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23 October 22nd, 2014 Marie Wilson Guest Stars On Days of our Lives! Trouble Ahead For Hope & Aiden!

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Days of our Lives fans can look forward to watching soap favorite, Marie Wilson, in upcoming new episodes on the NBC soap opera this fall.

In an exciting story arc set to kick off this Halloween, Marie plays the character of Bree, an old acquaintance of Hope’s who turns out to be someone from Aiden’s dark past.

Marie will be sharing the screen with Kristian Alfonso and Daniel Cosgrove in some thrilling upcoming scenes.  Clearly, if Wilson’s other soap roles on As the World Turns, Port Charles and The Bay are any indication, we bet Bree is not going to be your run of the mill goody-two-shoes!

You will need to stay tuned to see how she shakes things up for this Salem couple.

So what do you think of the addition of Marie Wilson to DAYS? What do you think will be her relationship to Aiden’s past? Comment below!


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  1. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Bree is Aidens sister-in-law…Bree and Aiden had an affair and Aidens wife Serena(Melissa Archer) caught her sister in the act with her(Serena) husband and had a mental breakdown…Serena has been in an asylum for years but has recovered and is heading to Salem…but did she really recover or did she fool her psychiatrist…Serena had a split personality and is really Sarah Horton, Maggies daughter…so i wish…just grateful Bree isnt coming to town to torment Jen and Danial…lol…eerie and so close to Halloween: new employee at my local drug drugstore looks a lot like the actress who plays Anne plus she has the same type of curly hair…she could almost pass as her twin…no kidden…p.s. sorry if i dont always reply back…somehow i cant get on my email and have to check these threads over…i might miss it but im working on it!!!


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    oops she cant be Sarah if Bree is her sister-in-law…my bad…so maybe she was her old college friend…never mind, she wont be Sarah…make them sisters but not Hortons!!!


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Correction: if they ARE sisters then Serena cant really be Sarah Horton…

    CeeCee replied

    Hey, jimh…you and Laurie are the ultimate writing team…love it….LOL.
    Since you are the Sage…the Guru of all soaps….can you please tell me who picks out Will’s clothes and dresses him? Ariana?!!?

    Laurie replied

    And Serena has a sister named Nina, who broke out of Chricton-Clark in New York with her along with Victor Cassadine’s daughter, Rosalie, who is afraid of her dad. They’ve been hiding out in Port Charles, NY. Nina just swindled the family fortune out from under her mother Madeline, and she gave Serena enough cash to flee to Salem where her ex-husband Aiden is. She’s determined to get him back! Ok…I quit.. I’m not match for Jim!

    I’m SO glad they will be giving the magnificent Daniel Cosgrove more than bake sale storylines & more than 4 scenes a month!! It’s Daniel Cosgrove for heaven’s sakes! I
    like the chemistry between him and Hope. I’m not real familar with Marie Wilson’s work but I know she worked with Roger Howarth on ATWT. I know the rumor’s too and I don’t care about that. Just interested to see if she has chemistry with the Days cast. Sounds like she’s got quite the resume so this should be interesting!!


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Pretty good yourself…we’d make a great writing team!!!

    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    CeeCee…i dont know who dresses Will…i think little Arianna has better taste…lol


  2. Nancy says:

    Maybe his ex wife


  3. Omar says:

    I like DAYS..Its been good and solid for the most part since the fall of 2012..But it seems that every storyline drags for months and months then when we think we are getting a huge reward for waiting, the writers disappoint and the story fizzles, IE: (Jordan’s storyline, Paige and JJ teenage romance and the whole Hope/Aidan connection)…Months and months and for what!!

    DAYS needs some fine tuning in the writing department…Also, they have lost so many popular cast members and only have signed a couple of fan favorites..They need to be more aggressive and try to bring more solid fan favorites and try to shake Salem up a bit…I still like DAYS and will continue to tune in!


    Mo replied

    They need to get rid of Clyde and his kids. They and that story are dragging the show down.


    Patrick replied

    I think so too…. Clyde, Jordan, and Ben are wasteland


    with Kristen soon to be on her way out… along with EJ and Sami

    this is a lot of monies , hopefully, to bring on and/or back….

    nuBO…. Ted King,
    nuEJ… Michael Muhney

    MAN, what I wouldn’t love more… is Daniel and Jenn to ride off in to the sunset to expedite more cashola

    kimberly and Shane… to cement the Donovan’s as they are Brady’ as well…. to solidify a core family

    bring back carrie and austin

    anything is better than the above characters who don’t drive and sadly, (EJ, Sami, and Kristen) who escalated and will be missed BIG

    C’mon DAYS, Sony, and NBC treat the audience

    Omar replied

    I think the writing of these characters is what made this storyline a dud..I agree, Mo, its time to end this story and break each character into different directions.

    RT replied

    None of those stories have really concluded. I think they’re taking their time setting those up and they’ll really get cooking once Sami leaves. I do agree that since about this time two years ago, DAYS has been pretty solid.


    Larry replied

    Want real fireworks?? Mayhem and destruction? Hope to be terrified?? Welcome to the Horror show..Larry Welch is the answer to all Days nightmares..Happy to oblige…


  4. Bart says:

    I loved Marie as Meg Snyder on ATWT – I hope she finds a permanent soap home soon!!


    Iakovos replied

    I am with you, Bart. Dod not like what ATWT did to Meg toward the end. LOVED HER!


  5. Jules says:

    I like Marie. I like Melissa Archer. I like Daniel Cosgrove. Alicia Lee Willis is ok. Mark Collier was alright too.

    I mean no disrespect when I say this but….

    Why all the B list soap stars? Where are the shocking big draw casting names? On the one hand, I love that DAYS doesn’t stunt cast with no particular purpose like GH an YR. But on the other, I want DAYS in the game! Kassie was a nice get. And there are no words to describe what an asset Eileen has been. But surely there are bigger stars looking for work DAYS could hire when truly needed or a role that wouldn’t cost a million a year, that could also generate real buzz and excitement for the show?


    Eh replied


    It seems to still be a problem at DOOL. In James Scott’s recent interview, he was saying something about not shooting past 6 PM or it would cost them more money.

    Anyway, that is just my guess.


  6. BTripp says:

    So she is only a short term character? When does Melissa Archer start? Did she and Daniel Cosgrove share scenes together on ATWT? I never watched that show but I am familiar with Marie and Meg Snyder.


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    I believe Melissa A. starts in December!!!


  7. Jimmy says:

    I wish Marie Wilson would stay on the canvas longer than just short term! With the exit of James Scott and the upcoming departures of Alison Sweeney and Eileen Davidson, there’s going to be a big whole left in the canvas and it will need filling. I’m really looking forward to Melissa Archer joining the cast and it’d be great if they kept Marie Wilson for more than just a few episodes. She was great on ATWT.


  8. Gmbenet says:

    Too soon to think anything about this. I’m not familiar with Ms. Wilson, or any of her work. But I do wish her well.


  9. davlestev1 says:

    I had made a comment but @MichaelFairman on Air on Soaps constantly trolls what I post and a lot of times what I say is just not posted. But I love this website and the way posters make it like a big fan family fan base and just shake my head at the same time while reading mile long show bashing posts and nonsense sometimes…but hey…if you want to be heard all the time…I do get it…and I will continue to visit and listen to podcasts…so oh well!!


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