. back!!!!


  5. DivaBleu says:

    and on B&B, I wanna know how Brooke’s blond haired, blue eyed sister gave birth 2 a darkskinned man!!! and his “dad” just comes OUT OF NOWHERE! no one even remembers you dating a Black man, much less being PREGNANT by one and now let’s just pop this unimaginable storyline in… i was insulted, not only as a Black viewer at the fact that adding Black characters to the plot was so thoughtless and haphazard, but that the writers think the viewers are that damn dumb…

    as for the doppleganger stories, DUMB!!! you REALLY need to listen to the fans! Victoria Rowell made a good point on Mo’Nique’s show… Y&R is #1 among Black women, but we are the MOST underrepresented group on the show! Rowell’s Drucilla brought depth, passion and a great story to the show… I have been watching the show since I was 3 years old with my mother! I am now 30, my mother has passed and it’s a way I feel close 2 her everyday, by watching the show. But truly? more and more, my friends are starting 2 turn away from the show… BRING DRU BACK! PHICK SUCKS as a couple, Sharon NEEDS Dru and so does Lily… GET IT 2GETHER Maria Arena Bell!


  6. Bob "Ziggy" Anderson says:

    Dear Maria, Eric Roberts is one of the most interesting characters on Y& R. I think his charcter could evolve into a permanent role. He’s always been one of my favorite ‘macho actors. Thanks for giving him a leave of absence from the show so he could straighten himself out. I went through rehab a few times myself so I know the painful drill. Well take care and HSPPY NEW YEAR. Bob “Ziggy” Anderson


  7. Jennifer says:

    We Need to have Nick & Phyllis back to together because they have a lot of chemistry and a lot of people will watch the show more like people like my age like 18-29.

    Go phick forever


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