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22 October 16th, 2015 Marie Wilson Returns To Days of our Lives In New Role!

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The cat is out of the bag.  Marie Wilson has been back in Salem, and taping brand new episodes of Days of our Lives, but not as Bree, the woman from Aiden’s (Daniel Cosgrove) past who we saw earlier this year!

This time around on the long running NBC soap opera, this former As the World Turns favorite will play the role of Summer.  And Summer has quite the past it seems!  According to the casting breakdown originally posted by Soap Opera Digest, Summer was described as “a passionate loner who has been in and out of institutions and is a small-time thief.”

Wilson took to her Twitter account on Thursday when the news was revealed stating:  “I’m so excited to finally share this with you all!”

Wilson will first be seen in her new role sometime next year, since DAYS tapes six month in advance.

So, who do you think Summer will mix it up with in Salem come 2016? Glad to have Marie back on DAYS? Comment below!

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  1. Jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    She will be hired by Kate to model Teresas clothes she is designing and just as Teressa thinks she has another chance with Brady, Summer comes between them…maybe an old girlfriend of the returning Philip…no, im kidding,…not sure ill care for this character no matter who plays her unless her character is better developed and written than Serena was…hope Summer isnt into elephants…lol


    Dylan replied

    I’m still drunk from playing the drinking game from anytime someone mentioned elephants on days. That damn statue got more airtime than some people did! Gave a whole new meaning to the phrase “the elephant in the room”!


  2. Patrick says:

    ??? would she spark with Lucas?


    Dylan replied

    Lucas hasn’t had sparks for so long the poor guy needs flints and flame starter!!


    Mary replied

    Can we at least allow Lucas time to mourn his son?

  3. Mo says:

    Why get rid of people just to hire more? Paige certainly could have been saved and decent story written for her. Will could have been recast and had another personality transplant.

    They should have killed Paul off instead of Will.


    Jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Paige should have been saved as a young heroine for future generations…i wouldve settled for a Will recast but i seen improvement in Guy Wilson over the last few weeks…he might have been able to make the character his own had he stayed just a little longer…Days had bad boy JJ and other established young characters like Paiges friend Daphne and JJs friends Rory and Bev—they should used these characters in youthful storylines insread of aging Ciara ect. and bringing in other newbies!


    Anne replied

    Amen! Change doesn’t always mean better or more exciting or make up for lack of good writing.


    Elaine replied

    I agree, Paul needs to go. I liked Paige. They didn’t give her a chance to really get totally settled !!!


    Robert replied

    Me too Elaine, I loved Paige so much. In the beginning I hated her character. But all of a sudden, I was rooting for Paige. She is a terrific actress. I hope they fire Kiki on General Hospital, and hire True O Brien ex Paige as the New Kiki Jerome.

  4. Dylan says:

    I love Marie! She has such a natural warm presence on screen. Hopefully she will not be another Madison/Serena…that is…a good actress wasted in a pointless role.


  5. troy says:

    I find it interesting that the character breakdown makes a point of mentioning that Summer has been “in and out of institutions.” I wonder if she turns out to be the friend Gabi was delivering a letter for.


  6. Bart says:

    I love Marie Wilson – I wish she would head over to ” Y & R”!!


  7. blake says:

    Isn’t Summer short term also? She was when they announced they were casting for her.


  8. Barbara from Atlanta says:

    I only know this actress from her stint on ATWT. I didn’t care for her.


    davlestev1 replied

    I agree Barbara from Atlanta she was one of the worst recast as Meg Snyder along side Roger Howarth the recast Paul Ryan who takes the same character from soap to soap and Kelly Menighan Hensley as the perpetually crying Emily Snyder another recast but much better one..but that girl was in tears every other day…LOL


    Patrick replied

    I was so …. in love…with Melanie Smith ie: 1997-2000

    she left… ??? befuddled me… for…. ? greater pasture?

    so be it… she married and to this day still is

    it took me a long while… to accept Kelly Menighan Hensley

    she’s bedding Jon Hensley

    that’s all that matters

    Barbara from Atlanta replied

    Thanks. I agree with the others that you named. I didn’t like them either.

    I never got use to the “new” Emily. Almost 2 decades after the part was recast with Menighan, I always thought about the prior actress, Melanie Smith, every time that Emily appeared. Smith was great in the role; she even looked like she could be Marie Masters’ (Susan’s) daughter. I never bought Menighan as Emily.

    I was a huge ATWT fan for its first 35 years. I have a less favorable opinion about its final years. It always seemed to me that the producers/writers intentionally “killed” ATWT through horrible decisions (writing, recasts, new characters).

    Fair or not, I associate certain actors (such as Marie Wilson and the others you named) as being a part of the “killing” of ATWT. I, for one, don’t care to watch them in anything else. I had my fill of this folks as ATWT died.

  9. carol says:

    To be honest who is she? I dont ever remember seeing her before


  10. jj says:

    Oy. It just keeps getting worse.


  11. dmr says:

    I’ve never cared for this actress in any role that I’ve seen her in-I don’t think we need any new characters on canvas. Let’s focus on the characters that we have in town already. Some, we hardly see now!


  12. dmr says:

    The character sounds like a Jordan repeat.


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