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7 October 5th, 2016 Mariah Carey Debuts On EMPIRE!

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Multi-Grammy winning superstar, Mariah Carey makes her appearance on Fox’s sudsy Empire (9PMET/8CT) tonight!  Mariah plays the role of  Kitty – a hit singer – brought in by none other than Cookie (Taraji P, Henson) to team with her son Jamal on a hot new duet.

Problem is … Jamal (Jussie Smollett) is getting addicted to painkillers which gives Jussie Smollett meaty story material during Empire’s new season.

In the clip released to promote Carey’s guest-star turn, she is seen in studio trying to cut the duet with Jamal, but he struggles, and Kitty (Mariah Carey) wants to just get the song in the can.  The duet “Infamous” is indeed a new single duet from Carey and Smollett, to boot.

Watch the clip from Empire after the jump.  Then let us know if you are looking forward to seeing Mariah on Empire Wednesday night in the comment section below, and if you like the musical icon guest appearances on the primetime soaps!

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  1. aria says:



    jaybird369 replied

    Hey aria…MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY!!!!! Y-A-W-N PERIOD!!!!!

    Have a good one.


  2. su0000 says:

    This season of Empire is really great..
    So far, it is the best season… luv empire!


    Celia replied

    I have not watched one episode of EMPIRE. I never had an interest, albeit, I hear it’s very populat. Nah, su, not for me.
    But, Carey on the show? Why? She’s everywhere.


  3. Rebecca1 says:

    I am sooooo not liking Empire. Glorified gangsters…like they’re just too cool to live. And when someone dies…like Rhonda? No biggie…just another day in the hood….

    Now “Ray Donovan.” THAT’S a show that has violence but doesn’t glorify it…complex characters, relationships, smart dialogue, quirky characters slap Jon Voight…just an amazing show. Oh, and zi don’t need to have The BLM in my “entertainment.


    Rebecca1 replied

    Sigh…ala Jon Voigt…not slap. I not zi.


  4. Jane says:

    Um….this is sure a sad time in TV’s Empire. I gave it yet another chance during some marathon and can’t see the hoopla. But this episode Carey I have to laugh is wearing a bodysuit with fishnet’s on in the recording booth.


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