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12 January 8th, 2011 Mark Hapka speaks out on online chat on his axing from DAYS!

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As reported a few days ago, Days of our Lives Mark Hapka (Nathan Horton) had been suddenly let-go by the NBC sudser.  Hapka, who was extremely disappointed by the news, took to an online chat to tell his side of the story and to engage with his fans, who are extremely saddended by his ouster, as the young actor is very popular!

Here are a just a few excerpts below of Hapka’s comments from that chat that were posted on the Daytime Royalty message board, “I spoke with show executives a few months back to discuss my concerns with the direction of the character. I felt similar to the way my fans are all feeling. I didn’t feel as though I was given a fair chance to show my ability. I felt my stories were treated entirely too casually. I asked nicely for DAYS to either utilize me, or let me go. Ken Corday is a good man, Gary Tomlin really believed in me from what I was told. As far as Dena Higley goes… we don’t speak. We never really have. We may have uttered a few words once during the Emmys. That’s it though.  I don’t know who got the final say but that person is going to be the demise of this show if there isn’t a power shift. I’m not trying to burn any bridges in any way here. I am simply given credit where credit is due. I haven’t said an ill word about anyone. I simply have an opinion of the collaborative efforts. I see so much potential in the show and it’s so clear to me some of the simple changes that can be made to better it.”

Hapka’s final airdate is still undisclosed at this time. On-Air On-Soaps will keep you posted.

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  1. Brian T says:

    Very sad but Mark is a good looking actor with talent so he will do fine.


  2. JamesScott4eva says:

    He can make it to the big screen for sure. He’s also worked with James Franco as well. Good actor!!!!


  3. bottomchef says:

    After those tweets, Daytime soaps are probably not going to hire him. He seems completely miscast as a doctor also.


  4. bella123 says:

    so sad to see him go!!!


  5. Chris Estes says:

    The chemistry between Nathan and Melanie is so much stronger than the chemistry with Melanie and Phillip. There hasn’t been a stronger pair since the young Bo and Hope. Days is making a HUGE mistake. They wonder why they are having low ratings….well I believe it’s bad choices. I hope Mr. Corday rethinks this decision. I will no longer watch DOOL but I will follow and support Mark.


    tina mctavish replied

    I strongly agree,that nathan &melanie have great chemistry,I would rather see them together,then Phillip & Melanie.I wish they would give Nathan a chance,he is great on our eyes,so attractive,and has great potential to be a great actor if given the chance,like Bo had with Hope.Melanie is a hot fire redhead,like Maggie,and they would make a great couple on dool,I wish the writers would keep him on,and get Chloe together with Phillip,it would be a better story line,to show Victor & Kate that Phillip belongs with Chloe,I would rather see Chloe with her husband,they had a great chemistry too.Phillip does nothing for me.Stephanie is the one that should be leaving,not Nathan! need to get another male actor for chloe ,or a better phillip.Writers need to give Nathan a chance,he has a lot going for him!I like Nicole back too,I hope they keep her,since they let Marlena & John gone.I like the new Brady for her.


    Beth replied

    I agree, i watch days to follow the story of Nathan and Mel. I’m sick to death of Samantha Brady!
    If DOOL doesn’t rethink this decision they won’t have any ratings coming from my house.


  6. LUMILY says:

    He is right in what he had to say about the writers,for the past 4 year it’s all about THE DiMera’s,I want The Horton charecters back and Bryan Dattilo/Lucas back.


  7. nancy says:

    Over lunch today I was surprised to find out how many of my co-workers watch Days of Our Lives. They were shocked to hear about Mark Hapka being let go and said that they too would fast forward to scenes between Melanie and Nathan. They make the show worth watching. Although I like many of the actors on the show, they were one of my favorite couples. I won’t be watching if Mark is gone. The producers and writers will probably regret this move once they see how many viewers they will lose.


  8. lovingit says:

    “I see so much potential in the show and it’s so clear to me some of the simple changes that can be made to better it.”
    I agree 100% with what Mark said. I wasn’t a big fan of Nathan or Mate but I think it is sad Mark is being let go especially considering the reasons. It is interesting to see that some of the actors are as frustrated with the same things that we viewers are. I really hope this will be a wake up call for whoever is in charge and that they will make necessary changes to better the show overall ASAP.


  9. Barbara says:

    I too am very saddened to read that Mark Hapka who plays Nathan is leaving the show. I feel that he and Melanie are a great pair and have wonderful chemistry with each other. I agree that they should let Stephanie go, she has not got the talent that Mark has, and I never liked those 2 together anyway. I think it will be another mistake like letting John, Marlena, and Lindsey Hartley go, she is also another talented lady.


  10. Brenda Griffith says:

    I think it’s time that I give this show up, everytime you really like someone on the show, they let them go. Bad decision Days of Our Lives, you need to think of the fans out there that are keeping the show on the air.


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